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[REVIEW] Guardian Blossom Hand Care Set & Korean Skincare Samples from Laneige & It's Skin

Guardian 4-Set Blossom Hand Care Set

Don't the packaging look cute?? I got this a set of 4 hand creams in a box for only BND9.90 at Guardian! As a person who does house chores, getting in contact with different types of detergents, dish washing liquid and any substances with a high level of alkaline, hand creams are important and essential for my daily hand care routine. I feel the need to maintain my hand's delicacy and not wanting them to turn rough as a tree bark.
The scents from left to right;
Cherry Blossom, Daisy, Violet, Lavender

Heres an extract from the Lavender's back packaging,
"This hand cream enriched with a nice lavender fragrance, penetrates the skin to replenish moisture on dehydrated hands"
All extracts appear the same on every hand creams, except for its scent description. Right now I am using the Lavender first because I am not really fond of the scent, I usually use the less-desired ones first LoL. Daisy and Violet smells just okay, though it is still sealed. My favorite has to be the cherry blossom because it smells amaaaazingggggg and has the kind of scent that I like, which is blossom, blossom smells soooo good.

I adore the different designs of each hand creams, only to find out that it is wrapped with a printed paper. But anyway, the hand cream really deep moisturizes the hand, making them soft instantly. The scent however does not last for long. The creams are all in white color with a thick and non-runny texture but easy to absorb with rubbing. These hand creams work just okay for moisturizing, portable to carry, travel-friendly, the boxing too is perfect for a gift. Overall, I am happy with this product. My ratings;

It will be perfect if the scent is long-lasting

Laneige Water Bank Eye Gel Sample

I think I've spelled Laneige wrong all these while. I've been spelling it as Laniege.
Anyway, I got 2 of this Laniege Water Bank Eye Gel sample from my Laneige Pore Control BB Cushion purchase while I was at Kuching. I already used up 2 of the samples and my goodness, this eye gel is soooo good on my eyes! I did not take photo of its texture but it is densely thick, not so runny but becomes watery when I massaged them on my eyes. It moisturizes my eyes instantly and making it feeling awake, fresh and looking healthy. I personally think that this eye gel will suit all skin types. I just love this eye gel and planning to get myself the tub size for my eye care routine but Laneige products has a higher price range than regular Korean products so please sponsor me. Maybe I will just look for a cheaper alternative from a different Korean brand.

-1 because the price is at a higher range.

It's Skin Prestige BN Cream EX with Bird's Nest & Gold Sample

Excuse the angle because it is so hard to take photo of this reflective packaging. The packaging is actually in gold color. I got this sample from my latest purchase from Roseroseshop where you guys can read about it HERE
This is the texture of the cream. It is median-thick and not so runny. I detect no scent in this cream but I've discovered a few tiny bits of gold-----(is it actual gold????) in the cream. I heard that gold is good for anti-oxidant though. I applied this after toner and massaged onto my skin. It is sooo moisturizing and as a person with an oily skin, I must say the moisturizing duty is kind of heavy for me. After a day of use, I noticed a red spot on my glabella(area between the brows, above the nose). I am still not sure whether it is just a very small pimple or not. I think my aloe toner does a good job at soothing. The red spot disappears after washing and applying toner. Since the cream causes an unknown red development(haha, what) I stopped using and threw the unfinished sample. Maybe this cream will work great on dry skin and if you wanna feel luxurious by treating your skin with gold, go give this cream a try, haha. Ratings are as below;

1 out of 5 stars because it is moisturizing, but definitely not for oily skin type.

It's Skin Basil Seed Fresh Cream Sample

I got this sample from my latest purchase at Roseroseshop too.
I did not expect the texture to be a gel type since the product description says it is a 'cream'. The gel is somehow thick and not runny but when being massaged to the face, it does not feel heavy at all and just absorbs into the skin immediately! It makes my skin feel fresh, healthy and moisturized. I've been adoring this cream only to find out that it deeply hydrates skin and reduces excess oil on the skin's surface while providing long-lasting moisture. It contains Basil Seed Extract which has high water retention power makes skin moisturized and balanced all day(extract taken from Roseroseshop).
How can a product that provides deep moisturizing capabilities does not give an oily/overly moisturized feeling on the skin????? Danggggg, this product is amazing and definitely a rescuer for oily skin types. Since I started using this, no wonder my skin does not feel oily, greasy and heavy, instead when I use the product, it feels so light weight that it feels like I am not putting on anything, hence gives out a healthy face. Rather than choosing oil control products, why not going for a product that removes excess oil on the face?? How can this product only introduced to me now???? I feel sad that the sample is almost finish now after a one and a half day use but, I will totally be repurchasing. It is already in my cart at Roseroseshop! This product does not break me out either. I highly appreciating It's Skin for coming up with this product, such a life saver. I highly recommend people with oily skin type to use this gel at the last step of skincare routine. It's Skin Basil Seed Fresh Cream, what an amazing find in 2016!
Kudos, 15 stars for this!

Photos are all mine taken using Samsung S4. I am not paid to do any of these reviews and my thoughts are all honest.

& For those who are waiting for the items that I'll be selling, it will be uploaded after I am done with exams. So please stay tuned~


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