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JUNE ~ EARLY JULY 2017 Empties and Declutters

Annyeong, Everyone~
Yes, I have been slacking with publishing new posts despite having 99.1% free time BUT I've been enjoying watching K-variety shows!!!! I really need some laughter in my life because no one makes me laugh cries

I watched Infinity Challenge episodes with Kim Soo Hyun and Crush being featured and they are realllyyyyyyyy funny. IC always make me a cheerful potato.

OK now lets talk about my June 2017 empties and declutters!

The left side of the pile are declutters while the right one are empties. I collect declutters more than empties and I'm not happy about it...I just don't like wasting BUT at the same time I don't like keeping shitty products in my stash/vanity. Not that I have a large storage anyway.

DECLUTTERS (from left to right)

The Face Shop Kakao Friends Nail Polishes - the brush SUCKED. I can hardly apply an even layer. The light brown one is hard to remove on my toe nails!!!!! Won't repurchase nail polishes from this collection.

Mentholatum Melano CC Intensive Anti-Spot Essence - THE REVIEW. Just a fail basically. Won't RP.

The Face Shop Pink Powder Spot Treatment - pink powders tend to be a hit or miss for me and unfortunately this one is a MISS. it doesn't really seem to decrease my pimple size and calm/dry out my pimples. However it worked well on my cousin's acne prone skin. Won't RP.

MAC Amplified Lipstick shade Chatterbox - OKAY I am still keeping this one because I didn't buy it for cheap. I used to like it when I first bought it but the more I use it I noticed the formula is dries out my lips and causes pink fall outs. Maybe when I get a MAC lipstick replacement someday OR my lippies storage is full then I'll throw this out.

BBia Last Water Eyeliner - I got this in a giveaway prize from Beautynetkorea. At first I liked it (we tend to like products at the first impression....), it uses a felt tip brush. It was easy to draw, doesn't smudge but can be sticky. I thought this was going to be my HG liquid eyeliner BUT the more I use it, the brush tip somehow deteriorates. It isn't sharp as it used to be...? Something like that AND I can't draw precisely anymore.

MISSHA Perfect Eyebrow Styler - THE REVIEW. I was sent this by Amabie to review. The shade I was sent was in BROWN but it appears more like LIGHT BROWN or the kind of brown that suits blonde hair. the shade is light for my eyebrows and the color is not suitable. It looks kinda off when under the daylight. I thought I could use this for contouring my nose but the color barely appears on my skin, so PASS. The quality is not bad though, I'd like to get the right shade for my brows.

Benefit Posie Tint - I got this as a gift. The shade is too light for my liking.

Tony Moly Face Mix Cover Pot Concealer shade Light Beige - I bought this from Jolse for around USD 4~5 and I got the wrong shade. It appears light and off on my natural beige skin tone. It hardly conceals too and doesn't really blend into skin when I use it as an eye brightener.

Bare Minerals concealer - expensive shit, this costs $20 and I don't get why people give positive reviews on this at Ulta, Sephora, Bare Minerals websites etc. The texture feels a bit crusty, can be drying and it doesn't conceal well. The pot didn't even come with a small mirror which I would appreciate for something that costs $20. The crayon smell of this can be pretty obvious. I got this as a gift.

Krang Lite Cushion in Natural Beige - I received this from the brand Krang themselves for review. I like this cushion, it is NOT BAD. It provides a moderate coverage, finish is more into the matte side so it is suitable for oily skin types however it can accentuate into fine lines when I use it for long so it is not suitable as a long wearing cushion. I didn't break me out nor cause clogging. I dispose this because I started to get breakouts last week, I wasn't sure which product was the culprit but I'm just disposing this just in case. This cushion has been opened for a few months so now I'm guessing bacteria must have developed inside the moist cushion...

Beautylab Rejuvera CC All In One #4 Cushion - THE REVIEW. Just read my review. PASS.

So yea I'm pretty disappointed with all thee declutters and waste.

JUNE 2017 EMPTIES (from left to right)

Alverde Shea Butter body butter - I love this as a body moisturizer. Though it is in a butter form, it doesn't feel heavy. It has a light shea butter smell too. ants at my place are attracted to this as I tend to find dead ants inside the lid. Anyway I'd like to use this again! I got this in a giveaway prize.

