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[REVIEW] TheFaceShop CC Intense Cover Cushion V203 Natural Beige SPF50+ PA+++ My Other Bag Version

BB Cosmetic is a Korean based onlinestore that carries brand such as 3CE, Banilla Co., Etude House, COSRX and many more. They often have amazing deals for up to 30% on select brands (psssstt they are currently having sales on Ciracle, TheFaceShop and Elizavecca products!!!!) and offers FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE without any minimum purchase required!!

*Main product below is provided to me by BB Cosmetic. My review do not affect the fact that product is sponsored.

TheFaceShop CC Intense Cover Cushion V203 Natural Beige SPF50+ PA+++ Review

First of all, can we just appreciate the looks of its packaging?? IT IS JUST SO CUTE, PRETTY and  FABULOUS. Imagine having this cushion in your bag while thinking it is a mini Channel bag in a cushion form!!(if that makes sense). It also comes with a mini dust bag that has that 'recycled' touch which I like because GO GREEN! TheFaceShop permanent cushions such as the CC Intense Cover Cushion (Channel inspired, by Jackie), CC Oil Control Water Cushion (Louis Vuitton inspired, by Zoey) and CC Ultra Moist Cushion (Goyard inspired, by Sophia) are packaged in their My Other Bag collaboration packaging.

TheFaceShop x My Other Bag cushion collection~ photo by Yongstyle
Which one is your favorite packaging? I am torn between the Channel and LV inspired one~ *heart eyes*

Close up of the dust bag~ A glamorous Channel-inspired bag is printed on it.

Credits to My Other Bag designer Jacker for making the cushion look amazing~

Information, instruction of use and ingredients list of the CC Intense Cover Cushion. it has a long list of ingredients~

My Other Bag Collaboration Highly adhering & Highly cover formula for natural makeup.
Whitening, Wrinkle Care , UV protection
Blooming finish for gorgeous face without darkening
Skin moisturizing / Firming / Volume with special treatment 'hyaluronic acid'

How to Use
Take this on puff and spread to face through skin texture.
Tap lightly for adhering.
Add on the area where more covering is needed.

Water, Tree Hex elderly, dimethicone, titanium dioxide in the paint, phenyl trimethoxysilane chikon, dipentaerythritol hexa EPO ritil C5-9 Acid esters, Cyclopentasiloxane, Osaka Ride search by -1, Butylene glycol acrylate Digital Camera frills / Digital Camera freight, not three tilpi / p Fiji -10/1 dimethicone, phenyl benzimidazole jolseol sulphonic acid, niacinamide, tromethamine, 1/2-hexane diol, sorbitan sesqui oleate, sodium chloride, distearyl Des Moines Pelargonium hectorite, Jinx Te rate, blood not -30 di polyhydroxy stearate, dimethicone / polyglycerin -3 cross polymer, dimethicone / blood -10/15 not cross polymer, aluminum hydroxide, stearic Acid, distearyl Des Moines chloride, palmitoyl proline, Tok to hexyl dimethicone, adenosine, a tree hit a poly di methyl siloxane fills in triethoxysilyl Chicago frills reel silane, magnesium palmitoyl glutamate, sodium palmitoyl-Sarco City Nate, dipropylene glycol, palmitoyl tic acid, sodium citrate, tocopherol, Karen, two rakkot extract, burdock root extract, rosemary leaf extract, lavender extract, echinacea or Seah extract, Butylene glycol, hydro jeneyi suited lecithin, denatured alcohol, Sami also used collagen, poly (tripeptide -6), ceramides & P, ceramide AP, seramayideuyi Opie, toss Ping high blood cholesterol, sodium router to ilrak Til rate, carbomer, xanthan gum, hyaluronidase as Nick acid, five days baekchul , fragrance, mica, yellow iron oxide, red iron oxide, black iron oxide"

Taken from BBCosmetic

Packaging: the cushion's lid is made out of hard plastic glass while the rest of its body has that hard matte black feel. I like the reflective gold touch on the bag's straps and buckle. The cushion doesn't feel heavy~

I got mine in shade V203 which is natural beige. the other available shades are #V103 and #V201. I think #V103 is light beige while #V201 is apricot beige.

Since this cushion collaboration came out in early 2016, the expiry date on this one is on 2019.

It also comes with a special collaboration version of the cushion puff~ its so pretty that I am not using the puff for the swatches and application below, I use a normal TFS cushion puff that is gifted to me by BBCosmetic, haha.

