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[REVIEW] Ultru The True Rich Cream Hydrogel Masks (Aqua, Nutrition, Revitalizing, Lifting, Relaxing)

Sometime around April 2016, I received a package from Imine Skincare that consists of Ultru The True Rich Cream Hydrogel Masks, Imine Skincare was so generous and kind enough to send me the whole line, and in boxes too where it contains 4 hydrogel masks inside of each. I am in awe of their generosity. The package also came along with a pamphlet about the brand's story and pretty photo cards!!!!! Someday I will hang those beautiful photo cards on my wall, haha.

About the brand Ultru

As oasis gives a life to a desert,
we value your dry skin as your hydrated skin
because it's your skin that we care most.
Our AMF Technology helps revitalize and brings peaceful balance to your skin.
It's all true. We are how you look.

AMF Water Wrap

AMF Water Wrap is a hydrogel mask pack that keeps moisturized condition of skin for 120 hours since it contains AMF, which increases the skin moisturizing effect. It continuously keeps moisture in skin and strengthens the skin barrier function to lock in moisture even under external dry weather condition. AMF Water Wrap can be used for any skin type conveniently without causing skin problems.

Moisture Evaporation Protectant 120hrs+++ AMF

The effect of AMF in preventing the evaporation of moisture for 120 hours is officially verified by the US's IRSI, which is selected bythe world's top beauty brands such as L'Oreal and Estee Lauder!
Skin protects the human body from the harmful external environment and controls the loss of moisture from the body. The excellent effect of maintaining moisture by skin's cornified cells is attributable to the natural moisturizing factor contained in hydrogel. The natural moisturizing factor (NMF), which accounts for 20~30% of the cornified cells, forms a strong hydrogen and ion bond with moisture, thus preventing the evaporation of moisture from cornified cells. Note, however, that the natural moisturizing function weakens over time; skin gets dry, its elasticity decreases, and wrinkles start to form over time. The Artificial Moisturizing Factor (AMF) is a complex nanoparticle structure that can function like a natural moisturizing factor, so it has strong moisture-absorbing capability. AMF is not destroyed over time but can keep moisture inside skin for 120 hours.

In short, Ultru sounds like it is concentrating on supplying moisture into the skin with the use of AMF technology thats been said to retain moisture for 120 hours~

Only until recently on the month of June ~ July 2016, I finally tested out the hydrogel masks. I refrained not to open it earlier because the packaging is sooooo pretty, makes me do not want to open them, haha. but in the end I did and used it all up daily because its MFG date was dated in 2015, I usually use up my face masks by date~

The photo makes me want to swim in a pool of masks.

There are 5 types. from left to right;
Nutrition, Relaxing, Lifting, Aqua, Revitalizing

Which packaging do you like most? I like the Aqua one because the blue hues look nice and calming! Now lets start off the review with the Aqua hydrogel mask!

Selcas with Poopy~

But before that, lets talk about the hydrogel mask itself first, just a heads up before getting into the actual reviews. It comes in 2 pieces, for top and bottom, it feels like a thin pudding, haha. all of the hydrogel masks are white in colour that adheres on so well without slipping! and do not need to worry about dripping too since the essence is soaked by the hydrogel masks. It may adhere well but once put on, it is hard to adjust because it feels slippery.

The mask fits just alright on my face, except for the oversized nose part which I fold most of the time to make sure that I can breathe, haha. I think the fitting may be small to some people.

If you look closely on the hydrogel mask itself, theres some kind of a 'grip' texture design, I think its purpose is to ensure the hydrogel mask is a non-slip one, unlike some hydrogel masks which are hard to stay on the face --- this one usually doesn't have a 'grip' pattern on the mask itself.

The time required for the mask to be put on is 30 minutes, quite long~ I was bored when I have nothing to do for solid 30 minutes. I multi-task with PC gaming while this mask was on, it didn't budge at all. After 30mins, I tap in the remaining essence into my skin.

theres some remaining essence in the packet sometimes, sometimes theres no remaining essence at all. it depends on how much the essence is being soaked in the hydrogel masks. Essences are in a median-watery clear form for Relaxing, Revitalizing, Lifting and Aqua, all these has a typical mask scent while the Nutrition has a cloudy milky essence that smells like a hard candy (but not sweet smelling).

I used these masks during my PM skincare routine. I first applied the hydrogel mask during the essential face mask step(after toner and serum), but I noticed that with that method, my face felt its already moisturized enough, so I had the tendency to skip my forthcoming skincare products. Later, I implemented the hydrogel mask routine during the very last step of my skincare routine, to seal in the goodness of the previous products, it worked better that way for my skin.

Ultru The True Rich Cream Aqua Hydrogel Mask Review

Each box contains 4 of each, I gave away one of each types to Oppa (except for the Lifting because I do not want to offend him with his little cute wrinkles haha) because I want him to take care of his skin ---- okay, I am actually the one who is taking care of his skin, eventhough he is already flawless and beautiful. Anyway, he liked the masks.

Aqua hydrogel mask claims to deliver moisture and hydration deep into skin, specially contains Glacier Water.

Close up of the Aqua hydrogel mask. It is a picture of a sunrise in a desert, looks beautiful and peaceful~

Aqua has a typical mask scent, left my skin moisturized and plump, dries semi-dewy.

