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LaF Skin 7 Solutions Ampoules x Adventure Time Collaboration Review

Rejoice, Adventure Time lovers!

Ofcourse I was intrigued when I saw this collaboration. To be really honest, I wasn't so interested in the brand before the collaboration come out since their previous packaging looked plain. I guess cute packaging makes it, huh?

I only asked LaF(Lost and Found), the company, about the Jake ampoule (Pore & Calming) since it is related to my skin concern, but they are soooo generous to send me 3 ampoules, 2 sheetmasks and couple of cute Adventure Time stickers!!!!! It was unexpected and my heart's content was (and always) filled with joy when I receive surprise gifts. Thanks, LaF! I use the stickers to decorate my boring laptop.

B R A N D  I N T R O D U C T I O N

My skin answer, LaF

LaF (Lost and Found) is the abbreviation for lost (problem) and found (solution), regarding deficiency in beauty, which is an INNOVATIVE COSMETIC BRAND providing fast, innovative, and safe beauty answers for all skin concerns around the world.

LaF was created to help you recover your beauty through and innovative and creative beauty solution (found) by breaking the existing framework of cosmetic products (lost) by using the innovative and creative sentiment of London.

LaF fills sincerity in all products based on the promise of W.P.S, to provide a WIKI SOLUTION, PROVEN SOLUTION and SAFETY SOLUTION to customers.

LaF releases the safest products after conducting numerous researches by finding the latest solution around the world in the fastest way through global networking and through collecting and analyzing big data in real time for beauty problems and solutions. Now, find your beauty answer at LaF.

P R O D U C T S  I N F O R M A T I O N

LaF Skin 7 Solution Ampoule x Adventure Time collaboration is a limited edition, they're only available in 15ml while the original size is 30ml. There are a total of 7 Skin Ampoule Solutions can be found; Feel Feeling Ampoule, Pore & Calming Ampoule, Repairing Ampoule, Water Bomb Ampoule, Whitening & Anti-Wrinkle Ampoule, Firming Ampoule & Oil-Drop Ampoule

Photo taken from:

These ampoules can be customizable to fit your skin needs.

There is no cosmetics product alleviating your concerns on skin and your skin condition.

Seven-option solution ample which is prescribed depending on your worries about skin. Practical product that is mixable with other skin care products.

Photo taken from TesterKorea.

The complete LaF x Adventure Time collection. I WANT THEM ALL.

Oil Drop Ampoule(BMO)

Oil Drop Ample provides moisturizing from honey as BMO provides his ability beyond ordinary machines. It is a transformer formulas that maintains your moist skin with components of caviar, honey, royal jelly, making up for the lack of moisture and nourishment, and the multi-moisturizing component, 'Aquaxyl' derived from birch preventing loss of moisture.

Lost things & Problems;
1. Rough and coarse skin
2. Skin concerns about aging
3. Skin requiring to supply high nourishment and moisturizing

Found things & Answers;
1. Honey Extract
2. Royal Jelly Extract
3. Caviar Extract
4. Aqua seal

Water Bomb Ampoule (FINN)

Water Bomb Ample protects moisture on your under skin as Finn protects princesses from the evil. Hyaluronic Acid makes your skin moist all day with its moisturizing layer, rich moisture deriving from aloe calms sensitive skin from external stimulus.

Lost thing & Problems;
1. Dry skin lacking moisture
2. Oily skin with too much secretion of sebum
3. Sensitive skin

Found thing & Answers;
1. Hyaluronic Acid
2. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Water

Pore & calming Ampoule (JAKE)

Pore & calming ample reduces pore size as Jake freely reduces the size of his arms. Houttuyniae Herba Extract makes the rough skin smooth; Fomes Officinalis Mushroom Extract controls sebum; Tea Tree and Chamaecyparis Obtusa Leaf Extracts help to calm skin.

Lost things & problems;
1. Skin with noticeable and enlarged pores
2. Oily skin due to too much secretion of sebum
3. Skin problems on blackheads and whiteheads
4. Skin prone to suffer from troubles

Found thing & Answers;
1. Huttuynia Cordata
2. Fomes Officinalis (Mushroom) Extract
3. Tea Tree
4. Chamacyparis Obtusa Leaf Extract

I cannot find the full ingredients list to these.

The ampoules use a pipette application. The bottle is hard glass so you have to be careful not to drop it.


Oil-Drop Ampoule: Was expecting an oily texture, but its not. It felt more like a lotion. Smells like hard candies. It immediately smoothens skin right after application, making it feel soft and smooth. Fully absorbed into skin after awhile. The finish is matte yet it gives a light sheen effect. Lightly moisturizes.

Waterbomb Ampoule: clear gel consistency that has that faint typical aloe scent. Absorbs into skin well, dries to matte, lightly moisturizes and not hydrating on its own.