Am I the only who feels satisfied when unsealing a new cushion's sticker??? I love it when the cushion is still full and soaked with its content!!!!

TFS puff grabbed the cushion so well, a little already provides much coverage for this one since its an intense cover cushion

I think the natural beige looks a bit dark on my hand, but thankfully it blended well with my face colour.

Colour appears a bit dark on my hand, but the real performance will on the face which will be displayed and explained below

Let the game begin~ if you read my previous post on April Skin Magic Snow Cushion review (link), my skin was suffering with breakouts from an incompatible product. The breakouts have calmed now and only left with blemishes to treat.

The photo collage above features my hideous left cheek. During the first trial, I pressed the puff onto the cushion hard so the foundation sticks on alot on the puff, This causes the foundation to smudge so easily since it is wet, it looks cakey too and took some time for it to fully settle on the skin. So with this product, a little goes a long way because if you accidentally applied the foundation alot then it is hard to continue the next makeup step. I learned that by applying a little, it dries immediately and at the same time giving a nice coverage.

Anyway, the product covers blemishes and acne scars so well after applying 2 layers. but 2 layers felt cakey to me since it is a coverage cushion >< 3 layers doesn't cover much anymore.

and this is my right cheek. p/s: how do you ease redness??? sometimes aloe vera doesn't help for me...and how do you treat closed comedones? I am now trying to apply clay mask alternately in hopes for the comedones to disappear...screw oily skin!

It eases the redness and covers blemishes but I dislike how it emphasizes my comedones~

The finish of this cushion is semi-matte.


Natural finish - it did give this but only providing if you are being light-handed with the cushion puff. or else it will look like you are applying a heavy makeup (the claims said that the formula is designed to sit close to the skin, giving it a smooth and natural finish without making the makeup look heavy as it covers redness and discolorations for a picture-perfect complexion).

ღ It covers blemishes just okay, but to cover the blemishes and pimples fully, I had to apply 2 layers to achieve it, which causes the makeup to look cakey since it is a coverage cushion

ღ However, it provides a good pore coverage, pores are not a big problem to me at the moment

Lasting power: I went out with my family while having this cushion on for about 10 hours, it did last throughout the 10 hours with a setting powder, only the makeup on my nose area faded. It also produces that dewy look after a long wear. It was not/doesn't feel oily to me, I am dewy lol. It doesn't oxidize (turned dark) too throughout the use.

ღ Not sure if it whitened my skin since the colour blended well with my skin colour. It evened out my skin tone.

ღ It has wrinkle care but it creases on the eyelids, however it doesn't crease much of my smile lines. I am not sure how it performs on deep wrinkles.

ღ Since I have an oily skin, it doesn't feel drying nor become dry throughout the use, I don't have any dry patches so I am not sure whether it will accentuate on the dry patches or not. It has moisturizing properties though.

Pros +
ღ Provides coverage, covers pores, blemishes, pimples and acne scars
ღ Colour remained the same throughout use, doesn't oxidize
ღ Long lasting
ღ Easy to carry around
ღ Has SPF50
ღ Moisturizing?

Cons -
ღ Can get cakey if you apply too much
ღ Can get smudgeable and took awhile for it to dry on the skin if you pressed the puff too hard
ღ For those who are too oily, it can produce oil after a long use
ღ Only a few shades available
ღ Creases on the eyelids

My rating:

Will I recommend?
For those who are looking for a long lasting cushion, then you can try it out this one~ I am not sure how to recommend to people who are too oily, dry, combination or sensitive, since this cushion is being tested on my oily acne-prone skin, so I am so sorry, but I hope it will work well on everyone :)

Will I purchase?
Most probably yes~ it is cheaper alternative than my all time favorite Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion.

Where to buy?
USD 18.50 at BBCosmetic (direct product link)
Do not forget to use code R0Z1XF6901HN for a 10% off!

THANK YOU SO MUCH BBCOSMETIC♥♥♥ for giving me the chance to try out a lovely cushion. I was very much excited to try it out obviously because of the packaging, and thank goodness the product turned out well for me. Make sure you are following BBCosmetic on Instagram (@bbcosmetic_official) and Facebook - BB Cosmetic because they often have surprise sale on items for 50% off and that 50% off are limited!!!! If you are a fast rabbit then you are lucky!^^

Read my previous post
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Credited photos are all mine otherwise stated. product is provided to me by BB Cosmetic, which doesn't affect on what I think of the product. my reviews and experiences are honest and true.

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