[REVIEW] Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

Sunday, February 28, 2016

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Elf Cosmetics Clear Brow & Mascara Review

I purchased my first Elf Cosmetics product from a local store called Summer Hype Store in Kuala Belait. Elf Cosmetics is one of the most affordable yet quality makeup brands, the brushes are from $1 in the US. Who haven't heard of them?? I've been eyeing on their clear brow & lash mascara from an Instagram seller @theshakina before and I am overjoyed that she recently rented a 'cube' at Summer Hype Store to showcase makeup products that she is selling! She sells makeup brands from Elf Cosmetics, Wet n Wild and LA Girl mostly. Do check out her Instagram: theshakina she is one friendly seller :) I bought the clear mascara for BND7.00
Check out Summer Hype Store on Instagram too! You will get a free awesome sticker(pictured above) from them if you made a purchase! Instagram: summerhype.store
The cost is not bad for a product that comes with 2 different applicators and holds 2.5ml of the clear gel. I am interested in trying the product because some days I wanted my lashes and brows to look natural while giving colored eyelash and eyebrow mascaras a break.
Description, directions and ingredients of the product on its back packaging
I like the packaging. It is simple but nice. One end of the application is for the eyelash and the other end is for the eyebrows.
For the eyelash
The eyelash applicator has a corkscrew design. The clear gel has a vague distinctive scent, but not unpleasant to me.
For the brows
The eyebrow applicator is has a different design that looks like a toilet brush
Kidding, I do not know how to describe it shape
Now lets put on a test on the clear mascara on my bare lashes and brows to see whether they are any good or not!
This is the aftermath after applying the clear mascara on my eyelashes and eyebrows.
The eyebrow applicator really combs my eyebrows nicely. It let my brows to be in the position where I wanted them to be.
There is not much difference on my eyelashes before and after using the eyelash applicator. I noticed that it only lengthens my eyelashes a very bit. The mascara emphasizes my top and bottom eyelashes though, but it does not do much on volumizing and curling. I did not use eyelash curler prior to the application.
Conclusion on both applicators: it takes awhile for the clear gel to dry on eyelashes and eyebrows. Once it is dried, the hairs hardens a bit. What I like about clear gels is that I do not have to worry about smudges, the clear gel too is 10000000009% clear and there is no any traces of color in it. My eyes did not experience any discomfort too when using them.

I personally think that the clear gel can work as a base too for the eyelashes before applying a colored mascara. As for the eyebrows, you can use the clear gel after drawing your eyebrows to keep the hairs in place.

My rating:
3/5. This is just a so-so product for me, not really impressive.

Will I repurchase?

Will I recommend?
Yes to those who wanted to go for a natural look.

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The photos above are all mine taken using my phone camera Samsung S4. This is not a sponsored post. Product were bought using my own money. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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[REVIEW] IN2IT Pearl Powder Bricks BEB 01 beam

Friday, February 26, 2016

Heres a brief introduction of the brand IN2IT, in case of any of you never heard of it. The brand claims to be high quality and affordable. Is it true? Lets find out together!

IN2IT Pearl Powder Bricks BEB 01 Beam Review

I bought this while I was in Watsons, Kuching and always, I forgot how much it costs. There are 3 other choices to choose from, which are;
Their Pearl Powder Bricks are "a dazzling palette of super fine shimmer powder to brighten the skin complexion. Sweep a blush brush over the four colour palette to mix all shades and then apply direct to the cheek to brighten the skin tone. Brush over the entire face and shoulders for a radiant and shimmering effect. Super fine texture, soft and smooth. Long wearing with the moisturisers vitamin E and kernel oil." (extract taken from their official website)
I got mine in BEB 01 beam. I choose this one because it is the lightest amongst the other shades available. I just wanted to give it a try.
The front packaging has silver flowery design on it, which looks nice.
Information, instructions and ingredients of the product are listed at the back packaging.
The product features a lid to expose the powder bricks. Theres no brush included.
There are 5 colors in the pan, all are shimmery.
The colors come out just the same from its pan.
1 - champagne
2 - light pink
3 - brown
4 - this color is almost similar to the first one, but this one is lighter
5 - shimmery white, suitable for highlighting
The colors can be used individually for eyeshadow.
This is how the powder bricks look out like when I swirled all colors together. It is a nice champagne with a bit of light bronze color.
The texture is soft and smooth (it contains vitamin E and kernel oil), somehow a bit chalky  and I experience alot of fall outs during swatching. Clumps of fall outs to be exact. When I highlight the bridge of my nose using my finger, the powder turns out to be clumpy...the same happens when I tried to highlight my forehead using a brush. The powder just accumulated together and form a small clump >< I've only used this for a few times and I am not really fond of this product.
I am not sure if you can see the glow of my cheeks using the pearl powder bricks. I swirled all of the powders together using a blush brush. It does give radiance and shimmering effect, but I don't think it is glowy. The description stated that it will brighten up the skin tone... well, it does not brightened up mine. Instead, I feel like the color emphasizes the visibility of my pimple.
So overall, I don't really like how the pearl powder bricks show up on my face. I think it would look better on people with a clear and tanned skin.

