Sunday, May 8, 2016

From left to right;
1. Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss
2. Silkygirl Lip Gloss
3. Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara - REVIEWED
4. Etude House Surprise Liquid Concealer in Light Beige - did not actually empty this. I realized that I still have a little amount of this concealer when I swatched it, haha. So back to the makeup pouch it is! I will show you guys its swatch below anyway
5. Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PRD302 - REVIEWED. Etoinette is Etude's Princess collection, the packaging in the collection are all prettyyyyy
6. The Face Shop Single Shadow Matte in OR02 Joy Peach - REVIEWED

In total, I only emptied one makeup product, which is the Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara while the others are declutters.

Swatches from left to right;

1. The Face Shop Single Shadow Matte in OR02 Joy Peach
2. Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips in PRD302
3. Etude House Surprise Liquid Concealer in Light Beige
4. Silkygirl Lip Gloss
5. Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

Victoria's Secret Lip Gloss

I owned this for many years and finally have the courage to throw it out because it expires! I can't exactly remember when I got this, maybe in 2008?? Lip gloss is a must haves for every high school girls back then. I kept it for over 8 years now omg and I barely even use it. The reason why I kept it because its sweet scent remains! It has a sweet strawberry scent that we all like. I could still use it honestly but it became sticky...so I threw it away. Do VS still produce makeup products??

Silkygirl Lip Gloss

Can't remember the shade no. of this one but the color is coral. I threw it away because it makes my lips flaky especially in the center....not flaky dry but flaky wet. haha, I do not know how to explain. The coral and gloss turns out nicely though. Won't repurchase.

Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

I use this often to college and whenever I am going out to keep my brows in place. Clear gels somehow can get dirty when in contact with brow products, and I am annoyed by the dirtiness, haha. It is okay for the brows but after using it for quite some time on the eyelashes, it dries out and produce flakes? it got into my eyes sometimes and stings. and my eyelashes look like it holds snowflakes. meh. Won't repurchase.

Etude House Etoinette Crystal Shine Lips - in PRD302

This is my first red lipstick ever, which I bought with my own money last year. I used to work at a local Etude House store so I always use this lipstick to do my makeup. I was so obsessed with it so I decided to buy it. but after getting to know more and indulge in the lip makeup department for over a year, this lipstick becomes meh. how the color turns out is nice, moisturizing and whatsoever but like the Silkygirl lip gloss above, it produces wet flakes on my lips. The packaging is pretty, but I am strong person(haha) so I managed throw it out. Won't repurchase.......unless Etude reformulated it.

The Face Shop Single Shadow Matte in OR02 Joy Peach

This eyeshadow was great at first, its pigmentation was fine and applies smoothly. but suddenly it became chalky -_______- and the pigmentation slowly fades. I do not even know why. I closed the lid all the time, I barely even use it. Shuckssss. Won't repurchase unless TFS improved on its formula.

Do you guys own any of the products above? or have any products that you keep for many years and still do not have the heart to throw it out?^^

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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

HI EVERYONE! Finally I returned with a new blog post after abandoning my blog for like 3 weeks. I've been sooooo busy with mountains of assignments and often go to bed at 3AM, which makes my skin to become angry with me :(
Without further due, lets go ahead with my April 2016 empties. I am going to conclude my experiences with each and every products that I emptied.

Total of 10 empties. Starting from left to right;
(TOP): 1. Ultue I'm Sorry For My Skin Jelly Mask Pore Care - REVIEWED
2. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch - REVIEWED
3. A'PIEU Banana Hand Cream - REVIEWED
4. Guardian Aloe Vera Gel

(BOTTOM) 5. The Face Shop Green Grape Hand & Body Chiffon Cream
6. Clean & Clear Essentials Oil-Control Toner
7. Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion - REVIEWED
8. The Face Shop Soul Sweet Pleasure perfume
9. Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Antiperspirant Roll On
10. Vaseline Insta fair lotion

1. Ultrue I'm Sorry For My Skin - Pore Care

This is a sponsored product provided by @imine_skincare on Instagram. this jelly masks are quite famous in the Korea, it is pricing at 3000 each and 1500 during sales. Mine comes in a box of three so its price is 9000₩.

If you read my review on Instagram, I had a bad experience with it where my pores appear larger. Other reviewers seem to be liking the mask except for me :( I only used once and gave away one to my cousin and one to my man. However I do like their other types. if you want to know about them kindly check it out at iminemall.com

2. COSRX Acne Pimple Master Patch

Gosh, I love this. This is far by the most effective acne patches I have ever tried. The only con for me is that it is not entirely flat, so it is a bit embarrassing to go out with a circle patch on your face, but if you do not mind, why not! Will repurchase, its my number one acne patch now.

3. A'PIEU Banana Hand Cream

I love the sweet banana smell of this one eventhough it is not really moisturizing. Would repurchase only because of its smell, haha.

4. Guardian Aloe Vera Gel

This aloe vera gel is not really effective in soothing - takes a day for the irritated area to soothe. unlike some aloe vera gels, it can immediately soothe the irritated skin right after applying. This aloe gel by Guardian is stings my irritated patch too. I thought all aloe gels are gonna be gentle, this one is not. Won't repurchase, does not have an aloe scent too.

5. The Face Shop Green Grape Chiffon Cream

The smell of this is soooooo nice. It smells like grape-flavored sugus....the candy that I used to ate as a child. However, it is not that moisturizing, the scent does not last long too. So I probably won't repurchase.

6. Clean & Clear Oil Control Toner

At first I doubt this toner because it might not work well on me. I used clean & clear cleanser and moisturizer before but it made my skin oiler. This toner surprisingly does control the oil production on my face, it immediately made my skin softer and bouncy too. I love to tap tap my skin after using this toner. It smells like a mixture of sugar and alcohol. The only con is that it stings my eyes whenever I applied toner near my eye areas :( what a bummer. I won't repurchase because of that.

7. Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion

BEST foundation ever, not much words needed. but anyway, can anyone recommend me a cheaper cushion that can control oil, have a good coverage even with one layer and manage to cover flaws? I am sad to do this but I might have to get a cheaper cushion to replace my Laneige :( its just expensive for me at the moment ------ but worth my money though. And also, does anyone have experiences with The Saem Saemmul Oil Control Cushion? I am eyeing on this now.

8. The Face Shop Soul Sweet Pleasure Perfume

I bought this somewhere in 2013/2014 and only emptied it now, haha. It has somekind of sharp spices smell? The scent lasts for no more than hour or two. anyway, I won't repurchase. I am a sweet gal so I prefer flowery scent mwhehehe.

9.  Marks & Spencer Floral Collection Antiperspirant Roll On

I did not actually empty this, this is actually a declutter because it is not long lasting on me. I started to perspire while in school so...this roll on cannot hold the amount of perspiration that I am releasing, hope that makes sense. I never found a womans deodorant that is really long lasting. I've been using men deodorants now, it is long lasting and my armpits still smell good even after an apocalypse.

10. Vaseline insta fair lotion

Does not really whitens my skin but I like how hydrating this is. May or might not repurchase. It has a pink lotion color and smells like typical whitening products.

Soooo thats all for now! Now that my assignments are a bit eased ---- next due date is on 20th May, I might be active in blogging for some time :3 Thank you for reading xx

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