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HAUL(with reviews & swatches) from Kuching Trip

Thank goodness I survived the first week of college in 2016! Good news is that college will be over in just 2 weeks. Bad news is that I have to feed my brain intensely for the coming exams!!!!!!

Before starting with the boring revision, I am going to conclude the remaining hauls that I have gotten from Kuching, I may already display a few of the items from my previous posts though but whatever. First off, lets start with books!
☮See Me by Nicholas Sparks
☮The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks
☮The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien (hands down to one of the best movie trilogy of all time. To those who haven't known, I AM ATTACHED TO THE HOBBIT AND MORE OF A HOBBIT FAN THAN LORD OF THE RINGS/////no wars, please!)
☮The Martian by Andy Weir(nope, haven't seen the movie either)
☮Grey - 4th sequel to Fifty Shades of Grey book sequel by EL James (don't judge me wrong, please. I love the story-line, exclude the provocative parts. I cried reading books 1&2)
☮Alex Cross book series by James Patterson (never heard of this book nor the author, excited to read this one since the author is one of the #1 international bestsellers!)
For book reviews and ratings, do add me at Goodreads by checking out my profile HERE!
Variety of Chinese face masks of different ingredients and functions. I choose the ones that are centered towards troubled skin and with soothing capabilities. Gotten these from a cube shop at CityONE costing RM1.70 each and buy 10, get two free! How awesome~
Korean cosmetics & beauty from Etude House, Tony Moly, Nature Republic and Laniege.
There was a buy 1 free 1 promotion on ALL items(can also mix different items of the same price) at Etude House, The Spring Mall. I almost gone crazy because I love Etude House but in the end, I only gotten myself 2 Color My Brows eyebrow mascara (light brown&natural brown), my all time favorite liquid concealer, EH's Surprise Concealer in light beige and their cute highlighter/blusher brush. I spent a total of RM80 here, RM40 for buy 1 free 1 brow-caras and another RM40 for the brush + concealer(buy 1 free 1 of the same price).
I've worked at Etude before but I did not realize that this brush has a pocket?? How cute and convenient! and the brush bristles are soooo soft, thus gentle on the skin. 
I swear that this brow-cara is really good! This type of brush makes it easier to apply, it appears nicely on the brows too. Affordable and good.
These are my purchases from Nature Republic. They were having a buy 2 free 1 promo on some items. I got the eye primer for free and only paid for the By Flower BB Cream SPF35 PA++ in shade natural and the Botanical Vanilla Stick Concealer in no.21 - Vanilla Nude. I've always wanted to get this concealer because I heard its good! This item was in my wishlist at Roseroseshop previously, haha. Another available shade is Vanilla Natural. I like to choose a lighter shade of concealer because it covers well. I've tried the sample of the BB cream at the store and the texture was smoother than other BB creams that I've used, which is an awesome find! Maybe I will do a separate review/post regarding my NR goodies later 'cause I haven't actually opened the products til now. I might do a separate review for the Laniege Pore Control BB Cushion as well.
NYX Cosmetics purchases from Sephora. Yep, not much.
Lets start off with the NYX The Natural Shadow Palette first. Another palette available from the same line is the smokey eye version(but I am not into smokey eyes------yet)
the back packaging displays 2 looks that you can rock with the palette, but the information is vague regarding which color you should use to get the look in the images.
There are a total of 6 colors. The colors are pretty but............
I am disappointed with the pigmentation. The first 4 colors are barely visible when I put them on my eyelids. It does appear when I swatched using fingers but it disappears quickly. I am unable to get the color on my wrist for swatches, sorry. The last 2 colors are the most pigmented ones, but I do not know what look to create with those colors. Another thing that I am disappointed with is that the individual colors does not have a name. So this is how I described the colors;
1 - white
2 - barely glittery yellow
3 - very invisible peach
4 - invisible nude
5 - glittery light brown?
