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Kuching Trip Day 2 Part 2

Plaza Merdeka Kuching, SarawakPlaza Merdeka Kuching Official Website
As soon as I stepped into the mall, H&M was just infront of my sight so I immediately ran into the store and did my shopping. The H&M store was double-story, where women apparel are located on the ground floor and men and kids apparel on the first floor. Typical girls' (and boys') instinct, taking selcas in fitting rooms. I tested out the long sleeves croc-patterned crop top and platform boots but neither did I buy them. The crop top seems over sized on me eventhough it is size S. Maybe thats how it is supposed to be but I prefer if it is fitted.The platform boots look nice though but someone thinks that the soles and heels look cheap, haha. So I bought different items instead, H&M ankle boots and cardigan. My brother luckily bought their last pair of Vans-like shoes. No image provided for our H&M items. After doing our shopping and walking around inside the mall, we went to their food court at …

Kuching Trip Day 2 Part 1

Wednesday, 16th December 2015On the second day, we went to Cat Museum Kuching, which is located on top of a hill, not  far from the Kuching City. The place is on the other side of the Sarawak River, approximately 20 mins or less from our location at Jalan Abell by taxi.

Selca in the morning after getting ready.

Photoshooting with my brother while waiting for our breakfast ready by KFC, haha. My bro is seriously bad with angles and lighting. The photo naturally appeared brighter and I look short (in fact, I am short but I'd like to look tall in photos)

Anyway, we walked form our hotel to KFC at Sarawak Plaza, which just took 5 minutes or less.

I made my brother look tall and took better pictures (self-praising). This is so unfair. After seeing that our breakfast has been served, we went back inside KFC and ate~ Apparently they gave coffee for my drink instead of tea (I don't drink coffee), so I decided to give away the coffee to our taxi driver. Cat Museum Kuching, SarawakWe went to …

Kuching Trip Day 1

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In this post and prospective posts, I will be talking about my 4D3N stay in Kuching! It was my first time to Kuching last week, and it was a last minute plan. Last minute plan always gets fulfilled, huh? It was also my sibling's first time to the city too. We were feeling anxious and excited prior to the departure date. I did some planning regarding where to go and such, but during the actual trip, some of my plans did not go well due to unavoidable circumstances :< but anyhow, I enjoyed the trip so much and the City of Kuching will always be memorable. Kuching is one of the cities that is located at East Malaysia, Sarawak. On Tuesday, 15th Dec 2015, we departed in the morning via AirAsia in Miri. Previously when searching for flight tickets, I was kind of disturbed that flights in Brunei, specifically Air Asia and Royal Brunei Airlines does not fly to Kuching and I do not know why.…