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[REVIEW] Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner, Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence, 3W Clinic Snail Mucus Sleeping Mask


May everyone have a blissful celebration!

Again, this will be somekind of an overdue review because I got this product around November 2015 and the mentioned products were from my second Roseroseshop purchase, where you can read about it by clicking the link below;
But anyway, I didn't try half of products immediately because I was waiting for my old skincare products to finish. I finally have the chance to try them out at the beginning of 2016. Been a month since their usage now, so I can safely conclude their effectiveness according to observation and experiences. Do keep in mind that the product prices are taken from Roseroseshop in US Dollar, prices may vary on different k-beauty onlinestores. So lets get started with the first product!

Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner

The product holds 248ml costing of only $2.95 The packaging is made of plastic, so its not too heavy. It is good that the bottle is wrapped with a plastic, but I think that it is still unsafe to prevent leaking during shipment. Nothing special about the packaging though. The wordings on the green label can't be really seen because it is small and cursive. The product suits all skin types. The toner claims to;
1. Aloe extract constant moisturizes dry skin
2. Aloe water moisturizes skin and keep skin moisturized for a long time
3. Helping skin to be soothed
Context taken from here
Back packaging of the product are all written in Korean and I could not understand a single thing. Theres possibly/not no mention of the toner's ingredients on the packaging.
The expiry date is located at the bottom of the packaging. Here it is dated on 17th March 2018.
The texture is watery and clear, no scent is detected. I know this is the most wasteful way of using a toner but I like the classic way of applying toner, which is dabbing the toner into a cotton pad and swipe them all over my face and neck. I just want to cleanse my face thoroughly and let the toner grab potential residues that is possibly still lying on my face even after cleansing.
I don't know if you guys can see but the cotton pad grabbed a few yellow dirt on my face. I did not remember wearing any makeup during the day, probably because I was doing some deep frying in the kitchen? I don't know. But the toner is does a good job in grabbing dirts and makeup residues.
Been using the toner for a month for day and night and it seems like I've only used almost half of the bottle. The toner may last me about 2 and a half months. Here are what the toner does to my skin;

1. It moisturizes my skin immediately without any discomfort feeling! Though after a couple of minutes, my skin feels dry and need to apply essence(my next skincare step) asap. I have this habit of not doing my skincare routine all at once, ya get me? Like first I tend to use toner and after a couple of minutes, I continue with applying essence and gel/cream(last skincare step)

2. The soothing capability is real! It soothes small pimples and swollen pores...I often dab the toner onto a cotton pad and let it stay on my skin for a few minutes, like a 3-minute face mask!

3. I loveeeee the after-feeling of using the toner. My skin feels smooth and fresh. The toner does not give me breakouts too.

4. As mentioned above, the toner grabs residues well, with a help of a cotton pad.

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
Ofcourse! Asian-Australian Youtuber, Wengie uses this toner too! The toner is perfect for all skin types, especially sensitive skin since the toner delivers soothing capabilities.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

The bottle holds 150ml of the essence. The bottle is in somekind of frosty glass packaging, which is heavy and fragile. The essence costs $8.15. I was sooooo excited to try out this one since the reviews are good! As I mentioned before, this product was said to be a dupe for SK-II treatment essence.
Ingredients list for the essence.
Expiry date of the product is dated at the bottom of the bottle. Here it is dated 8th December 2017.
You will get a sealed bottle when the product is new and never used.
This is the opening after taking out the seal. It is easy to dispense and control the amount of product you want. The essence however does not easily spill out unless you shake it.
The texture of the essence is watery and has no scent. I use essence after toner. I usually dispense the essence on my hands, spread them on my face and tap them for absorption. The essence absorbs fast on the skin and moisturizes the skin immediately without feeling greasy and making the skin feel soft, supple, fresh and clean. Since the first use, it really clears out blemishes by acne, old acne scars and brightens the skin! I looooveeeee what the essence did to my skin. It does not break me out too. I feel that my skincare game has changed since I started using this! Its only a month since I frequently use the essence for day and night but the amount of the product doesn't seem to decrease! The water level is still at the top (actually it decrease A VERY BIT) but yeah, it still seems like it is never been used. I must say this essence will lang me a long time, probably almost a year.

My rating:

Will I repurchase?
Ofcourse! My skin has become clearer since I used the essence. I feel that the essence prevents breakouts during normal days, however, it does not fight over pre-period breakouts.

3W Clinic Snail Mucus Sleeping Mask

The sleeping mask comes with a box. It claims to make the skin healthy and elastic while sleeping. The sleeping mask holds 100ml of the product, suits all skin types and costs $3.00. I use this for my night routine, as the very last step of skincare (second last when I don't need to apply pimple treatment).
Anyway, I love the packaging. It may be simple and cheap but the design of the box and tub itself makes it feel like I paid more than the usual price.
Description, instructions and ingredients of the sleeping mask. I have no idea why Samsung is featured on the box.
You will find a mini leaflet inside the box.
The leaflet displays the descriptions, instructions and ingredients of the products in Korean, English and Chinese.
It was upsetting that the sleeping mask does not come with a spatula for hygiene purposes, but I am glad that I kept a spare spatula that is supposed to be used to scoop out contact lens (I neverrrr use the spatula though, so its safe) I twisted the tub to reveal the sleeping mask, which is in cloudy gel form(it becomes clear when it is not accumulated) and has a distinctive clinic-y scent but pleasant. I love the clinic-y scent that 3W Clinic products give out (only tried 2 products from the brand so far, so far so good).
On the very last step of skincare and before going to bed, I grabbed my spatula, spread them onto my palms and massaged them on my face until it absorbs into my skin. The gel absorbs on its own too even without massaging. When being absorbed, it doesn't make the skin feel greasy, but somehow feels a bit sticky. I've been using the sleeping mask for almost every night now for a month, and I think that it does make my skin healthy and moisturized but I am not sure about the elasticity effect, probably because I am still young and my skin does not need the elastic benefits yet. Some nights I applied the gel twice before bedtime because I want to finish the product early, so I can get myself a new replacement for my night routine. Eventhough I applied twice, the gel does not make my skin feel greasy at all. Hence, all of the gel just penetrates into my skin well. I even applied the gel on my eyes because I wanted to finish the product fast. My eye area does not have any problem with the gel.
When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels just normal. Most sleeping masks make the skin feel soft and supple in the morning, but this product does not give that kind of effect.
The reason I bought this sleeping mask because since snail ingredient is popular to repair the skin, and I need to repair post acne marks, but sadly, this product does not provide that. I have oily skin and the sleeping mask is good for me anyway since it is in gel form and the moisture it provides isn't overpowering. For dry skin, I think they need to top off with a cream or lotion to provide more moisture for the night.

My rating:
It is a good product actually, but I am looking for a better sleeping mask/cream/gel that can repair my skin.

Will I repurchase?
Nah. I am eyeing on a different product now for my last step of skincare routine.

The remaining 2 products from my second roseroseshop will be reviewed sooner! They are the A'pieu nonco tea tree spot patch and Mizon water volume EX cream sample. Stay tuned!

Photos are all taken by me using my phone, Samsung S4. Thoughts and reviews are honest and from my true experience. Products were bought using my own money.

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