6 - normal dark brown shadow
I think the palette costs around RM60. Considering its sheer pigmentation for most colors(and nameless shadows),I personally think it is not worth the money. Forgot to mention that it does not come with a compact mirror. Why did I even buy this?? It is not a bad product, I am just unhappy with it. I gave away the palette to my cousin though, good thing shes happy with it and likes light-pigmented shadows. Anyhow, the sponge eyeshadow applicator is easy to clean! I just wiped the residues on a wet tissue and its all clean!
NYX Stick Blush in Hibiscus x NYX Butter Lipstick in BLS08 Mary Janes. I am glad that these two does not disappoint me.
Boy, I swear the lipstick is SOOOO RED! I loveeee red lippies and the blusher appears so pretty.
This is how the blush appears with one swipe. The previous photo is the result after multiple swipes. It looks natural on the cheeks too. Though its a stick blush, it is easy to blend and spread to further areas. I am describing the color as nude peachy color.
Next product is the Brow Shaping Kit from Cyber Colors. I purchased this from Sasa.
The packaging looks so chic.
I got myself the 01 shade in Natural Brown. This kit provides light colors, the other shade which is 02 provides darker shades.
Costing around RM45+ after discount(ori price RM60+), the product comes with a compact mirror, spoolie, blending and eyebrow brush and the eyebrow palette itself, which is awesome. I am not sure what kind of hair they use but the brushes feels soooooo soft. The colors are described as ivory(for highlighting the brow bones), brown and dark brown.
I cut open the box and found instructions on how to use the brow kit. How useful!
Swatches from left to right; ivory, brown, dark brown. I tried applying on my brows and it looks nice~ though bits the eyebrow shadow falls on the area below my eyes. Is it normal for an eyebrow shadow to behave like that?
Moving on to one of my favorite purchases from my Kuching trip, Amplified MAC Lipstick from the MAC store at The Spring Mall.
YAAAASSSS to shade Chatterbox!
I did not even bother to look at their matte lipstick section as I don't really favor matte finishes(yet).
Seriously, it was sooooo hard to choose a singular MAC lipstick that I really like. I like most of the colors, wish I could buy most of it but I have limited money(sucksssss). In the end, I gotten myself a color that can rock natural/daily looks. The female shop assistant was so helpful when I was contemplating. I chose Chatterbox because she said it matches my hair color and will make my teeth look brighter(yep, I'm convinced). Anyway, don't the color look cute?? It is really cute! MAC lipsticks at Kuching costs RM74, where it costs RM75 at West Malaysia.
Baby pink/Barbie-ish/bubblegum-ish kind of color. I loveeeeee the amplified finish because it is so moisturizing and smooth. The color appears lighter on the lips when using a lip brush, I can even do a gradient lips with a darker color.
And lastly, the most important purchase(haha), the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet Luminous Matte Lip Color in 347 La Merveilleuse Limited Edition from Chanel Rouge Noir Christmas 2015 Collection. I purchased this for RM100(around RM130-160 outside airport - BND34~54) at the departure hall of the Kuching Airport, prior to flying off to Miri. It awes me when I found out later that Chanel lipsticks at Chanel stores at West Malaysia costs RM90(BND30). Since all Chanel lipsticks at the beauty counter costs RM100, ofcourse, I was having a hard time choosing which to buy. In the end, I asked the shop assistant to just get me the latest one. Little did I know, I've gotten myself a limited edition one! There are Lancome and Dior makeups too at the beauty counter but I chose to purchase a Chanel lipstick. The Lancome lipsticks costs RM80(BND27) and the Dior lipsticks were RM130~160.
It beams out a halo with flash.
The lipstick features a 'push-to-release-lipstick' kind of application
Another halo with flash.
Oh god, so prettyyyyyyyyyy. I swear, eventhough the name description says that it is matte, it is actually moisturizing and glides smoothly, ofcourse, premium lipsticks have a different formulae. To describe the color, I must say that it is bright pink with a hint of red?
These are swatches of other Chanel lipsticks at the airport that I wish to own.
So I guess those are all my purchases that I manage to showcase, including purchases from the previous 4 posts. I hope you guys enjoy reading about my adventures in Kuching! To those who haven't read my adventures since day one, the links are as below so do click when you want to read! Thank you for reading^o^
Kuching Trip Day 1
Kuching Trip Day 2 Part 1
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