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[REVIEW] Elizavecca Natural 90% Olive Cleansing Oil & 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask

Elizavecca is a Kbeauty brand that is known for their popular Milky Piggy Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask, Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask and Collagen Jella Pack. I found out about the brand because of those.

Elizavecca Carbonated Bubble Clay Mask. Photo credit: Memebox US

Elizavecca Hell-Pore Clean Up Mask. Photo credit: Amazon

Elizavecca Collagen Jella Pack. Photo Credit: Qiqiaowu

Sometime around April 2016, I received a PR package from Elizavecca that consists of their Milky-Wear Natural 90% Olive Cleansing Oil, a box of their 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask Pack and a Mermaid nail decal.

I actually did not know that Elizavecca makes cleansing oil and nail stickers too! The mermaid decal is so pretty, I love the packaging simply because of the little mermaid! and of course, sea friends like nemo and cute crabs! The cool thing is, it is a water decal nail wrap where you have to soak the nail into a water bowl then it will stick on your nails. I have yet to use them, I will share a pic of it on my Instagram when I am using it and I might show the application process in a separate blog post!

Elizavecca Natural 90% Olive Cleansing Oil

It comes in a big pretty box~ I love the greenish design.

Is that a bunny with a deer face? Who knows.....

"What it is

Show your skin some eco love with Elizavecca’s Natural 90% Olive Cleansing Oil. You got it right! This oil is made with 90% purely organic Olive oil - an ingredient jampacked with nutrients highly beneficial to your skin. It fully removes waterproof makeup and heavy base while giving your skin the freshness and mildness of olive oil. Worries about sensitive skin? No problem! This cleansing oil is specially formulated to be extra gentle to you skin.

How to use

Dispense 2 to 3 pumps of the cleansing oil onto your palm and gently massage onto the face until makeup is fully removed. Wipe off with soft tissue.


300ml" -MemeboxUSA

All natural, waterproof makeup remover and a generous size, oh how I adore the sound of it. I love how pump bottle packaging comes with a stopper.

I do not know if you guys can see it or not (because I am a bad photographer and have a bad lighting) but the details on the actual bottle looks pretty!

Olive Oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Tea Tree Oil, Sunflower Seed Oil, PEG-20 Glyceryl Tristearate, Squalene, Olive Oil PEG-7 Esters, BHT

I like how the ingredients list is simple and short. It contains various kinds of oils that are good to counter dry skin (Olive, Jojoba Seed, Avocado, Argan, Sunflower Seed) and troubled skin (Tea Tree Oil).

Expiry date of the product is located at the bottom of the bottle. It is stated that it expires on 16th September 2017. However the longevity period after opening is 12 months. With 300ml, I think I will finish it in about 4 to 6 months? Since I double cleanse in the morning (when I remembered and not lazy) and at night.

The consistency is median oily (not too thick, not too runny) and in light yellow color. The yellow color will appear darker if being dispensed on a cotton pad (because of the white color of it) ---- the color looked like the oil that you used for frying fish and chicken, haha. About the scent, of course, it has a slight olive oil scent that is not overpowering, I am okay with it.

Tryna get my hand as dirty as possible to show you guys the effectiveness of this cleansing oil. Swatches are contributed by my Nyx Stick Blusher in Orchid, MAC Chatterbox, Elf Cosmetics Cream Eyeliner, Etude House Surprise Liquid Concealer, a few of BH Cosmetics Enchanting Brown Eyes Eyeshadows and Creme Luxe lipstick in Toasted and my pigmented Clio Trio eyeshadow. My hand too was set with Avon Simply Pretty Powder Foundation and Nivea Replenishing After-Shave Balm in Originals as a primer. 

I dispensed the cleansing oil onto a cotton pad and gently removed the makeup by swiping~ Can't remember how many swipes I made to get it done but it effectively removes normal, waterproof and pigmented makeup, how amazing!

You can also dispense the cleansing oil on your bare hands and massage all over your face. I have yet to try this method.

Since it is oil based, an oily residue was sited on my skin but it was not too much, and it left my skin feeling moisturized. I do not like any oily feeling so I immediately carry on with washing my face. It removes eye makeup such as mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow on the actual eyes without any irritation feeling and stinging!

It removes effectively for lip and face makeup too. However, I feel like the cleansing oil is destroying my cotton pad when I am removing my face makeup, like I have to drag a bit forceful to get the foundation off my face. It just made the cotton pad looked poor. Despite this, it leaves my skin feeling clean.

At first, I was afraid to try out this product since it is oil-based and I have an oily acne-prone skin. Before I actually opened this, I bought an olive oil for removing my makeup and I broke out, I ended up using the olive oil for my hair ---- besides the olive oil was a bit thicker compared to Elizavecca olive cleansing oil, the previous olive oil left my skin with more oil, the scent was a bit perfumey too.. This olive cleansing oil does not break me out at all even after multiple uses! I am so pleased and thankful for this product, haha.

Pros +
- Removes any type of makeup effectively and gently
- Does not sting my eyes
- Leaves skin moisturized and clean
- Does not break me out

Cons -
- Does not leaves my skin feeling fresh, hence felt a bit oily
- Have to put in extra effort to remove face makeup

My rating

Will I recommend?
Yes, I personally think that it is suitable for all skin types especially for dry skin. If you do not like the after oily feeling then I am not recommending, as well as to those who are sensitive to olive oil.

Where to buy?
25,000₩ at Elizaveca (direct link)
USD 24 at Memebox

Will I purchase?
I might since it is gentle but I do not like how it destroyed my cotton pad when removing face makeup, so I am considering!

Elizavecca 24K Gold Waterdew Snail Mask Review

The mask comes in a box of 10 sheets. I super super looooveeeeee the reflective gold packaging (that is hard to photograph. Even the logo of a pig with a crown sat on a snail cannot be really seen in this photo). I felt so majestic owning this, haha.

Mainly contains 24k/colloidal gold, Witch hazel and grapefruit extract, Galactomyces and snail slime filtered water 1000ppm. Void of gelatin.

I used these masks last month (May 2016) for Soko 7-day mask challenge and heres what I can say about the results and conclusions of using these masks for 7 days straight;

- Fitting was oversized for me
- Mask remained damp even after 45mins, does not dry quickly
- Mask has a typical cotton texture and non-alcoholic scent
- Has clear almost watery essence
- A bit disappointed that it does not really contains gold bits
- Left my skin feeling softer, suppler
- Prevented pimple formation
- Moisturizing and hydrating, dries matte
- Does not break me out

May was also the month that got me hooked with sheetmasking daily. I really loved the results! It brightened my face a bit and leaves a nice glowy and healthy looking skin effect~

My rating:
4/5. -1 due to oversized fitting.

Fancy piles of gold sheets, anyone?

Where to purchase?
20,000₩ at Elizavecca (direct link) for a box of 10 sheets

Will I recommend?
Yes, its a good moisturizing mask

Will I repurchase?
I would but I hate oversized fitting, so I am considering

The sheetmask set comes with a gold bar-like box!!!

Thank you so much Elizavecca for providing me with your products! I enjoyed the experience with my first few Elizavecca products. I am somehow eyeing on their carbonated bubble clay mask since everyone else is using it! If you are interested in this brand check out their official website at and their Instagram @elizavecca_ their products are available to purchase at Jolse and Roseroseshop as well.

*Most of their collagen products contain pork placenta, while other of their products do not actually contain placenta despite being named as 'Milky Piggy' or having a picture of a pig.

Photos are all mine expected credited photos. Products were provided by Elizavecca for review purposes. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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