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[REVIEW] Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion

Bifesta, never heard of the brand until now.
Bifesta is a Japanese skincare brand that specializes in only CLEANSING. Talk about specialty.
The quoted contexts in this post are taken from the official Bifesta website.

Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion

Here are what the cleansing lotion claims to deliver;

"The double moisturizing/cleansing ingredients gently and quickly “float” and envelop oil-based makeup, removing it along with dullness-causing dead skin cells, while keeping the skin moisturized. Gently wipe off with cotton to remove even the thickest eye makeup, foundation trapped in pores, and dullness, without rubbing the skin. Translucent skin after each use..."

"Use this single bottle of cleansing water containing skin lotion ingredients for everything from makeup removal to skin care. No need for rinsing.
Wipe with moistened cotton.
Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid for beautiful translucent skin."

"Cleansing Water is especially convenient when....
- You come home late and want to rapidly remove makeup before going to bed.
- You want to remove makeup without using a washbasin.
- You want to retouch your makeup in small areas by using moistened cotton swabs.
- You want to remove sunscreen.
- You want to quickly cleanse and tone up your skin on a busy morning."

Wow, so its not just any ordinary cleansing water, huh? I am glad that I picked up the product!
I picked up the product while I was at Kuching on December of last year(I will link down the links below if you want to read about my adventures at Kuching). I am still on a mission on looking for the perfect makeup remover for my skin. At first, I thought that I bought a Biore cleansing water. Only to find out now that the brand that I bought isn't Biore, its Bifesta. It is confusing me since I seen Japanese texts on the product!

The original price was RM34.90. I got it for only RM28 or RM24 if I am not mistaken. The male sales manager from Sasa was promoting the product to me, I am on a hunt for the perfect makeup remover so I wanted to try this one out. The cleansing water is an ALL in one makeup remover where it can remove your face, eye and lip makeup.

Here is a close up picture of the details, instructions and ingredients of the product on its box.

Another close up photo. The manufacturing date of the product is dated on July 2015.

There were only two options available for the cleansing lotion, which are targeted for dry skin and combination skin only. I picked up the one for combination skin. The product comes with a packet of cotton pad too. Anyway, the Bright Up version claims to remove melanin cells and dirt trapped in pores. It is a cleaning pore type.

"Containing moisturizing Vitamin C and lactic acid (a type of AHA)
For translucent skin

*1 Dead skin cells containing melanin
*2 Skin appears darkened when pores are clogged with dirt

Containing moisturizing/cleansing ingredients

Containing moisturizing Vitamin C*
Containing lactic acid (dead cell softener)
Containing adsorptive hyaluronic acid (moisturizer)

* Bis-glyceryl ascorbate

Anti-acne formula (non-comedogenic tested)
* This does not guarantee that the product will not cause acne to any user." - I like how honest the brand is with this one. Haha.

Though the sticker on the bottle says that it is suitable for combination skin, I personally think the product can suit oily skin types too since the cleansing water cleanses the pores. Their other cleansing lotion are the Moist(for dry skin) and Enrich(for aging skin) version.

Theres English description, instruction and ingredients on the product itself.

Close up photo of the description. The texts are just the same from its box.

The bottle is made out of plastic with gold texts on it with pretty white flower design. This product is a good value for a 300ml worth.

I find the flowery design pretty!!

Japanese instructions are printed on the bottle.

Theres a stopper at the pump part where you can take out the stopper to pump out the cleansing water. I've been using the product a multiple times already and sometimes I forgot to take off the stopper and wondering why is the pump not working *silly me*

The stopper is easily removed too.

The pump works just fine, no need alot of pressure in pumping it.

The texture: funny how it is called 'cleansing lotion' when it actually does not have a lotion consistency. It has a watery consistency instead. But for your information, most Japanese products, usually their toners are labelled as 'lotion' though they have a water consistency. Toners are 'lotions' in the Japanese skincare world. So do not get confused next time when you are buying Japanese skincare products!
Anyway, you only require about 3 pumps, then you are good to cleanse your makeup face. 1 pump is enough to remove lip makeup or one eye(if your makeup is heavy. If it is not heavy, then 1 pump is enough to cleanse both eyes).

The scent: oh God, at first, I was overwhelmed by the scent. It smelled something like I've smelled before...I do not know how to describe the scent, it is nothing like flowery or fruity kind of scent, but a bit chemical/alcohol-ish?. The scent was strong and unpleasant at first. But later I got used to the scent so I am not intimidated by it anymore.

My makeup face for experimenting how effective the cleansing water is. Don't my bangs look long and annoying?

This is the result after taking off my makeup using Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion. The real sequence is from right to left, where I take off my lipstick first. This cleansing water wows me because I've never experienced something like it before! My lipstick were removed easily, it glides on gently too and my lips does not feel pressured. Most makeup removers that I have tried was like scrapping away the skin of my lips...which is harsh. This cleansing water does not do that.

The second step was removing my eye makeup. I like how my eyebrow makeup comes off easily, my waterproof mascara comes off easily too. The cleansing water is gentle to the eyes too, because I do not experience any stinging sensation when the cleansing water get in contact with my eye. Again, I never experience this kind of 'easy removing' with any makeup remover. Amazing~ Then yeah, my face is makeup free after using 5 cotton pads.

Its the walking dead!!!!
There you go, my bare face.

My face feels clean after removing my makeup with Bifesta Bright Up Cleansing Lotion. It is stated that you do not need to cleanse your face again with face wash if you are lazy. But I prefer not to do that though I feel like there is no remaining makeup on my face. The cleansing lotion does not make my skin dehydrated, thus, it makes my skin feel fresh and hydrated. Unfortunately, my skin developed small pimples after using the makeup remover. How sad :( Everything was perfect but it broke me out.

Pros +
♢Removes makeup thoroughly
♢Gentle on the skin, eye and lips
♢Good price for 300ml worth
♢Skin feels clean, hydrated and fresh after makeup is removed

Cons -
♢Scent is a bit unpleasant
♢Not travel friendly since it is a big bottle made out of plastic(may leak)
♢Makes my skin broke out

Will I repurchase?
 The makeup remover is so refreshing, gentle and so good on the skin, sadly, the makeup remover does not suit my skin since it broke me out. I will look for a better makeup remover. So the mission to find the perfect makeup remover goes on *sighs*

Has anyone tried any Bifesta products? Comment down below and share your experiences with me! :)

My rating:

*****22nd February 2016 UPDATE*****

Bifesta's cotton pad that comes with the makeup remover is dirty and disgusting!

As you can see, theres like dirts on the cotton pad. and theres alot of it in real life. I actually noticed it at first but did not bother to really look at it until I need to open a new packet of cotton pad...

It looks like scattered broken pieces of insects omgggg. The 'dirt' looked like insect in reality

Its disgusting, really. I throw away all of the cotton pad. Now I don't think I want to get any of Bifesta cotton pad anymore ><

Photos are all taken my me. My thoughts and experience are all true and honest. Product were bought using my own money.

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  1. It's unbleach and untreated cotton, all natural. It's not bug residu, it's from the cotton seed. Pity you throw it, should research first before dump it. That kind of cotton actually more expensive than white one.


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