[REVIEW] MISSHA Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch

Sunday, March 27, 2016

I was just posting about my 4th Roseroseshop haul yesterday. if you guys haven't seen it, check out the post by clicking on the photo below!

Missha Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch Review

Product description:
Fade away those dark circles and restore elasticity!
The total care gel patch gives a firming and brightening effect.
Also hydrates and nourishes the eye area.

Other skincare products from the same line (Missha Speedy Solution) are Blemish Clear Patch, Nose Pore Cleaning Patch. Anti-Trouble Patch and Clearing Gel Eye Patch.

How to use:
After washing face, prepare skin with Toner.
Remove patch from film and apply onto under eye area.
Remove after 20-30 minutes.

Ceratonia Siliqua Gum
Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan)
Sodium Hyaluronate
Portulaca Oleracea Extract
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate
Potassium Hydroxide
Disodium EDTA
Castanea Sativa (Chestnut) Shell Extract
Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract

Information taken from Missha US website

There is only a pair of eye patches in the packet.

I did not store the eye patch in the fridge before using but it still feels cool! The surface of the new eye patches are smooth and a bit sticky. There is no scent to it.

The eye patches look kind of big, hahaha. The pink part is where you should place on your under eyes. The eye patch adheres efficiently so you do not have to worry about slipping. The white part has a paper texture and it is nothing.

I removed the eye patches after 20 ~ 30 minutes and the surface changed! You see from the above photo before application, the eye patch's surface is smooth. After application, the surface becomes like a rocky road (not really) but there are lots small bumps on the patches!

I did not take before and after photo of the application. I did not see any drastic changes in brightening effect but my under eyes feel moisturized, nourished and elastic. Not sure about the firming effect though but the results might come out different if being tested on mature eyes. I do not have dark circles so I cannot conclude the outcome for this too. My eye areas does not feel any discomfort while and after using the eye patches.

Pros +
• Under eye area feels moisturized, nourished and elastic
• Eye patches stick on under eyes efficiently without slipping

Cons -
• Not sure about other effects such as brightening and firming
• Other than that, theres seriously no cons!

My rating:
5/5 I love it!

Will I repurchase?

Will I recommend?
Definitely! I am curious whether it really does firm and brightens the eyes, so if you have tried it, share your story with me!

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[REVIEW + SWATCH] 4th Roseroseshop Haul (Nature Republic, LALA, Mizon, Missha)

Friday, March 25, 2016

Onto my 4th parcel from Roseroseshop, YEAY! and I actually have 2 more pending parcels from Roseroseshop hohohoh that site is bad for my money (but good for my skin).

I received 10 Neulii samples from my order, which are; 5 Tea Tree BHA Blemish Control Serum samples and 5 AHA Vita Brightening Serum samples. I will do a separate review post on these. Neulii is a newly launched cosmetics brand developed by Roseroseshop. Its my first time seeing a Korean beauty onlineshop that created their own cosmetics line. Congratulations!

Here are my actual orders(prices in USD);

1. Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask (50ml) tube type - $3.74 (Will do a separate review post on this too)

2. Missha Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch - $0.69 (separate review post coming soon)

3. LALA Eyeshadow Pigment & Cream Shadow in Demeter - $1.71

4. Nature Republic By Flower Auto Eyebrow in Brown - $4.82($2.41 x 2)

Sub-total: $10.96

Shipping Fee (K-Packet): $4.03

Total: $14.99

My order was shipped on 26th February 2016 from Korea and received on 21st March 2016 in Brunei.

LALA Eyeshadow Pigment & Cream Shadow in No.6 Demeter Review

I like the brand's logo. They used two different designs for the letter A (I have a thing for the letter A since my real middle and last name contains the letter A as the first letter). Its my first time trying out the Korean brand LALA. I guess it must be one of the rookie Korean cosmetic brands since I never heard of them.

The eyeshadow features a cap to close the loose eyeshadows tightly which is good to avoid spilling.

But still even with the cap, I am afraid to cause spilling.

Swatch of LALA Eyeshadow Pigment & Cream Shadow in Demeter. It is so pretty!!!!! I underestimated this product before because I could not find any reviews about it, so I assume it is not so popular. The eyeshadow may look like small rounded particles but it feels so soft when dissolved on the skin!!! theres no clumps in the eyeshadow too!!! It just dissolves beautifully, easily and sticks on well. A little goes a longgggggg way with this eyeshadow, so it will take while to finish the whole pot. The eyeshadow will only get clumpy if you layer alot. What I do not like about this type of eyeshadow is that it can get messy, and if you have fall outs on the cheeks, the eyeshadow will dissolve as soon as you swipe it out with your hands and you gave yourself a strobing/highlighter look. There are a total of 10 shades from LALA's eyeshadow line, I want to collect all of them hihihih lets make this brand famous for their amazing eyeshadows!!!!!
Overall, I am amazed.

