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BOOK REVIEW: The Martian, Alex Cross, The Hobbit, The Rescue

I freakin LOVE BOOKS. Books is life.

In this post, I am going to do short reviews about the books that I recently read. They are;

1. Alex Cross Book Series by James Patterson

2. The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

3. The Martian by Andy Weir

4. The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks


Alex Cross Series by James Patterson

Book 1: Double Cross

Review: To be honest, I am quite confused with the number of murder cases in this book. I also feel the need for the author to clarify about the history of the murderers why they killed the person(especially the first killer in the book, the one that threw a woman out of the balcony) at the first place....I always need explanation, so I have a clear view about things. I waited until I finished the book, hoping that there will be some explanation but there isn't. Maybe the author like to keep things that way.
I always also kind of feel shocked + emotional when Kyle Craig shot his mom ;~; I am somehow pissed how the detective is slow in figuring out things, so it leads to continuous murder cases. I know the story isn't fantasy, so the reality check is real on this one.
My rating for Double Cross:

Book 2: Cross Country

Review: I feel scared when I read the first few chapters of the book. The crime scene is just so gruesome. I have a weak heart and I read it during the night, I feel scared and feel like wanting to have someone to sleep with. Haha, such a baby, I know. I've calmed down after the gruesome chapters are over.
About Mr. Cross in this book...if its a real life situation, he won't be able to survive after being tortured. But this is fiction, so everyone gets to live lol.
My rating for Cross Country:

Book 3: I, Alex Cross

Review: the episodes in this book are a bit sensual, since it is about a murder case relating to a club. There is also an unexpected turn in the end about who the real murderer is, which is quite interesting. I also like the happy ending in the end, where Alex Cross got proposed to the love of his love ^I am a sucker for happy endings^. Craig x Cross issues aren't over yet. Kyle Craig made a comeback to Alex Cross's life, which will be told more in the forth book, I think the 4th book is called Cross Fire.
My review for I, Alex Cross:

Alex Cross book series is an intense story about serial killers. It is thrilling and exciting. If you like detective and murder stuffs, you might want to give this book a try. I don't think I will be continuing reading the 4th book of the series since I am impatient and pissed when the detective is slow is figuring things out(sorry!). You have to be patient when reading this book series.

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The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien

Review: ***I am going to talk about the movie first*** I watched the Hobbit movie trilogy first before actually reading the book. Oh God, the Hobbit movies are the best movie trilogies ever! I am so attached to the hobbit since the first movie. Since then, I cannot wait for every December for the next movie sequel to be released. Now that the Hobbit movie trilogy has finished, I have no movies to look forward to every December(Hobbit movie releases are always on December). I feel sad when the movie ended. I bawled my eyes out during the 3rd movie (especially when Thorin died while fighting the Azorg(sp?) the org and when Thorin said his last words to Bilbo Baggins...Oh God, remembering the scene made me emotional. I also cried when Kili died. I was so attached(maybe still attached now) to their adventures since the very beginning and sad that it came to an is like an adventure that I cannot bit my farewell. I could not move on for days when the movie trilogy ended. So at home I cried and cried whenever I listen to the Hobbit theme song and the song that played when the 3rd movie: Battle of Five Armies ended. I love Bilbo, I love Thorin, I love everything about the Hobbit, it was an honor to share the journey with Thorin and company.
I had a 9-hour marathon of watching the Hobbit recently. I think that I will never get tired of the Hobbit, ever. Kudos to Peter Jackson for producing such mesmerizing movies. Here are the music that made me emotional til now(maybe less):

The Hobbit, The Shire theme song.
I want to live here.
The Last Goodbye by Billy Boyd

Now lets talk about the book review. J.R.R. Tolkien, though I've only read one of his books, I already feel that he is one of my favorite authors ever. His literature is beyond brilliant. Tolkien writes amazing adventures, everything about his literature is smart and out of this world. You will meet a dragon, trolls, orgs, mankind, dwarfs, hobbit etc throughout the adventure. If you love indulging yourself into fantasy adventures, you will definitely love the Hobbit and as well as Tolkien's other books. My wishlist is to read Lord of The Rings trilogy now, wish I can my hands on them soon. If you want to get your hands on the Hobbit now, get them quickly here, THE HOBBIT. This book is HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
My rating for the Hobbit:

The Martian by Andy Weir

Review: the book is contains mostly about geeky science, chemistry stuff and ofcourse, outer-space stuff. If you want to know how it feels like being stranded in Mars, read this book. I feel smart while reading this book, it somehow gives me education about science, mathematics and a bit of computer things so, I like the feeling of being smart. Haha. The main character of the book is funny too, amazing how he can still have time for humor despite living in Mars alone. I watched the movie after finished reading the book, the movie was just okay. I feel that the movie acts quickly than the book. ofcourse, the book is more detailed. I find it cute how the astronaut plant potatoes on Mars, and felt sad when his potatoes were blazed by fire :(
I am selling this book too, so check out my minishop!(links below)
Here is the direct link to the Martian book-----> THE MARTIAN
My rating for The Martian:

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks

Review: I just finished reading this last night and HANDS DOWN TO ONE OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL STORIES I HAVE EVER READ. Nicholas Sparks books are mostly beautiful, seriously. Sparks never fail to interweave the 'love' feeling inside of me. Reading Spark's books always make me feel to lower down my self-pride and be the sweet person that I am *cringes*.
FATE plays a strong aspect in every Nicholas Sparks's stories. Starting off with a bumpy meeting, Denise could not find her son until a man AKA the rescuer founded her son. Later, they developed a relationship blablabla and in the end..oh my, the ending got me feeling so 'awwww'. I do not want to spoil much here. it is a story that will make you go 'awww' in the end. The Rescue MUST be made into a movie!!!!
Okay so lemme spill the beans a bit, there was an issue in the middle of their relationship, but if something is meant to be, the issue will always be solved and fate has it, couples that are meant to be together will always find a way back to each other, no matter how far they wander. Does not matter about tough rides during the relationship, in the end, true love can get through it.
So its like that.
I also feel devastated when Mitch died. There was an unexpected event that goes like, "what if that was the last conversation you had with someone?"
If you want to know what I am talking about, get the book directly here--->The Rescue
My rating for The Rescue:

Has anyone read the books that I mentioned above? lemme know at the comment section below and spaz together with me! :)

Photos are all taken my me using my phone camera, Samsung S4. Reviews and thoughts were all honest and true.

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