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Elizavecca Milkypiggy Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask Review | Painful peel off mask ever? Fail!

Annyeong, Everyone~
I think many or some of you have heard or seen this product before. It is a peel off mask that people claimed to be the most painful peel off mask that they've ever tried~
but that is not the case for me.
I am a Superwoman

I've wanted to try this because of the ~craze~ and also I want to see if it will work on my clogged pores or not. I luckily managed to snatch this from Jolse for only USD 5, that time when they had a special sale. The original price at Jolse right now is USD 10.38.

I have been using this for a couple of times now so it is already appropriate for me to share my thoughts on this product.

What It Is

It contains 4% charcoal that can help to clean pores, remove impurities and
kin metabolites with strongly absorbed effect and leave shrink perfect clean skin,
Elizavecca hell-pore clean up mask contains licensed fermentation ingredients hat make the easy effective pore clean up product

Period of use after opening is 12 months

~ Alcohol is listed 3rd
 ~ Polyvinyl Alcohol is listed 4th
~ Charcoal powder is listed 5th. Good to detox and cleanse the skin from impurities.
~ There are about 11 of botanical extracts which is nice and they are listed in the middle

I love the art on the tube! it looks bright, lively and the blackheads (????) look cute too! They may be suffering from misfortunes but they are still cute.


Texture: a bit thick and sticky, but not so sticky like honey. Should spread on face fast because it will set and started to dry fairly quickly. It spread easily

Scent: very strong alcohol smell. if you are sensitive to alcohol, you won't like this one. I think the smell can be stinging for sensitive people. The smell dissipates once it started to dry.

Color: there are black bits, some may think that it is grainy but it is NOT AT ALL. it lies flat. I have no idea what the bits are.

Time: it dries fully within ~15 minutes depending on the environment. It tightens the face while it dries but to me it doesn't feel so tightened that I suffocated. It is advised that if you have sensitive skin, you should only use it on the nose.

Make sure do not apply the mask on your eyebrows~ unless if you want to be browless.

Tip: do not apply it very thinly or else you will have a hard time peeling them off. Apply a bit thicker.

My Thoughts

The mask doesn't give me a 'one-time peel off' experience, some parts of the mask got cut off and I have to peel them pieces by pieces. It is okay since the pieces are big and not small ones which can be tiring.

It wasn't painful for me til an extend that I gritted my teeth. If I gritted my teeth or shed a tear then it is painful at the least. Maybe I have quite a strong skin tolerance so thats why the peel off experience wasn't painful at all.

After peel off, I always look whats on the mask, what did it grabbed and such....

Did it grab fine hairs? Nope...

What about pores' gunks/sebaceous filaments? Nope either....

Blackheads? I don't think it is strong for them

Clogged pores? Not effective for this either

THEN WHAT DID IT GRAB???? I don't find it extracting anything that is major. When I looked at the peeled mask, I couldn't spot anything that is disgusting like how most peel off masks always extract the nasty stuffs

I think it only grabs the intangible dead skin and impurities thats been lying on the face AND if you have an acne with a white head, the mask will suck out the white puss, which contributes to healing of the acne. It does leave scarring (what can you expect from an acne?) but it just helps to heal the acne faster. I think this is a good method to treat the pussy (I MEAN PUSS OK PUSS) acne without extracting them harshly or picking them.

After peel off and observing the layer, my face feels soft, clean and it doesn't dry out my face too much. I use this peel off mask at least once a week. The product doesn't break me out nor irritate my skin.

Will I Repurchase?

It doesn't really do anything big to me so NO. I wanted a clarifying peel off mask that is strong enough to extract the gunks in the pores, my blackheads and also clogged pores. This mask unfortunately did not do any of them. However I find that it would be a good non-harsh peel off mask if you don't have pore problems, just to exfoliate the dead skin and impurities.

Where to Purchase?

USD 10.38 + free shipping at Jolse (direct product page)

USD 7.52 + total weight shipping to country at StyleKorean* (direct product page)*

links marked with * are affiliate links

Product was bought with my own money.

Thank you for reading~ Will you be getting this peel off mask? What are your experiences with this product?

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  1. Oh wow that was disappointing, the daiso one might be one to try. I found it does pull stuff out, including fine hairs!

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

    1. I agree that the Daiso would be better! I want something that pulls out the fine hairs at least, which makes our skin to feel smoother!


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