Pore & Calming Ampoule: consistency is similar to Waterbomb, both are gels but the color of this one is a bit cloudy and has a faint pleasant perfume scent. Lightly moisturizes, feels a bit sticky so I give a few minutes before layering another product on top.

Review, Results & My overall thoughts:
Oil-Drop Ampoule: the name is kind of deceiving for me since the texture isn't oily at all. I like how it smoothens skin instantly after applying, so it definitely suits people with rough skin. Requires to layer additional moisturizers on top since it lightly moisturizes. I love the wonderful ingredients such as honey, royal jelly and caviar. I finished BMO and not thinking to purchase it since it doesn't give me a tremendous impact. I emptied BMO already.

Waterbomb Ampoule: Just like the Oil-Drop Ampoule, I think this one is deceiving too since I was expecting it to be reallyyyyy moisturizing due to the 'Waterbomb' name and also the fact that it contains Hyaluronic Acid. This only lightly moisturizes for me. I also emptied FINN already, I don't think the soothing part with aloe leaf water did anything on my skin. Not going to purchase this as well.

Pore & Calming Ampoule: This is the only ampoule that I want to purchase. I noticed that my stubborn pore size is reduced throughout use! My pores do make a come back after I wash my face but after I applied this, it contracts my pores to an extend that my pores don't look big even when I look into the mirror upclose. I am amazed by this product and I think it is the first time that I feel my stubborn pores lost against a pore tightening product. It also did smoothen my skin and control sebum eventhough it doesn't do anything on calming my angry acne. I admit that my skin feels dry and tightened while I'm using this, it proves that it is actually reducing the size of my pores and control oiliness. I hope the effect is going to be long term because I don't have a backup of this and it is finishing soon *cries*

Will I recommend?
Yes, I didn't experience any irritations while using these. Them all are good enough for layering. If you are oily to very oily, I definitely recommend to give the Jake ampoule a try. Since it is constricting the pores, I think it will only make dry skin drier. Hope it will work well on everyone!

Where to purchase?
You can purchase directly from their Amazon site at

I think they don't produce any of the Adventure Time packaging anymore, even it is sold out at TesterKorea, but I am sure how they are in Watsons Korea. The original size costs $20 per 30ml.

If you are in Korea, you can get them at and Watsons stores(offline store). If you are international, you can opt from personal shopper service from Korea to get these delivered to you.

Additionally I also want to share with you guys reviews on their sheetmasks that they sent me! I reviewed this on my IG longgg ago so I am just going to copy paste what I've said.

LaF Step by 7 Step, 3 Step - Chance to Relax Review

"This facemask line is a 7-day treatment where you apply one sheetmask a day so that your skin condition becomes good and poreless.
💚 Centered towards flushed/sensitive/dry skin problems. Contains Saline Solution, Centella, Willow Bark, Tea Tree and Lemon Water. Saline & Centella claims to smoothen the skin after peeling/detoxification.
💚 Mask was juicy, drippy & has a median cotton texture. Scentless. Accidentally poured too much of its clear essence bcos I didn't know theres alot inside! It was enough for both of my arms and legs. Has the most perfect fitting ever with only 0.1% contour excess. Left on for 40 mins, 50% dried. Adhered well.
💚 Results: I didn't want to take it off bcos of the perfect fitting. Anyway it dries semi-dewy, left my skin moisturized, brightened, healthy looking & somehow relaxing! No side effects. My blemished spot has lightened too!! will purchase this!!! Thank you @laf_beautyanswer for providing me this awesome mask😚 check them out at"

LaF Step by Step 6 Step Blow Up Volume Review

"Face mask that provides solutions for wrinkle/loose/sunken skin types. Mainly contains Volufiline, Horse Oil, Rose Centifolia Flower Water, Witch Hazel Extract & Betaine.
💙 Volufiline gives volume to the skin and outlines the face beautifully. Hempseed Oil gives anti-aging effect by making the skin elastic internally. Time: approx 25mins, mask dried a bit.
💙 Juicy mask but not drippy, not much of its remaining essence, perfect fitting, has faint typical perfumey sheetmask scent.
💙 Results: lightened redness from blemishes, moisturized, dewy finish and bouncy feel. Impressive and will purchase! Thank you @laf_beautyanswer , it is a wonderful experience in trying out your face masks!"

Seriously inlove with the fitting. I want to get the whole line of LaF masks. You can purchase their masks from the above links as well.

THANK U LaF for sending me these cuties! Do follow them at their IG: @laf_beautyanswer to stay tuned with their updates, who knows which cartoons they are going to have a collab with in the future!

Photos are mine otherwise stated. Products were provided to me by LaF for review purposes. All my thoughts and experiences are true and honest.

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