Ultru The True Rich Cream Relaxing Hydrogel Mask Review

Relaxing hydrogel mask claims to make skin relax and deliver moisture deep into skin.

Close up photo of Relaxing hydrogel mask. Photo of the desert in the evening~ pretty night, did you guys see the shining moon?

Has a typical mask scent, I remembered I was a having a breakout while using this, and it doesn't calm the break out at all. The inflammation of the acne is still there after application, and even after using it for 3 times, I do not feel any relaxing effect on my skin. it was only moisturizing and hydrating. As a hydrogel mask that is up-priced(price stated below), I expected it to give me instant and effective results on its claims.

Ultru The True Rich Cream Lifting Hydrogel Mask Review

The only one that is in a complete set of 4.

Lifting Hydrogel Mask claims to make skin elastic and deliver moisture deep into skin.

The Lifting features a photo of a desert during the day~ this one particularly looks hot to me, hahaha.

No Lifting effects observed, but I noticed my skin felt elastic and bouncy, it was moisturizing and hydrating. Probably the lifting effect will show better on mature skin users.

Ultru The True Rich Cream Nutrition Hydrogel Mask Review

I was most excited about this particular Nutrition hydrogel mask since it contains Niacinamide(5th on the list). Niacinamide is almost everyone's favorite ingredient because it provides whitening properties to dark spots, blemishes, acne scars and overall complexion of the skin.

The Nutrition packaging features a white sand desert under a blue sky, I can't identify whats purple the flower there. Do you guys know what it is?

No instant whitening effect during the first use, which again was disappointing and I expected more efficiency since the price is high. It also gave me a small whitehead during the first use, but it wasn't a big deal since its just a tiny whitehead. After three usages, I finally noticed some brightening effects. my face overall got brightened and glowy~ my blemishes were lightened a bit too.

Ultru The True Rich Cream Revitalizing Hydrogel Mask Review

Revitalizing hydrogel mask claims to make skin revitalise and deliver moisture deep into skin. I like how short and simple their claims are and not exaggerating that can lead to false claims.

Packaging of the Revitalizing features skies with hints of light pink/purple colour. Skies like this are especially pretty.

its noted effects are only moisturizing and hydrating. it was hard to feel whether if my face was revitalized or not because I didn't go through any pressure by that time.

Final Thoughts
Similar effects of all the hydrogel masks are moisturizing, hydrating, makes skin suppler, bouncy, plump and elastic. I like to smoother my face after the application. If I were to choose one favorite mask from Ultru The True Rich Cream Hydrogel Mask line, I choose the Aqua because it is true to its claims, which is only providing moisturization. the others are alright its just that it didn't amaze me that much. I've observed that some cheaper masks are more efficient than these for me. Again, the brand and mask line's target is to provide moisture and hydration to the skin, which explains why Water is the number one ingredient in all of the hydrogel masks and repetitive claims on moisturizing. I think dry skin people will enjoy using these. If you have a dehydrated troubled skin, then these hydrogel masks may help to restore and stabilize the skin's moisture level.

About the 'providing moisture for 120 hours', I am not sure how true this is since I do not own that moisture checker device. However, my skin is always going back to its normal/dry/non-moisturized state after face washing, which required me to apply moisturizers like usual. Despite that I have an oily skin, these hydrogel masks were not heavy for me *I think I already mentioned this up there but whatever ---- lazy to check haha*, it makes my face moisturized and hydrated throughout the night and did not make oil production worser.

As a person with troubled skin, I personally think that these hydrogel masks are just not exciting. It was only moisturizing and hydrating mostly but I'd like to see them giving claims such as anti-acne and pore tightening. I expected so much from these hydrogel masks at first, especially the relaxing and nutrition versions.

Pros +
- doesn't slip, adhered well
- no alcohol ingredient and parabens
- moisturizing and hydrating
- true to its claims
- pretty packaging
- no dripping

Cons -
- size may be too small to some faces
- expensive

Will I purchase?
Maybe, or I don't think so.

Will I recommend?
Since it says it suits all skin types so yes~ it has a pretty packaging, some of you might want to try these out because of the packaging, haha.

Where to purchase?
*finally revealing its price* You can buy these straight from their website at they ship worldwide and have other 2 mask ranges, which are the jelly mask and mud mask. the looks of the website is cool~ I did a blog post review on Ultru I'm Sorry For My Skin Jelly Masks, you can read them HERE. I like Ultru's jelly masks instead of their hydrogel masks, now I am looking forward to try their mud masks!

Ultru The True Rich Cream Hydrogel Masks are priced at ₩8,000(approx USD 7) each while a box of 4 hydrogel masks cost ₩32,000(appox USD 28). They are currently having an offer where you can get 5 hydrogel masks instead of 4 for ₩32,000.

THANK YOU IMINE SKINCARE/ULTRU. Don't forget to follow their Instagrams (@imine_skincare & @imsorryformyskin) to keep you updated with their latest discounts and new products!

Credit photos are all mine. Information are taken from Ultru's official website at and from the pamphlet provided. Products were provided to me by Imine Skincare/Ultru themselves. My thoughts and experiences are true and honest.

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