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I succeed in making ddeokbokki떡볶이!!!!!

Hello, everyone! I haven't officially announce that the exams are already over, its been 4 days since it ended so yeay, exam's over!!!!!! I will be enjoying a semester break for over a month. Not thinking about college is such a bliss. I loveeeee this deserving break.

This post's content will be different from my other posts. This time, its about my first and second attempt on making ddeokbokki떡볶이~ Ddeokbokki is a very popular Korean snack food usually consisting of rice cakes, eggs, fish cakes and chili sauce, it is perfect to be eaten anytime during the day or night in my opinion haha.

My First Attempt

I did not make ddeokbokki from scratch though, hahaha. My brother just happened to buy the instant ddeokbokki(product pictured above) that comes with only 2 packets of rice cakes and 2 packets of its chili sauce in a powder form. Sorry for not providing photos of the raw rice cakes and chili sauce.
First off, lets start with the instruction. It says that the ddeokbokki should be cooked with 100ml of water. I ALWAYS have a hard time trusting instructions because sometimes it is just unreal! One time I followed the instructions to bake a lasagna at over a something degrees and I ended up burning it!
Instead of following the 100ml, I poured 200ml into the cooker(see, how I don't trust things easily bahahahah). I added the hard ddeokbokki when it boils, I mixed the the boiling water with the powdered chili sauce too and stirred it til it dissolves. Sooner, the ddeokbokki softens but.......the sauce is tastes so bland due to high water (hahahahah, my fault). I tried to save the taste by adding substitute chili sauces but it still tastes bad. Probably the baddest ddeokbokki in history.

This is how it turned out. Watery and bland. I tried to save the taste by adding cheese too but it did not do much of a help. Someone said it looks like a rice soup, haha. Theres white flakes in the soup because I added half-boiled egg(it is supposed to be a fully boiled one but yeah it was under cooked)ㅠㅠ
Another contribution to its watery state is that I did not add in stuffs like sausages or any other food that will absorb the water. It was a total failure, my brother and mom totally agreed with that.

My Second Attempt

Dissatisfied with my own doings, the next morning, I tried to make it up by making ddeokbokki again. The night of the bad ddeokbokki, my brother said not to disturb the remaining uncooked packet. But I did not care, I am going to make up no matter what, haha. This time, I put my trust on the instructions and cook the ddeokbokki with 100ml of water. I also added in sausages and crab stick cuts.

Learning from mistakes and cooking better~

Result of the second attempt!!!! I am craving for it now as I am writing this. I added a fully boiled egg and....

This is the end result!!!!! Now that looks satisfying and delicious too, hehe. The chili sauce is not spicy though. The dish will be perfect if there was sesame seeds and cheeeeeseeeeeeee. gahhh, I want ddeokbokki with overloaded cheese right now. My brother finished in eating it. Unwasted, unlike the bad ddeokbokki. I am happy with the second attempt.

So thats how I succeed in making ddeokbokki떡볶이~
Sorry to make you guys hungry (if you are).

Just wanted to do a short review on ready made kimchi김치(Korean fermented vegetables), I have only bought and tried 2 different brands though, which are,

I am not sure what is the brand of this one but the kimchi comes in a glass jar. My brother bought this too, he got it at Miri, same as the ddeokbokki above. The ddeokbokki above costs RM17 if I am not mistaken, I am not sure after the price of this kimchi. It tastes just okay, however, theres a hint of sour in the tatse, I don't really like it. The kimchi below tastes way better, which is....

Gana(brand's name) Korean Kimch. This kimchi tastes just perfect, just like the usual delicious kimchi. I am onto my second packet of the kimchi now. I usually eat kimchi whenever I feel like eating it together with rice, or when I have minor flavored foods, to give me more aftertaste, haha. Gana's kimchi is quite expensive, costing BND7 for a packetㅠㅠ and the packet is not fully stuffed with kimchi, just like how crackers are stuffed into its packet. I got it from Supasave, Seria. I will look for other alternatives for kimchi since this one is expensive. I wonder how much the kimchi at Hallyu Mart or Guan Hock Lee will cost. Theres another kimchi brand made by Silla(a Korean restaurant in Brunei), packaged in a round container costing at BND8, I've seen them at Jaya Hypermart and Supasave. I haven't tasted their kimchi yet nor dined in at their restaurant, maybe when I have the money, haha.

Thats all for a mini Korean food talk. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this new section of mine^o^

Photos are all mine. I am not affiliated with any of the food companies nor get paid. I wrote to share my true experiences and honest thoughts.

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