Nature Republic By Flower Auto Eyebrow No.3 Brown Review

I like the texture of the auto eyebrow pencil's packaging. It feels so smooth, and I like the green color,

Swatches of Nature Republic By Flower Auto Eyebrow in Brown. The color is more towards light brown. The texture is smooth and glides easily. I have mixed feelings about the color. I have dark brows and wanted the color to look natural on my eyebrows. I hope it looks natural though (what are your thoughts?). I am trying to love the product. Since I bought 2, I might give away one of them if I fail to fall in love with it.

Nature Republic By Flower Auto Eyebrow in No.3 Brown on my eyebrows and LALA Eyeshadow Pigment & Cream Shadow in No.6 Demeter on my eyelids.

So thats all I can share about my 4th haul from Roseroseshop! Please look forward to my full reviews of the Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask and Missha Speedy Solution Firming Eye Patch!

Photos are all mine. This is not a sponsored post. Products were bought using my own money. my thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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[REVIEW] Laniege Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit (Laniege Water Sleeping Mask & Laniege Lip Sleeping Mask)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

That moment when you are struggling to take picture of the beautiful sunset while driving

I recently went to the local Laneige store to restock the foundation that works perfectly for my skin type, the Laneige's BB Cushion Pore Control in Natural Beige. I did a review on the BB Cushion HERE. I could not find a good and cheaper alternative of the foundation yet. (Please recommend whats good for oily skin!)

I was gifted with Laneige Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit with my purchase of the BB Cushion (BND51.90)

Laneige Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit Review

The packaging is cute with minimal design of reflective moon and stars

The Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit contains small bottle samples of Laneige Water Sleeping Mask(15ml) and Lip Sleeping Mask(3g). The amount is generous too!

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask Review

At first I thought the consistency will be thick due to its name 'Water Sleeping Mask' so I expected to be really hydrating. The actual consistency of the Water Sleeping Mask is creamy but light, smells a bit like water (does water even have a specific smell). It absorbs well on my skin with massage and makes my skin moisturized. It does not feel heavy on my skin. My skin feels softer the next day after hours of sleep! I only have a few experiences with Laneige products, all Laneige products that I've tried before suits with my skin and does not break me out. I thought that Laneige products won't break me out until I tried the Water Sleeping Mask. After the first night of putting on the sleeping mask, I saw zits on my left jawline in the morning >< I was so upset. I rarely have break outs at my jawline. During that time, I was still figuring out what caused the break out (contemplating between the chemically scent The Face Shop's Rice Real Nature Mask and sweet Nutella brownies that I ate during the day). I was not so sure so I decided to put on the sleeping mask on the second night. The next day, theres a new zit on the same area >< fuuuuuu~ I immediately figured out and stopped using the water sleeping mask. I gave it away to my cousin and hope it does great for her skin instead! The water sleeping mask suits all skin types but it does not work well on mine. Users of different skin types seem to be loving the water sleeping mask when I read the reviews.

My rating:
0/5. It makes my skin softer but it breaks me out ><

Will I repurchase?
Bloody no

Will I recommend?
Maybe, the product may not work on my skin but it might work on yours! Many reviewers like the water sleeping mask.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask Review

This lip mask smells like chewy strawberry candy! I love the scent. The consistency is like The Body Shop's Born Lippy lip balms, the lip mask is not sticky. The lip sleeping mask does not absorb into my lips fully, it stays on top of the lips, it makes my lips moisturized. It does not feel greasy but it is annoying when the sleeping mask transfers to my blanket when I pulled up my blanket. In the morning, theres dead skin on the lips due to the sleeping mask's effect. I scrapped away the dead skin with my lip scrub and washed them off. My lips feel softer that I cannot stop touching them! However, the effect only last for awhile. After showering, my lips go back to its normal state. I keep on using the lip sleeping mask every night. I personally think that it can work as a day lip balm as well if you have chapped lips/extremely dry lips. A little goes a long way with this product!

My rating:
4/5. -1 because the product does not seem special to me.

Will I repurchase?
No, I am still comfortable with just using stick lip balms to moisturize my lips

Will I recommend?
Yes! The scent is like strawberry candy and it makes your lips softer.

Do you guys love Laneige Goodnight Sleeping Care Kit?♥

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[REVIEW] Dirty Works Beauty Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Programming is not my thing. Programming is my weakness. I will be stressed every Tuesday because of Java Programming. I will be stressed out more when assignments for Java Programming are being released. Help me please.

