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[REVIEW] Suoleh Love Me White Cream | 슈오레 러브 미 화이트 크림

The newly launched Korean cosmetics brand, Suoleh gifted me their Filling In Love Body Scrub, Love Me White Cream and Skin Renewal Milk Choc Cream 2 weeks ago. I am honored to be able to test out products by this lovely new brand. They only have these 3 products to date. Illustrations on each and every of the product boxes are really pretty. Filling In Love has somekind of trippy feel to it, while the Love Me White Cream has a girly vibe and the Skin Renewal Milk Choc Cream has this 'Goddess' feel due to the light gold + white color, haha. Not only their boxes are pretty, but the actual products are pretty as well. I love all of their looks!
I've been asked to do a review on the Love Me White Cream first. It is an immediate-whitening kind of product.

Pretty girlish box!!!!

Cream has a content of 70ml

Can't find English description on their website at all. Thankfully theres English description and instruction on the pretty pink box!!!! I hope you guys are able to see the wh…

[REVIEW] Wish Formula C450 & C200 Bubble Peeling Pads

3 days left to school. NOOOOOOOOO.
Hi, everyone! Happy Friday! Today I am going to do reviews on Wish Formula (Korean brand) bubble peeling pads, C450 is for the body and C200 for the face. I won their giveaway event and Wish Formula sent these as gifts and for review purposes. This might be my last post(or not) before I get busy with school life...

I actually already did first impression reviews on these on my Instagram last month. I will copy paste my review below.
Let me describe about the bubble peeling pads first. These pads are a dual peeling system with Fermented Peeling Pad & Solution (Patent) to remove skin impurities and dead skin cells. Both pads for face and body contains fermented botanical extracts to deeply penetrate into skin after exfoliation for brightened and glowing skin. They are designed to work as Professional Spa Program (Body/Face Peel + Vitamin treatment) but yet easy for everyone to use at home.
The bubble peeling pads have 2 sides, front part (with label) i…


Another month calls for another empties conclusion. Lets immediately get on into it~
Kerasys Moisturizing Shampoo - just an okay shampoo for me, my hair doesn't feel so frizzy and dry so I think it really does moisturizes it. Smells like typical lightly scented shampoo, not the kind of smell that makes me want to sniff more but it was alright. Claims to reduce hair loss but I am still having issues with hair loss....sigh. The only complain that I have with this kind of Kerasys shampoo packaging is that it is hard to dispense, eventhough the opening is big (which sometimes resulted in too much shampoo coming out), the body just needs an extra effort to squeeze out. I think I won't repurchase due to the packaging. Kerasys shampoo is easy to get at Guardian or Supasave stores, they are affordable.
SNP 98% Soothing Aloe Vera Gel - efficient soothing capabilities on the body but not much on the face. I remembered I had a little red irritation on my arm, I splattered the gel on it and…

[REVIEW] Eyelab Cosmetics Wish 100 Ampoules

Eyelab Cosmetics is a company specializing in the research and development of beauty science conducted by cosmetic researchers from renowned Korean brands and the best beauty creators of each field.
Eyelab Cosmetics were so kind to send me all of their products 3 months ago, I didn't expect to receive all seven of their Wish 100 Ampoules, surprised even when I read an email from them regarding the matter. I additionally received their Basic Wish Set (3 ampoules) which I did a giveaway on it after my exams on June and M Cleansing Mud and Z Cleansing Mud by Cospatch, a brand under Eyelab Cosmetics development.

Here are the 7 ampoules that I received~ from left to right; Super-TeaTree, Vita-Tox, Micro-Hyaluronate, Super Peel, Collagen, Camellia Ferment Oil and Mada-Centella. Love how colourful they are!
I've been trying out the ampoules since then, I've emptied 5 so far, and currently using Super Peel and Camellia Ferment Oil. It is safe to say out my thoughts on the ampoules now…