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[REVIEW] The Face Shop Lip & Concealer Brush Review

Hello, Dear new and returning readers!

I posted about my second The Face Shop haul yesterday (check it out HERE) and today I am going to do a review about one of the products that I have gotten in the haul. Read more below for details!

The compact mirror above is just a prop, haha. The product that I am going to review is on the right, which is the lip & concealer brush by TFS.

It is good that the brush is sealed with a tube, to avoid deterioration of the brush hair. I am not sure what the brush is made out of. Since TFS is a nature-loving brand, I think it is made out of scientific hair, which I forgot what it is called. The handle part of the brush is made out of wood. The handle is soft as well as the brush hair. 

I actually used the brush a couple of times before writing this review. When I finished using, I sealed it back with the tube. but it damaged my brush instead T____T so I decided to dispose the tube after photo shooting this review.

These are the list of products that I will be using to demonstrate the use of the brush. I will be only demonstrating the usage on the lips since I do not dare to double-application it as a lip brush and a concealer at the same time. Bacteria from the lips may transfer to parts of my face ><
Products used right left to right;
#1 Etude House Etoinette in PRD301
#2 Etude House Lip Scrub
#3 The Face Shop Lip & Concealer brush

Before I implement the lipstick and brush application, I scrub my lips beforehand to that the application will glide easily. The lip scrub above works just fine. It does not erase all chapped skin on the lips, the strength is just good enough to make the lips smoother (I am looking for an alternate lip scrub at the moment). The scent is nice (apricot scent) but when I accidentally tasted it, it tastes bitter.

This lipstick by EH is one of my favs! Been using it since January and I am almost done with it halfway now :( it moisturizes the lips well and long lasting. However, itt does not really becomes one with the lips, if you know what I mean, but it feels like the color is sitting on top of the lips and will easily transfer onto interacted stuffs.....

Heres a swatch. Even though the color code of the lipstick is determined as red color, the color actually looks like a mixture of moderate red and pink.

I applied a bit of BB cream on my lips so the color will show accurately. I like the application using the lip brush though. I took the brush and dab on the top part of the lipstick and work it out on my lips. By using the brush, the color appears lighter than actually directly apply the lipstick to the lips. Rather than red, the color appears pinkish. I am liking the outcome though! I would use this kind of method again when I want to appear soft and delicate. I did not take a comparison picture of using a brush vs not using a brush but I hope that my explanation enlightened you all, haha.

Here are some tips before applying the lipstick using a lip brush;
#1 Do scrub your lips beforehand to shed the flaky skin that is lying on your lips
#2 Moisturize your lips after. By scrubbing and moisturizing, the application will be easier and smoother.
#3 Only use a lip brush if you have some spare time before going out because applying a lipstick using a lip brush may take awhile. If you are in a rush, just hover over the lipstick directly to your lips! It is no problem either way :)
#4 Do clean your lip brush after usage. It gets a little messy sometimes. You do not want the residue on the brush to stick somewhere else. Leaving a 'lipstick leftover' can also make the brush hair to become hard.
#5 If you own a strong lipstick color and wanted to tone down the color, using a lip brush is one of the ways to do it!

My overall rating for the lip brush is 4.99/5 ^o^

Disclaimer: all of my thoughts are honest. Photos are my own and I do not gain any profit by writing this post. Additional products such as the Etude House lipstick and lip scrub were bought using my own money.


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