[REVIEW] COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Haven't had the wifi for a week so I didn't get to write a blog post. I feel so lifeless and dead without wifi considering that I have nothing much to do while on a semester break. Wifi is my source of entertainment(and life). I am that kind of person who chooses to bring Wifi over water if I were to strand in an Island.

Now lets get going with one of the most used, raved and recommended COSRX product;

COSRX Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol Review

This product contains Natural BHA to control oil while helping to clear recurring pimples. A non-drying acne treatment solution for sensitive skin.

It is one of the recommended products at Jolse since it has alot of positive reviews. it is priced at USD15.30 currently at Jolse, for a 100ml product, the price is not bad. I bought this when I thought that I needed an acne-fighting toner/active product when my skin is breaking out and since I've seen alot of the Asian Beauty people on Instagram implementing this product in their skincare routines, ofcourse, I just had to get it.

Official photo intro of the product (via Jolse).

Product packaging is made out of hard plastic and includes a clear cap to secure the pump.

Analysis of the emphasized 15 ingredients of the product with its claims (via Jolse ).

Propolis, AHA and BHA in one product, sounds so good for troubled skin, right?

At first I thought that it is a spray/mist product but it is not. The pump dispenses a moderate amount of a clear watery consistency that has a strong tea tree scent. 

The 'toner' absorbed fully well into the skin without leaving any residue. The finish is matte, doesn't give me any shine. Tea tree scent still lingered but it goes away after a couple of minutes. I concentrate on applying the A-Sol on the troubled areas on my face, it absorbs well with massage and tapping but I like to wait for around 20 mins to let it settle fully into my skin(to let my skin drink all its goodnes), then I carry on with using the next product.

It broke me out during the first few usages because I remembered that I implemented the OST Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum (review HERE) along with this Cosrx A-Sol in my skincare routine. The OST is highly concentrated with Vitamin C and it is an active as well, got an incompatible reaction when I combined both so thats why I broke out. My skin didn't break out when they are not combined. I also read an article somewhere(forgot the source) that it is best to use one active at a time so that their performance won't be affected, and so that the skin won't get abused by lots of chemical peeling.

I am already halfway through the bottle, perhaps more than that but I couldn't tell because the packaging is opaque white. I've been using this many times now for the past 1~2 months day and night as toner and spot treatments but unfortunately, it doesn't do anything to treat my troubled spots, it was only a bit moisturizing, therefore this can be solved with layering more moisturizers. I am not sure if it helps to control oil since my skin isn't feeling so oily nowadays.

Heres what, I read that it helps to soothe the inflammation and decrease acne size overnight, but it doesn't deliver the same effect to me. the inflammation was still there on the next day after using the A-Sol as a spot treatment, my acne size too was no different overnight. I still use the product on my face anyway for the sake of finishing it, and since my skin doesn't react negatively to it(no irritation and break outs). I apply it to my back body's acne too, it does help with the body acne a bit eventhough the process is slow(took a few days rather than overnight) but I observed that it helps to decrease the pimple size and make the acne body clearer. It treats the blemishes on my body acne well compared to on the face. >:( I still get break outs from time to time now, it doesn't do anything in maintaining my skin's health So this is just a product that works so well on many users and not on me unfortunately.

Pros +
- helps with lessen my back body acne
- contains zero parabens, artificial colorants, artificial fragrance, phthalate and triethanolamine

Cons -
- doesn't do anything or my face acne
- doesn't soothe the inflammation overnight
- doesn't reduce acne size overnight
- not really moisturizing and hydrating

My rating:

Will I recommend?
It works so well on other people that some claimed the A-Sol as their Holy Grail product. it just doesn't do well on me.

Will I repurchase?
Nope, but I am eyeing on the Natural BHA Skin Returning Emulsion and Cosrx Pimple Pads.

Where to buy?(with direct links)
USD 15.30(with free shipping) at Jolse
USD 13.98(with free shipping) at BBCosmetic. Use code BBN3DV74B7 for 10% off.
USD 9.25(without shipping fee) at Roseroseshop

Product was bought with my own money. My thoughts and experiences are honest and true.

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  1. This product broke me out so bad :| :(

    1. oh no sorry about that :( maybe because it has alcohol in it or the BHA amount (2%) is too strong for your skin

  2. Which is better for acne c20 serum or natural bha ?

    1. I would say the natural BHA is better for acne since it is a product targeted to combat acne while the c20 serum is for fading the acne scars. hope this helps :)