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Neulii Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum vs Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol | Comparison Review

Hello, People! I am doing another comparison post for all of you. The reason why I am doing this is because these two products are ALMOST SIMILAR to each other, they have alot of similarities but please keep in mind that they are NOT EXACTLY the same. They both have similar functions and ingredients though they are not the same type of product to start with (eg. Cosrx A-Sol is used a toner while Neulii is a serum). This comparison might help you guys with your decision making, I hope I covered everything well!

The comparison I am doing is between Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol and Neulii Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum. Both are Kbeauty products that are targeted to solve breakouts and problematic skin. The Cosrx is more popular than the Neulii, many are loving the A-Sol, it is one of Cosrx most raved products. Neulii on the other hand is created by the Kbeauty onlinestore Roseroseshop, I bought Korean makeup and skincare a couple of times from this seller, I was happy upon hearing that they launched their own skincare brand earlier this year.

I am going to start the comparison with the products' description.


Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol description

Neulii Teatree BHA Blemish Control Serum:
A Serum containing natural BHA and tea tree ingredient, arranging sebum control and dead skin cells to prevent skin trouble.

Both descriptions are the same which are to control sebum, remove dead skin cells and prevent skin troubles.


Plastic body with a plastic cap. I commute weekly so when I had Cosrx in my routine, I packed it when I arrived at my second place, the cap came off and product is leaked T___T so yeah leakage is possible with the Cosrx.

Body is opaque white so you can't really see the amount you have left.

Leakage is possible too with the Neulii but I never experience it. The body is study and hard, kind of have a feel that it is a glass but not really, it is this frosty hard material. Comes with a clear plastic cap too.

Body is clear so you can easily see the amount you have left.

WINNER: Neulii


Cosrx & Neulii
Both are using pump dispenser, easy to press but I like the Neulii pump better though they are basically the same.

WINNER: Neulii


To be used during the toner stage since it is also ph adjusting, it has a ph level of 4~5. It can also be used as a spot treatment, so it is multi-purpose.

To be used during the serum stage after toner and essence, not sure the ph level of this. I don't think it will be suited as toner because its consistency is a bit thick than the Cosrx.

WINNER: none.

Amount & Sustainability

100ml. I like using cotton pad for my toners, I needed 8 pumps for the A-Sol to give me a satisfying amount.

100ml. Since this is a serum stage, no cotton pads are needed. One pump is enough to apply to my targeted areas.

WINNER: In terms of lengitivity, Neulii. I run out of the Cosrx quickly (1~2 months) due to its watery consistency and I have to pump out alot for it to cover my cotton pad entirely. The Neulii will last me months, I only need one pump to cover my whole face.


Cosrx A-Sol ingredients

Neulii ingredients

Both contains AHA & BHA.

Cosrx & Neulii
♥ BHA percentage of Cosrx is 1% while Neulii is 0.2%

♥ Cosrx has a total of 16 ingredients while Neulii has 17

♥ 13 of the same ingredients are found in both Cosrx and Neulii but their arrangement listings are different:

ALCOHOL: in Cosrx it is placed 2nd while it is 4th in Neulii, both of the alcohol sitting are in top 10
AHA in Cosrx are Glycolic Acid (5th) and Lactic Acid (7th) while Neulii only has Lactic Acid (9th ingredient)

♡ Both contains Allantoin (higher listing in Cosrx than Neulii) which is to actively soothe skin

♡ Both contains Cassia Obtusifolia Seed Oil for anti-aging

♡ Both contains Tea Tree Leaf Oil and is listed as the very last ingredient in both

♥ What are present in Cosrx but not in Neulii: Propolis Extract (First ingredient), Glycolic Acid AHA (7th ingredient). Propolis can be used for skin soothing while the AHA is used for the product's benefits to penetrate into skin deeply by exfoliating dead skin cells to improve its effects and prevent breakouts.

♥ What are present in Neulii but not in Cosrx: Willow Bark Water (2nd ingredient), Tea Tree Leaf Water (3rd). Both Willow Bark Water and Tea Tree are used for skin soothing and tea tree can prevent breakouts.

♥ Neulii has 2 tea tree based ingredients (tea tree leaf oil and leaf water) while Cosrx only has one which is the tea tree leaf oil.

WINNER: this is hard to decide, I cannot choose because it is a matter of one's skin. If your skin reacts well with Propolis in terms of soothing or helping with your skin troubles then Cosrx A-Sol might be the one for you.

If your skin loves tea tree more in terms of clearing skin troubles then Neulii might be the one for you.

In my case, tea tree works better for me sometimes, and also because I haven't experience much with propolis products (they break me out sometimes).

Texture & Scent

Clear and runny, fully absorb into skin with a matte finish after 20~ minutes. Face feels a bit sticky during the waiting time and you can feel it lying on top of your skin, it is not that bad though, it is just that my next product (essence) won't be able to absorb during waiting period. I think that this product can be time consuming in the morning if you have something to fo.

Has a strong tea tree smell.

Clear and watery but NOT as watery as the Cosrx. This fully absorbs into skin with a matte finish after a 5~10 minutes, non-sticky and can carry on with my next product (moisturizer or sheetmasks) quickly. Has a tea tree smell but Cosrx has it stronger.

WINNER: I am fine with both of the smells, I know some do not like the strong tea tree smell in the Cosrx and others find the Neulii to smell like rubbing alcohol (I don't find it to be that way though).


Cosrx & Neulii
The Cosrx stings my wounded acne for a few seconds but the Neulii does not give me any stinging, both does not break me out.

WINNER: Neulii


Doesn't do anything despite using up 2 bottles of it. I tried various ways to make it work but I have no luck with this product. You can read my review on it HERE. but I know this product works on many people.

This used to work for me in terms of making the acne scars to look less angry but now that my skin got used to it, it doesn't do much of it anymore. I am not sure now if it helps with my acne.

WINNER: Neulii? at least it does things for me in the past.

Sebum Control

Cosrx & Neulii
I don't feel my face being oily nor I notice any difference. So I guess both of them works fine in controlling sebum.

WINNER: both.


Currently on Jolse: USD 14.40

Currently on Jolse: USD 14.55

WINNER: with only 15 cents difference, the Cosrx won, haha but their price difference is like of an ant anyway so basically they are both priced the same.

Overall Winner: Neulii

But then the result is depending on what works for your skin. This is just my opinion.

Thank you for reading! Now what do you think of both of them? Which one will suit for you better?

So I guess thats all I can say without these two. After reading, you may realise that they are basically the same product that does the same thing, they have alot in common. I hope I am doing this comparison well and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me in any of my social media.

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