Dirty Works Beauty Stay Cool Cucumber Eye Pads Review

My first trial product from Dirty Works Beauty is their stay cool cucumber eye pads. Just in case if you have not heard of the brand, heres a brief introduction:

"We've had a full body makeover
A British brand, born and bred, Dirty Works loves to create sophisticated and fun beauty products to brighten up any regime; from sensational skincare to beautiful bodycare, some very divine smelling bathing products and oodles of accessories! We have gone through many face lifts over the years, but we think this one is our best ever, with a brand new signature scent and a fresh, classy appearance. We hope you will enjoy it just as much as we do!"

Extract above is taken from www.dirtyworksbeauty.com

An aisle at Paloma, The Mall, Brunei for Dirty Work Beauty products. I just LOVE their pretty and girly packaging.

Stay Cool
Pre-moistened with soothing Cucumber & Aloe Vera

10 Pairs : £4

Tired eyes? Long day? We have the perfect answer! With cooling Cucumber Extract and soothing Aloe Vera, these pre-moistened eye pads are the ultimate remedy to relieve and rejuvenate those peepers that have fallen victim to puffiness and dark circles.


Make sure the eye area is free from any traces of make-up. Remove contact lenses before use. Place a pad on each closed eye for 2-5 minutes. For an even more cooling treat - place eye pads in fridge for 15 minutes before use.


Water/Aqua, Butylene Glycol, Glyceryl Polymethacrylate, Propylene Glycol, Cucumis Sativus Fruit Extract, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract, Diglycerin, Carbomer, Sodium Hyaluronate, Fragrance/Parfum, Triethanolamine, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Methylisothiazolinone, Benzyl Salicylate.

The cucumber eye pads are artificial (obviously). Each sachet comes with a pair of cucumber eye pads that are being soaked in an essence.

The cucumber pads are cute! They were cut thinly and has a light cucumber scent. I let the cucumber pads sit on my eyes for about 15 minutes (more than the instructed time because I did not read the instructions ha). I literally cannot see anything through the eye pads, it is almost opaque. The eye pads are a great treatment if you want to let your eyes rest for a couple of minutes.

My eyes right after taking off the eye pads. Essence still not absorbed.

My eye area after the essence is fully absorbed. The eye pads make my eye area moisturized, refreshed and makes the area feeling soft that I cannot stop my fingers from touching them. The effect however only lasts overnight. My eye areas are feeling normal the next day.
I cannot assure whether the eye pads reduce puffiness and dark circles since my eyes did not experience those problems.

I actually suffered some slight side effects while wearing the eye pads. Since I put them on my eyes for more than the required time (2 to 5 mins), my eyes felt a bit uncomfortable. I decided to take off the eye pads after the uncomfortable feeling started.

The eye pads are fun. Theres no weird development around my eye area after using. Putting actual cucumber slices on the eyes is better because it is 100% natural ^^ and will give the same effects too!

Pros +
• Moisturizes, freshens and soothes the eye area

Cons -
• Gives uncomfortable feeling to the eyes if the eye pads are placed on the eyes for long
• Artificial cucumber eye pads. People who likes original cucumber eye pads might not like this
• Short term effects

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
No, natural cucumber is better

Will I recommend?
Yes, it is a fun product for pampering!

Have you tried any of Dirty Works Beauty products? Are they worth it? I do not know how popular the product is so I am curious! Comment down below your experience with their products :)

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Photos are all mine. Product was given to me by my cousin. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

PSSSSTTTT, I might be holding a mini giveaway soon. Yay or nay??

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[REVIEW] Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam Review

The Beauty Breakdown (Youtuber) said many times in her videos that Innisfree's Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam is the best face wash ever for her. I got excited to try out the face wash after hearing that from my favorite Youtuber.
The look of the face wash is just simple with minimal design of the Jeju Volcano clusters.
I got mine in 150ml. The biggest size available for the foam wash is 300ml. 150ml would last me for a few months, what more the 300ml version! This product must have been so popular that Innisfree manufactured a bigger size. What more is that this face wash is the 4th bestselling product of Innisfree IN THE WORLD.
This face wash contains clusters of Jeju Volcanic to attach to sebum(?) and purify pores. Instructions and ingredients are listed above as well.
The face wash has a white thick texture, smells like foam wash (HAHA I do not know how to describe the smell but the scent is not unpleasant. It smells just like any other clay foam cleansers but light) and the tiny orange bits are the Jeju Volcanic clusters.
The texture can be dissolved easily
The foam lathers easily and alot too even if you only take a pea-sized amount. So its cost-effective!

