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[REVIEW] The Faceshop Designing Eyebrow Pencil 03 Brown

Hi, lovelies! Its Finn. My semester break will be ending in roughly a week...I am so not looking forward to going back to college. I do not want this holiday to end :(

The Faceshop Designing Eyebrow Pencil 03 Brown Review

I bought this eyebrow pencil at a local TFS store for BND8. I personally think that the price is expensive because in the Korea, this thing would only cost BND4. Oh well, cosmetics are expensive here anyway hahahaha. Previously I tried another eyebrow pencil from TFS, which is an eyebrow pencil from their Lovely Me:ex line in dark brown and the color turned out so dark on my eyebrows and looked hilarious.

The eyebrow pencil features a built in spoolie brush and the eyebrow pencil itself at the other end. I am not so sure about the ingredients in this one since theres no information about it.

I did not know how to use this kind of auto eyebrow pencil before. But since I practiced how to do my eyebrows frequently, I developed my love for auto eyebrow pencils with square leads, yeay!
The eyebrow pencil features a twist application to jut out the lead.

Here are the swatches of the eyebrow pencil. I like how it turned out lightly and not dark. The color will turn out softly on the eyebrows too, making the eyebrows not looking harsh. I have no problem in gliding the eyebrow pencil so it is easy to draw. You can even build up the kind of volume that you want. If you want dark brown, you can just simply draw simultaneously. The color will turn into dark brown eventually.

Lets put on a test to it! I put on makeup on my face without drawing my eyebrow because I wanted to show you guys how I operate TFS eyebrow pencil on my brows. I have uneven eyebrow volume where my left eyebrow has less hair than the right one. It is hard for me to draw on the left one sometimes.

And there you go, the result after drawing my eyebrow with the eyebrow pencil! When I do my eyebrows, I first brush my eyebrows using a spoolie brush according to the direction of hair growth. Then I started with drawing a line and a bit of an arch, then I square up the front of my brows to achieve a straight looking eyebrows.
I love the eyebrow pencil. It is so easy to use! I did mine in just 4 simple steps;
1) Brushing my eyebrow with a spoolie
2) Draw a straight line on top and bottom of my brows, not forgetting an arch
3) Lightly draw them in
4) Even out the color by brushing the eyebrows with a spoolie once again and I'm done!
If you made mistake with drawing, you can easily clean the error by using your finger. I like to style my eyebrows lightly and softly. I am not into the 'on fleek' kind of eyebrows since it may look harsh on me.

Here is an upclose photo. You can easily achieve a neat look for your eyebrows using the pencil. It is easy to make a straight line too because of the eyebrow pencil's straight and square shape.

Let me quickly note down the pros and cons of the eyebrow pencil.

Pros +
♡ The eyebrow pencil turns out lightly
♡ Suitable if you want soft looking eyebrows
♡ Can easily draw a straight line considering of its shape
♡ If you like Korean straight eyebrows, you can achieve them by using this kind of eyebrow pencil
♡ Build-able color
♡ Comes with a spoolie brush
♡ Easy to erase
♡ Stays on for quite sometime

Cons -
♡ Kind of pricey, BND8 for one stick

TIP: I have a hack on how to get your eyebrow hair to grow fast! I am not sure if this method will work on everyone but it works on me. If you want your eyebrow hair to grow quickly, just massage the eyebrow area with a natural coconut oil until it is absorbed. Do this every night before sleep, let the coconut oil stay overnight, and wash your face normally in the morning. I do this for a few days ( at that time, I upset my left brow for trimming it incorrectly) and my eyebrow hair have grown fast!!! My eyebrow is the type to grow fully in just 3 weeks to a month. So just try it out on your eyebrows and see the outcome^^

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
Yes, alot of them!

Photos are all mine, taken using my phone camera Samsung S4. This isn't a sponsored post, product were bought using my own money. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

If you are looking for an auto eyebrow pencil with a low price and want to achieve the straight Korean eyebrows, check out W2Beauty! They have alot of choices to choose from. Not to forget, they ship WOLRDWIDE for FREE! You only have to pay an additional $2.50 for tracking number.
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