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[REVIEW] My First Skin18 Reviewer's Package

Skin18 is a US and Hong Kong based Kbeauty onlineshop that is popular with their wide choices of Korean face masks. They carry sheets, characters, steps, hydrogels masks and even face masks boxes to choose according to your interest. Not only that, they are selling Korean skincare products such as essences, serums, moisturizers, sun creams, eye treatments, ampoules and many more and they ship worldwide! Have I mentioned that their character masks are cute?? and amazing thing is that they offer masks freebies that only required you to pay for shipping! Check them out quickly at, you will love whats in from them! Orders above $40 will be entitled to free shipping!

Skin18 were recruiting bloggers from March 2016 to review their reviewers package. Since I love skincare, ofcourse I'd love to contribute in skincare related things. I signed up for the programme and glad to be given the opportunity to try out their products and share my reviews. Different bloggers will get a different package, I am glad that Skin18 is doing this technique because it helps to spread the words about the variety of products that they are bringing. Good job, Skin18!

 I received my first reviewer's package 2 weeks ago which consists of;
Top from left to right;
1. SOC Animal Cutie Mask Pack Anti Wrinkle Collagen (Tiger)
2. Mirum Fresh Fruit Aloe Real Nature Mask Pack

Bottom from left to right;
3. Lomi Lomi Ginkgo 7 Skin Scheduler Tuesday Anti-Wrinkle Mask
4. Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch (Green)
5. Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle Taeng Taeng Serum

Skin18 is really considerative for my skin's being, I received 3 anti-wrinkle products to prevent wrinkles hahaha.

Ben & Sera 15 Days Anti-Wrinkle Taeng Taeng Serum Review

This injection looking serum contains 3ml syringe for a 15-days anti-wrinkle project. It is recommended for people above the age of 40 for lifting properties. It is also recommended for people at all ages with concerns over loss of skin elasticity, has lots of dead skin cells, dry skin, sensitive skin and for those who are afraid of dermatologist treatments side effects. This serum claims to retain moisture, restore elasticity and promote skin regeneration with EGF.

My thoughts
Heres what, I was planning to use for it 15-days and wanted to see if there will be any changes on my skin's appearance, though I don't have any wrinkles yet. When I first opened the serum's cap and about to pump the syringe, the serum came out ALL at once, thus immediately emptied the product. I read many other users are having the same problem too.

It annoyed me a bit because it came out alot and I feel wasted. I applied all of it on my face and neck, it took some time for it fully to absorb because its ALOT. The consistency is really serum-like, a bit runny, clear and has no scent. The amount of serum can last me about 3 days of usage, 3ml = 1ml x a day.

I did feel my face being moisturized and hydrated throughout the whole day, I was worried if it would product oil but it didn't. Due to my one-time experience, I can't really comment how it work to improve wrinkles. I won't purchase, I hope the syringe application will be fixed and the amount will be enough to fulfill the 15 days anti-wrinkle project.

Direct product link:

Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch (Green) Review

I did a review of this product on my Instagram. I am just going to copy and paste my review here.

"Haven't been sleeping well for 2 nights now. Eyes were feeling heavy last night, forced myself to remain awake to do exam revision with the help of Luke Collagen Hydrogel Eye Patch that I received from @skin18com its main targets are to firm, hydrate, moisturize the eyes, reduce dark circles and puffiness.

๐Ÿ’š contains Vitamins A, E, C and green tea extract. it definitely smelt like green tea, I kept on for about 20mins and my under eye areas felt softer, refreshed and moisturized right after application. Patches adhered well.

๐Ÿ’š It reduced puffiness a little, but my eyes will still remain puffy no matter what. I rarely/never had any dark circles - so I did not observe any whitening difference. Theres a slight firming sensation after application but there was no drastic firming result.

๐Ÿ’š Its a good moisturizing eye patch overall. The green tea scent is bonus. Would love to use this again! Thanks @skin18com ๐Ÿ˜˜
Direct product link:

Mirum Fresh Fruit Aloe Real Nature Mask Pack Review

The functions of this mask is to moisturize skin, provides skin calming, makes skin smooth, fresh and vital. It is recommended for people with dry and tired skin. The mask doesn't contain mineral oil and harmful ingredients.

My thoughts
It has a familiar pleasant aloe scent, mask was wet out of packet but not drippy and there was no remaining essence in the packet. The consistency is essence-like and clear. Its material is an almost thin cotton sheet and adhered well on my skin for about 20mins~

My skin became moisturized and hydrated. I think it calmed my break out. It makes my skin become soft, plump and healthy looking skin, dries a bit dewy. No break outs after using the mask. It is just an okay mask overall. I like the aloe scent and a calming mask so I will purchase in the future!

Direct product link:

Lomi Lomi Ginkgo 7 Skin Scheduler Tuesday Anti-Wrinkle Mask

This mask by Lomi Lomi is a concept mask where you sheetmask with their Skin Scheduler masks according to the day of the week. This mask is enriched with Ginkgo Leaf Extract and skin activators ingredients and nutritional contents in the mask gives excellent skin adhesion and absorption. It carries oil and moisture, blocks toxic substances and gives skin moisture and elasticity. It is suitable for all skin types.

My thoughts
Mask was wet out of packet but not drippy, has somekind of herbally scent, which must be coming from the ginkgo leaf extract. Remaining milky essence in the packet was enough for my arms. Mask has a thin material and looks almost invisible! The fitting is perfect for me though it is small on the nose (which didn't bother me). Due to its thin state, it adhered well, sticks and folds well too. I love thin masks. Scent still lingered while putting on, so if you don't like herbally scent then I'm not recommending this. The scent is okay to me.

My skin became moisturized, hydrated, brightened and it gives a glowy and dewy effect. Cheeks feel softer and elastic too. It took a couple of minutes for the essence to fully sink in, but I'm alright since I like the results. I will purchase this!

Direct product link:

SOC Animal Cutie Mask Pack (Anti Wrinkle Collagen - Tiger)

I was excited about this mask the most due to the cute packaging. CAN it stop to have its cute innocent eyes staring at me?? I am weak for cute baby tiger packaging and also I don't get to sheetmask with character masks often!

Claims and ingredients of the tiger mask. Forgot to put my credit on this photo.

My thoughts
Photo above is taken after application.
When I first took out the mask, it has a papery material which I thought, "shit, this isn't going to adhere well". The fitting looks small but it fits fine for my face. It doesn't stick well on my skin due to its material. Papery masks doesn't adhere well!!! Whats worser is that it has a plastic scent. The clear watery essence in the packet was however generous enough to slap onto my whole body, there was tonsssss and tonssss of it. I didn't keep on the mask for long, no more than 15mins if I remembered.

Noted effects? Moisturized, hydrated, soft and elastic skin, atleast the effects are good so I'm forgiving this mask, haha. Thank godness I have no breakouts the next day. It is a deceiving mask for me, the looks of it is cute, but it turned out meh. I won't purchase because I hate papery mask material in general.

Direct product link:

Mask selfie with tiger character mask~ look at how it doesn't stick well on the skin.

Thank you Skin18 for the package! I truly enjoyed my experience with trying out new skincare products always. Skin18 too often host international and US-based giveaways so make sure you are following them on Instagram at @skin18com and @skin18com_usa

Credited photos are mine. Links may contain affiliate links. If you do not want to contribute money to this blog then kindly refuse to use the link and search for the products on Skin18's website itself. I would be happy if you choose to purchase directly through my affiliate links as the small commission I receive will act as a donation to this blog. My thoughts and experiences are always honest and true. Whats work for me doesn't necessarily will work on other individual's skin.

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