My experience:
This face wash literally cleanse every dirt, impurities and makeup on my face after a single wash. Pore cleansing foams are known to have a deep cleansing action. The Jeju Volcanic clutters dissolved when foam is being lathered, so there is no scrubbing nor exfoliating feeling. My face is clean after using but it does not leave the skin feeling squeaky clean, just normally feeling clean, but still clean (haha). This face wash is a great product to discard any bad things on the skin's surface. My face does not feel oily and does not break out after using it. However, as for me, there are a few of its downside. Since the face wash specializes in removing excess sebum and purifying the pores only, the face wash, however, does not control development of acne and minimize pores. As a person with acne-prone skin type, I have a like-dislike relationship with this product. I want a face wash that cleanse the skin and at the same time, prevents pimples.

Pros +
• Thoroughly cleanse the face after a single wash
• Foam lathers easily even with small amount so its cost-effective and may take awhile to empty the bottle
• Reduces excess sebum
• Purifies the pores

Cons -
• Does not prevent pimples
• Does not minimizes pores

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
Sadly, no. However I am eyeing on Innisfree's Bija Trouble Facial Foam that specializes for troubled skin

Will I recommend?
Yes, I personally think that the face wash suits all skin types except for excessively dry skin. The face does gets a bit dry after washing with it.

You can choose to purchase Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam directly through Innisfree (www.innisfreeworld.com) or W2beauty

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[REVIEW] COSRX Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Are there any of my readers that are good with Knowledge-Based Systems and Java Programming? I just started learning those in my current semester and never learned those subjects before, so its kind of tough for me to understand them sufficiently in class :| can someone kind enough to provide me a few/some useful tips on how to memorize/learn Knowledge-Based Systems and Java easily? I really need to work hard to get through this semester.

COSRX Blackhead and Pore Zero Patch Review

I got this as a sample from my 3rd Roseroseshop haul (haul post HERE). It is a 2-step product where first you apply the nose strip and then use the pore tightening serum (step 2) to tighten pores on the nose area. These Blackhead and Pore Zero patches instantly remove blackheads, whiteheads and unclog pores while tightening and cleansing in just 15 mins. This product is a best selling item amongst Korea beauty celeb, as stated on the sticker. Benefits of using this blackhead and pore zero patch are;
• Blackhead remove
• Shrink Large Pores
• whitehead remove
• reduce excess sebum
Instruction to be emphasized: the patch should be removed while it is still moist (which I did not adhere to because careless me did not read the instructions prior to using the nose patch and because I am used to how normal nose patches work).
My bare nose after cleansing my face with Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and ready to use the nose patch
I cut open step 1 and theres like 2 nose strips (not sure if it is separated from a single nose strip or theres actually two nose strips, but whatever, I gave one to my cousin for her to try it out). The nose strip is originally soaked in a special liquid that is provided in the packet itself. I thought I would need to wet my nose beforehand because thats how we apply normal nose strips. Scent was not detected so it was pleasant putting them on the nose. I did not realize any tightening sensation while wearing.
I waited until the nose strip to be fully dried before carrying out step 2. The nose strip turned into a cotton texture when it is dried. I did not notice any signs of residues on the nose strip from my nose.
My nose after using the nose patch. There are a few cotton stuck on my nose. I feel like my pores are opened and there are visible black spots. I cleaned my nose using a toner on a cotton pad, theres no residues or anything from my nose on the cotton pad. Then I carried on with applying the pore tightening serum for step 2.
It says it will tighten the pores for 15 seconds
The texture of the serum is liquid-y and theres no scent to it. I applied the serum on my whole face because I want the pores at other parts of my face to be tightened too. The serum took awhile to be fully absorbed on the skin
15 seconds has passed and I don't think the serum tightens the pores on my nose and other parts of my face. The area above my left eyebrow got irritated and broke out the next day ><

Pros +
• errrr, nothing?

Cons -
• it does not removes blackhead and whitehead
• does not tightens pores
• breaks out my skin

My final thoughts;
The whole nose patch and pore tightening serum routine does not do anything to my nose and pores. Maybe the effect of the patch will react differently if I did not leave on the nose strip until it dried. Regarding reducing excess sebum, I am not sure either since my nose were clean and not oily before using the nose patch. COSRX, are you sure that your blackhead patch is the hot selling item among Korean beauty celebs?

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
No, I am just going to stick to normal nose patches as for now

Will I recommend?
Maybe, I wonder how it will work on other people. Has any of you tried this product before? Let me know about your experience in the comment section below!

Photos are all mine. This is not a sponsored post. product was given to me as a sample from my purchase from roseroseshop. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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