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Saturday, June 17, 2017

Annyeong, Everyone~
PLEASE tell me that you guys have been watching Suspicious Partner too! Ji Chang Wook looks his upmost handsome in the drama. He looks handsome everywhere, everytime. Just LOOK. AT. HIM *heart eyes*

So handsome in that lawyer robe.

So handsome in glasses.

My favourite Ji Chang Wook is when he puts his hair up.


okay, done spazzing.

I am going to do a review on the Beautylab Rejuvera CC All In One 4# Cushion that was provided to me by UNJ Company for review purposes.

The cushion claims are:
UV Protection with SPF50+  PA+++
Act as a makeup primer and a makeup base BB pact

Notable ingredients in the cushion include:

Niacimaide - anti-redness and a whitening ingredient
Adenosine - anti-aging
Natto Gum - moisturizing and an antioxidant.

For more information about the cushion, you can head over here: Rejuvera All in One 4# Cushion

I think the cushion casing is stunning! I hardly see a purple + gold cushion casing.

The gold rims are just stunning. The cushion is not bulky at all.

Product expires on 7th April 2018.

I was sent the shade Light Beige and the colour is light for my skin tone to start with. I am going to briefly talk about how the cushion performs.

First off, wrong shade. It looks okay when under dim lighting but when I am out under the sun it will look obvious and awkward.

As usual with many cushions, it is easy to apply. Just tap tap tap on your face under it blended and done!

Finish - it gives off a DEWY finish at the highlighted points of the face (cheeks, tip of nose, forehead). The finish is dewy and the cushion is moisturizing at the same time, my face didn't feel dry while wearing. Since it is moisturizing, it actually leads to its anti-wrinkle claim. The cushion is already in a one tone lighter than my actual skin tone so it automatically whitens my face. So based from the cushion's claims, it is all going good! I didn't really go out under the sun for long so I am not sure if the its sun protection is effective but always apply a sunscreen underneath your cushion because I read that sun protection in makeup are not to its maximum.

I didn't test it as a makeup base and then apply another layer of makeup/foundation cause I think it is going to be CAKEY. Here comes the CONS of the cushion:

COVERAGE - the coverage is low to medium in my opinion. It doesn't completely cover my acne scars/dark spots and it emphasizes bumps. Not so much on the pore coverage too. Photo on the left above is my bare skin and the right is my skin after applying one layer of the cushion.

CAKEY - the photo above is in HD and it shows that the cushion is cakey even with just one later. It doesn't really blend one with my skin and feels like it is sitting on top. Also people can tell that I am wearing makeup when I apply this cushion. I just don't like how it looks.

My Final Thoughts

Well if the cushion comes in the correct shade then I think my thoughts on it will differ. I just don't like this cushion at all. Wrong shade, poor coverage, doesn't blend well and looks cakey. There are cushions that make your skin look at its best but this one is just not it for me. I won't be using this cushion again after writing this review even though it doesn't break me out.

I think the cushion will perform better for those who don't have much problems or texture on their skin.


Product was provided to me by beautylab/UNJ Company for review purposes. I do not gain any benefit from writing this review nor get paid. Always honest.

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