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Five hair and skin benefits of Argan Oil by Beth Martel | First contributor to Simple Beauty by Finn W blog

Annyeong, Everyone~
Oh how I missed my blog! School is getting hectic...I surely can't wait for May to come, thats when all the assignments are due so I can enjoy and get back to blogging as usual. I have quite a number of reviews to catch up *gasp*

This blog post is a first to this blog. The lovely Beth Martel of reached out to me recently to contribute a content to this blog.

The section below is a write up by Beth herself.
5 HAIR AND SKIN BENEFITS OF ARGAN OIL:There are so many oils that benefit you in different ways. However, the oil I am going to talk about is not some ordinary oil that good for only one or two purposes. It is a magical elixir that is like the ultimate solution to all the issues you have related to hair and skin. With it by your side, you do not need to spend lots of money on products for hair and skincare. It is a Moroccan organic oil that has all pros and no cons. It is like a trending oil in the present among makeup artists, hairstylists an…