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[REVIEW] Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

Hi, everyone! School will be re-opened tomorrow, so I won't be posting as often. But do keep on reading my blog, leave comments and keep up to date with me by checking out my Instagram :) Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Mascara Review I purchased my first Elf Cosmetics product from a local store called Summer Hype Store in Kuala Belait. Elf Cosmetics is one of the most affordable yet quality makeup brands, the brushes are from $1 in the US. Who haven't heard of them?? I've been eyeing on their clear brow & lash mascara from an Instagram seller @theshakina before and I am overjoyed that she recently rented a 'cube' at Summer Hype Store to showcase makeup products that she is selling! She sells makeup brands from Elf Cosmetics, Wet n Wild and LA Girl mostly. Do check out her Instagram: theshakina she is one friendly seller :) I bought the clear mascara for BND7.00 Check out Summer Hype Store on Instagram too! You will get a free awesome sticker(pictured above) fr…

[REVIEW] IN2IT Pearl Powder Bricks BEB 01 beam

Heres a brief introduction of the brand IN2IT, in case of any of you never heard of it. The brand claims to be high quality and affordable. Is it true? Lets find out together! IN2IT Pearl Powder Bricks BEB 01 Beam Review I bought this while I was in Watsons, Kuching and always, I forgot how much it costs. There are 3 other choices to choose from, which are; Their Pearl Powder Bricks are "a dazzling palette of super fine shimmer powder to brighten the skin complexion. Sweep a blush brush over the four colour palette to mix all shades and then apply direct to the cheek to brighten the skin tone. Brush over the entire face and shoulders for a radiant and shimmering effect. Super fine texture, soft and smooth. Long wearing with the moisturisers vitamin E and kernel oil." (extract taken from their official website) I got mine in BEB 01 beam. I choose this one because it is the lightest amongst the other shades available. I just wanted to give it a try. The front packaging has si…

Gold Coffee Mirror Taylor Sunglasses by Sunnies Studios | from Zalora

Hello, everyone! In this post, I am going to share with you guys on where to get quality and branded sunglasses at a low price!!! Forget about Dior, Ray-Bans, and Chanel sunglasses. If you are looking for economic sunglasses with a good quality and brand, you've come to the right place. Read more below to find out!
Before that, join me in unboxing my Taylor Sunglasses by Sunnies Studios (a Philippines brand) that I purchased for only BND3 (RM10.90)!!!!! at Zalora. I think I got it during their markdown. Zalora was having some Chinese New Year sales at that moment. Lucky me! Zalora provided me a big box for just a single sunglasses. This is the wording inside when you open the lid of the box. At first, the pouch was located under all the air bags for protection so that the sunglasses won't break (kudos to Zalora for this). The sunglasses is being put inside the given mint green pouch with the brand's name 'Sunnies' written on it. The pouch color is in minty light g…