[REVIEW] 3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleanser, Secret Key Starting Treatment Eye Cream & A'Pieu Cushion Tok Concealer

Sunday, December 20, 2015

I am going to go over reviews regarding my latest roseroseshop purchase quickly because I want to talk about my recent trip to Kuching as well as makeup and skincare haul that I've gotten from different beauty stores!

3W Clinic Snail Foam Cleanser Review

BAD CHOICE OF BACKGROUND AND LIGHTING ALERT. Furthermore, the packaging is grey in color with white texts, the text sizes are small as well so it is not so visible in photos. However, you can click the photo for a closer look.

It is stated that 3W Clinic products are the official cosmetic product for Miss Korea contestants. I could not believe that 3W Clinic are the contributors because their products are affordable.so I will look like Miss Korea now?
Korean and English descriptions.

The packaging looks simple and brand-acknowledged.

They provide Korean and English instructions on the tube.

The opening is originally sealed with a metallic-plastic cover. Simply squeeze the tube to dispense the foam cleanser according to one's preference.

The foam cleanser looks silky white in color, spreads easily on the skin, has a pleasant clinic-y with soapy kind of smell(I don't know how to describe). It does form foams when rubbing the product with wet hands. After cleansing, it leaves a squeaky clean feeling on the face. The cleanser does not make my face dry nor tightened, instead it feels moisturized. I know that the cleanser does a good job in cleaning my face as it does not leave much residues when I am wiping my face with a toner on a cotton pad. The foam cleanser has whitening properties but I hardly notice the impact on my face, it is hard to tell as well because I already have light skin.
My verdict for this product is;
4 out of 5 stars!
Even though I do not give a 5-star, I would definitely repurchase this cleanser as it cleanse my face nicely, gives a fresh feeling, moisturizing and gentle on the skin. Minus one star because sometimes after using a makeup remover, I have to dispense more than the usual pea-size of the cleanser because the cleanser does not produce much foam when in contact with overly-moisturized/creamy or oily makeup remover. The face needs more of the cleanser to fight the makeup-remover leftover on the skin. The cleanser is a good value for money as well, with only costing $1.09 for 100ml!!! I have been using the cleanser for weeks now since I finished my Hada Lado AHA/BHA cleanser. 3W Clinic Snail foam cleanser does not give me breakouts either. I personally think that the cleanser suits all skin types.

Secret Key Starting Treatment Eye Cream Review

The description inside the box is the list of ingredients written in English.
I cut open the box to reveal the list of ingredients. I do not need the box anymore as I have a storage to store my skincare items.
The packaging looks simple but with reflecting gold-plating texts on its front packaging.
I mentioned in my latest post that I am getting myself an eye cream because I want to prevent future wrinkles and improve eye bags. My eye bags are the worst during school days!
When dispensing, the texture feels creamy. The cream is scentless and when I massaged around my eyes, it absorbs quickly and feels moisturized and not sticky nor drying. I have not been using the eye cream for long (not even a month) but I developed about 2 white spots around my eyes and I am sure that it is caused by the eye cream as my eyes don't usually get weird developments. After I noticed the spots, I immediately stopped using it. I think that the eye cream does not work well eyes that does not have wrinkles at all.
My verdict for Secret Key Starting Treatment Eye Cream is;
one out of 5 stars. I donate a star because eye cream does not dispense much considering its small opening, so it will probably last a long time. -4 stars because it is not a good product for me and I won't repurchase.

A'Pieu Cushion Tok Concealer in Light Beige Review

I think that the packaging is somehow innovative, as cushion type of concealer looks new to me. Twist open the cap and it will reveal the cushion concealer. The way to dispense the concealer is to dab the cushion onto the skin.
Based on my trials, I think that it is kind of hard to get the concealer along with the amount that I wanted. The concealer is not creamy, hence, it is like matte that is hard to spread.
I tried to conceal a pigment on my hand. It does cover the pigment but the concealer looks obvious that it sits on top of my pigment. Since the texture makes it hard to spread, it is not so blendable on the skin too.
I tried to conceal my acne scars and red spots. The concealer does not cover much of it, it is still obvious. This fact is not so visible in the photos but the concealer is not blendedable and looks like it is lying on top of my skin. After awhile, the concealer wears off and reveals my acne scars again.
My verdict for this product is;
0 stars.
I totally won't repurchase because it is not a good concealer for me. It does not mix well on the skin and appears obvious. The reason that I bought it is because it looks innovative, a new kind of way to apply concealer. Additionally, since the method of get the concealer is to dab the cushion on the face, I think that it is kind of harsh for pimples and sensitive skin as there is a force disturbing them, the pimple might just taking more time to heal. As for now, Imma just stick to liquid type of concealer that is blendable and easily spread.

As for Secret Key Aloe Soothing Moist Toner and 3W Clinic Snail Mucus Sleeping Mask, I will write a review about it once I operate them on my skin.
Thank you for reading!
Photos are all mine, taken using back camera of Samsung S4 with an aid of flash. Thoughts are all honest and I do not gain any profit from writing this. Products were bought using my own money.

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