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Tony Moly Delight Dalcom Banana Pong Dang Lip Balm | BANANA LIP BALM + BANANA HAND CREAM

Annyeong, Everyone~ My motivation to blog came late today, it is currently 10:39 PM as I am typing this.

I got the Tony Moly banana lip balm in Beautynetkorea's giveaway last year which I won, the banana hand cream samples came along with the gift too.
The lip balm is my current lip balm and I am loving it sooooooooooooo much.
Its been awhile since this Tony Moly small banana line came out. It also comes with a sleeping pack, but I haven't tried it yet.
What It Is
A deliciously scented lip balm that contains banana extract, coconut oil, milk protein extract, and Ceramide 3. Provides nutrition and moisture to treat dry and fatigued lips. Infused with a soft & sweet banana milk scent. Restores soft smooth & healthy looking lips. Features a pocket size with strap easy to carry around.
Price: USD 4.69 at Beautynetkorea
How to Use
Apply a proper amount to lips to keep moist. Reapply as needed.
Precaution: For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Keep out of reach of child…

Mizon Collagen Power Firming Eye Cream Review | Affordable anti-aging eye cream

Annyeong, Everyone~ I found my motivation back to do a product review I was feeling meh yesterday Probably it is just because pms is around the corner *rolls eyes*

I am going to review my second eye cream from Mizon. In fact, this is the second eye cream that worked for me despite having no tremendous effects. You can read about my first Mizon eye cream review HERE. I have been using this eye cream for quite some time now.
Bought from Beautynetkorea for only around USD 4
Amount: 10ml
Product Description (taken from its box)
Collagen Power Firming eye cream contains highly concentrated collagen to lift wrinkles around eyes while improving skin elasticity
 Directions (taken from box)
Dab a small amount around eyes until absorbed
Ingredients & COSDNA

Pretty squeezable tube with doodle prints~ my favorite one is the giraffe!! So cuteeee


Clear gel that is scentless, suitable for people who are sensitive to strong smelling stuffs, especially if strong scents can irritate one&…

Fly Up High Definition Skincare worth USD 150 | are they worth it? Skin Activating Treatment Essence, Advanced Laser Whitening Serum, Hydrating Cream

This is my first time using such expensive skincare line OMG Thank you to Amabie I get to test and try my very first high end skincare line from the brand Fly Up. It is a Taiwanese beauty brand that uses French technology. The brand sounds interesting as I've never heard of them before.
BRAND STORY FLY UP BEAUTY COLOR , the most popular professional make-up products around the world, consists of various and bright colors, pursuits high level quality of complexion and make-up tools. 
FLY UP BEAUTY COLOR is known as “the professional make-up for artists”. The FLY UP team was responsible for all kinds of cosmetic innovations. They developed excellent make-up techniques for movie special effects and fashionable looks. Highly fine and delicate quality protects your skins and gives a lightweight feel on your skins with excellent durability. 
Besides, the characteristic of cosmetic product knowledge and application techniques to be used in not only worldwide make-up and hair design competit…

Holic Aroma H-4 Cleansing Review + GIVEAWAY

Annyeong, Everyone~ Since I finished with college and unemployed, I am trying my very best to write a new blog post everyday but..... Some days the sunlight is not out so I couldn't photograph products :( The sunlight was back today so I took the opportunity to photograph a couple of photos hahaha photograph all of the things as soon as the sun is out!!!!

I think this is my first review of the brand Holic Aroma in my blog. I mentioned this brand a couple of times in my Instagram and have been using and loving their products.
Holic Aroma is soooooooooooooo generous in providing me products for review purposes. When I received a parcel from them, it came in a big box. I was surprised as soon as I opened it at the post office because they gave alot!!!!!!! They gave so much that I had to pay some custom fees. But thats okay.
They are a natural and organic Korean brand and focusing on lessening the use of harmful substances in their products.
The brand has been renewed into Urang Natural

Boomdeahdah Soothing Foam Cleanser Review | Cheap Soothing Face Cleanser for only USD 3!

Annyeong, Everyone~ I didn't get to blog about this particular product yesterday because my mind was really equipped with thinking what I want to do in the future now that I finished college. I am taking a rest from thinking about it now, it only stresses me out haha Just think about the present~

I received this product straight from Boomdeahdah in exchange for my honest review. I do not get any earning by doing my review.
I think I've been using this product for close to a month now (spoiler alert: I am loving it but......)
There is barely any English description about the product. It is basically a foam cleanser that soothes the skin. In the official website (no English), the photos showed that the cleanser can be used to take off makeup too.
For more pictures, you can check it out at the product's direct link HERE
I like the minimalist black and white packaging, as well as the minimalist font. #minimalisteverythinggggg 
Price: 3,900 won (approx USD 3)/150ml

Alive Lab Centella Dressing Power Review | Centella Powder???

I fucked messed up my sleeping pattern big time since exam week last week. I went to bed at 2~3am and now it is increased to 4am T_______________T Before that I went to bed at 1am and woke up at 7~8am I've been waking up at past 11am now sighhhhhh Praying for my sleeping pattern to be fixed soon because I need enough time to prepare food for lunch now that I am on a holiday

Have you heard of the Korean brand Alive Lab before? If not, I first introduced the brand in my blog before and reviewed one of their products, you can read about it HERE.
This Centella Dressing Powder was sent to me by Alive Lab for review purposes. This particular product was sent to help with my acne prone skin~ Thank you, Alive Lab for being thoughtful.
What It is (taken from Wishtrend, link)
Triumph over break outs with the Centella Dressing Powder!
The Centella Dressing Power is the magical powder to save your troubled skin in desperate times of need ! Super easy to use with a gentle, mild formula  that’s …