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Boomdeahdah Soothing Foam Cleanser Review | Cheap Soothing Face Cleanser for only USD 3!

Annyeong, Everyone~
I didn't get to blog about this particular product yesterday because my mind was really equipped with thinking what I want to do in the future now that I finished college.
I am taking a rest from thinking about it now, it only stresses me out haha
Just think about the present~

I received this product straight from Boomdeahdah in exchange for my honest review. I do not get any earning by doing my review.

I think I've been using this product for close to a month now (spoiler alert: I am loving it but......)


There is barely any English description about the product. It is basically a foam cleanser that soothes the skin. In the official website (no English), the photos showed that the cleanser can be used to take off makeup too.

For more pictures, you can check it out at the product's direct link HERE

I like the minimalist black and white packaging, as well as the minimalist font. #minimalisteverythinggggg 

Price: 3,900 won (approx USD 3)/150ml


Ingredients to highlight:

Myristic Acid - listed second, has an acne irritant level of 3
Lauric Acid - comes in third, has an acne irritant level of 4. These acne triggering ingredients may be up high but I fortunately did not break out from it /good job, skin

The soothing ingredients are the four plant extracts which are Tea Tree, Chrysanthellum Indicum, Japanese Honeysuckle, Safflower and also Propolis. The soothing ingredients however do not rank high in the ingredients list but I can feel its soothing capabilities.

The tube is not hard to squeeze and the cleanser is dispensed through a hole.


Texture is not so runny and not so thick either, it is in between. Texture looks like white satin and smells ummmm botanical? I don't know how to explain but it is not unpleasant for me. It smells the same as their Pure Cleansing Oil which I reviewed HERE.

Small amount is enough to make the cleanser bubble up and produce thick foams. I massaged the cleanser with a hands with a bit of water and it foams well.

pH level

pH of this cleanser is pH 7. I was surprised after knowing its pH level because it did not break me out when I first used it and it does not dry out my skin, so I thought it had a low pH.

It is a little bit high from the desired skin pH which is 5.5 but since it did not break me out and dry out my skin, I kept on using it.


I have been using this for awhile now day and night everyday and I must say that I don't have any problem with it at all, despite being a high pH. It is soothing indeed despite that there are only like five soothing ingredients and their positions are not high. One time I irritated my skin by extracting a blackhead, my skin was red and after using this cleanser, my face was immediately soothed.

I have an oily skin so it doesn't dry out my skin at all. If you have dry skin, I think it might be drying.

As for removing makeup, I am not sure how effective it is since I always use a first cleanser but in my toner stage I spot no traces of makeup on my cotton pad. So yeah it probably cleanses off the makeup resides on my skin.

The cleanser does not irritate nor break me out.

I don't have anything else to say about it. It does its job for being soothing for me.


Despite it being good to me and super affordable (USD 3), I won't purchase since it has a high pH and its second and third ingredients are strong acne causing ingredients.

As for now I am just going to use it until I empty it.

I personally think the price is super good for the quantity (150ml) but too bad that the ingredients choice influenced me to not want to get this cleanser.

For more information, head over to Boomdeahdah's official website at


3,900 won (USD 3) at Boomdeahdah (Korea only)
USD 8.46 at Yesstyle (ships worldwide)
USD 10 at Memebox (US & Canada only)
USD 3 at Boomdeahdah Gmarket (ships worldwide & EMS only)

No affiliate links involved

Other websites hike up the original price too much >< so it is better to get Boomdeahdah products if you are in Korea since it is cheaper locally. I personally love other of Boomdeahdah products so I am kind of bummed that their products are expensive to get outside Korea and it is even expensive for their products to be shipped from Korea since the brand only offers EMS shipping to my country sighh

Anyway, 감사합니다/thank you, Boomdeahdah for sending me this cleanser in exchange of my honest review~

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