I donate one rating because the texture is smooth and soft, but actually it is not that good considering the clumps and fall outs that happened.

Will I repurchase?

Will I recommend?
No, look for a better radiating powder.

I actually tried another product of IN2IT before, which is their pen eyeliner. Yeah, it was affordable but the quality is not promising. The eyeliner is just so bad, it is prone to smudges and the ink does not come out nicely. I don't have a photo of the eyeliner because I threw it away. If you guys have any recommendations of good IN2IT products, do let me know in the comment section below!

Photos are all mine except for the screencaps, they are taken from IN2IT official website www.in2itcosmetics.com. Product were bought using my own money. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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Gold Coffee Mirror Taylor Sunglasses by Sunnies Studios | from Zalora

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Hello, everyone!

In this post, I am going to share with you guys on where to get quality and branded sunglasses at a low price!!! Forget about Dior, Ray-Bans, and Chanel sunglasses. If you are looking for economic sunglasses with a good quality and brand, you've come to the right place. Read more below to find out!

Before that, join me in unboxing my Taylor Sunglasses by Sunnies Studios (a Philippines brand) that I purchased for only BND3 (RM10.90)!!!!! at Zalora. I think I got it during their markdown. Zalora was having some Chinese New Year sales at that moment. Lucky me!
Zalora provided me a big box for just a single sunglasses.
This is the wording inside when you open the lid of the box.
At first, the pouch was located under all the air bags for protection so that the sunglasses won't break (kudos to Zalora for this). The sunglasses is being put inside the given mint green pouch with the brand's name 'Sunnies' written on it. The pouch color is in minty light green (more darker in real life), the pouch material is like hard fabric but still stretchable. The pouch's opening part has like somekind of seal thing that snaps closely so that the sunglasses won't slip out from the pouch. Talk about safety!
Inside the pouch, there is a small round mint green cleansing towelette to clean the sunglasses (obviously)
Here is the full set of my taylor sunglasses from Sunnies Studios! $3 and it comes with a pouch, towelette and the sunglasses itself. The sunglasses is sealed in a plastic packaging with the brand's name printed on it when it is new.
The temples of the sunglasses is sealed with plastic too.
My sunglasses is in gold coffee color.

The rims, temples, bridge and literally everything that connects the lenses together are in gold, the lens are kind of dark and yellowish, the earpieces are coffee in color and the nose pads are clear.

One side of the earpiece has the Sunnies (the brand) printed on it. The other earpiece has numbers printed on it...I never know what the numbers that commonly be found on sunglasses and spectacles means. Can somebody please tell me what it is?
The earpieces are made out of plastic, the nose pads seemed to be made out of hard plastics, the gold rims, temples etc are strong steel that seems to be hard to bent (not sure stainless or not). Theres the brand's logo on the top left side of the lens as you can see from the above picture.
There you go~ the lenses are prone to fingerprints.
The lenses contain UV 400 protection. which is great! So far I've only used this sunnies once and I am not sure whether the lenses are 'see-through' like what the authentic Ray-Bans lenses are like but when I wear the sunnies, my surroundings became dimmer because of the nature of the lenses' color and it does really cloud the sunlight.
The size that I got for the sunnies is 'International'. Another size available is 'Asian' but it ran out of stock. I was doubting at first whether the International size will suit me or not but thankfully, it fits me perfectly!
The cat on my tshirt is coincidentally wearing specs too, haha. I love aviator design sunglasses because I think it suits well with my face shape. I have a round face. If you have a round face too, you might want to stay away from glasses that are round in shape. I think the shape would emphasize our round faces >< Instead, go for square type of glasses! Or any that is not round. But nevertheless, go for ANY taste that you like! :)

Thats all the information that I can provide about my recently purchased taylor sunglasses by Sunnies Studios through Zalora. I cannot provide more information whether it uses stainless steel or not (I think its stainless) because it is sold out, so I cannot retrieve their information. You can check out their official website www.sunniesstudios.com for more information and also shop their sunglasses directly! They are from the Philippines and provides FREE shipping with you purchase until a certain amount.

Though I've only bought one sunnies from them, I already starting to like the brand. Eventhough they are cheap, the sunglasses seem to be well made and looked as if it is costing at a medium price range. They are reasonable, full of quality and benefits such as actual sun protection and strong steels were used to build the sunglasses. Not forgetting the freebies such as pouch and towelette. Low price but comes with quality, I would definitely interested in venturing more of their sunnies!

You can indirectly purchase Sunnies Studios sunnies from Zalora!
Here are some of their sunnies. Don't they look glamours? and again, at a n affordable too!!

ANYWAY, dear men and women, there are a variety of sunnies brand at different price ranges  and designs you can find at Zalora. Here are a few of them
The pink Mango sunnies look so pretty omg!!!!
So if you are eager to shop for sunnies, what are you waiting for? JUST DO IT! *mimicking Shia Labeouf* Zalora ships to Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Philippines and Australia. I would be happy if you guys choose to purchase directly through my link below (and through any of Zalora links you can find in this blog)

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Thank you for reading

Photos are all mine including the screencaps. This is not a sponsored post. product were bought using my own money. My thoughts are honest and my experiences are true.

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