I'm From Ginseng Serum - THE REVIEW. Hmmmm I think I might pass on this one as for now.

Aspasia Moist Up Collagen Face Mist - this uses hydrolyzed collagen. I bought this from the local Hallyu Mart for BND 4. It is a great price for a mist that is like almost 180~200ml. This has become a fave mist of mine because it sprays well, offers adequate moisture back to my skin and it is CHEAP! I've been wanting to repurchase this but it is not on the selves at the store anymore :( I hope they'll have them restocked.

Bano Skincare It's Real Whitening Serum - I received this from the brand BANO to review. I was given a  packet sample of this at first and liked it because it was a thick gel serum YET it is lightweight on my oily skin and absorbs fully. It didn't break me out. The company decided to send me more of the serum for me to test longer to see if there will be any difference on whitening. Unfortunately I didn't really notice a big difference on my spots. This is the 10ml one and I have the 40ml one, I'll use the bigger soon and provide a full blog post review with before and after photos.

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Mud Pack - I love this wash off mask. It is the tightening kind but doesn't really dry out my skin. This does a great job at clearing my small pimples and keeping my pores clean.. I'd love to repurchase this!


➽ I love how my sheetmask empties this month are color coded. I shared about my thoughts on last month's sheetmask empties on my Instagram so you guys can just check it out there.
Finn's Instagram.


I love it when I am on a good start with empties at the beginning of the month.

Shangpree Energy Eye Mask - THE REVIEW. I mentioned that I'd like to purchase this one BUT I'd like to try other Shangpree eye masks!

Nexcare Acne Patch - bought this for around BND1 at Guardian and it is shitty. This one is meant for night time, it is thick and hardly adhered on my skin, it easily comes off. NO.

Isa Knox Care Zone Acne patches - this one is one of the best acne patches I've used. It is thin and can hardly be seen on the skin. It sticks on well too and extracts the pimple puss nicely. I'd like to get more of this!

➽  DECLUTTER: Bare Minerals Lash Domination - again, I liked this at first BUT then it gets a red light from me. This is just an OKAY mascara but I expected it to perform greatly since it is pricey, about close to $19 at Sephora hmmm. This claims to volumize and yea it did give my lashes volume BUT it is not that significant, no wow factor. It is also not waterproof and causes fall out at the end of the day. Just NO.

It is hard for me to find a mascara that lasts til the end of the day. If you have any recommendations please let me know!

DECLUTTER: iRelief Black Miracle Mask - I received this from UNJCOMPANY to review. This uses 30% Hungarian Moor Mud to purify, hydrate and refresh skin. I personally think the moor mud content is strong for me. I use this as a face scrub and wash off but I can't have it on for long or else it will extremely purify my skin and causing me breakouts the next day, if that makes sense. This is also messy to use since the color is black, it tends to stick on the edges of my showercap and headband AND it is a hassle to clean haha. Just not a fan of this product. I still had some amount left but I don't notice it doing anything great for me. PASS.

EMPTIES: Bano Skincare It's Real Anti-Aging Serum - another of Bano product that I received from the company to review. This one uses snail secretion filtrate to prevent wrinkles and hydrate skin. Again, I don't notice it doing much for my skin other than being a hydrating layer in my skincare routine and an anti-wrinkle product. I like snail in skincare but I think I'll pass getting the full size of this.

and lastly I wanna talk about my first favourite beauty product for this month!

Innisfree x Dashing Diva Gel Nails Cactus

Don't these just look so cute?? *heart eyes*

Vanny (rosesandbeauty) sent me this as a gift recently. I got so excited and wanna do my nails. Its been awhile since I had pretty nails haha. This costs around USD 8 at Jolse if you guys would like to get some. It comes with 30 false gel nails with different sizes (ofc) and a prep set that includes a nail buffer, instruction booklet, nail pusher and a wipe prior to sticking the nails. It doesn't require a nail glue, it uses a stick on type so it is quick and easy to get pretty nails done!

I love these, it is convenient, easy to use even for beginners, cute design and even comes with extras. The nails are easy to be cut and modified to the shape you want too. I'm not sure how long these will last but the one on my right pinky came off after 2 days, the others still stayed. I think these will be great and quick for parties or any fun events.

They have many other pretty designs and I would love to get more!

Thats all for this post. Thank you for reading x

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