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[REVIEW] SNP Animal Dragon Soothing Mask

Hello, my dear readers! I am sparing some time to make a post while waiting for the Turnitin's result for my assignment to be generated.... College will end in about 4 days, I guess. We will be having a month of holiday, but then there are 2 more assignments to complete and I need to revise for the exams on January 2016 ;~;
The product that I am going to review is called: Animal Dragon Soothing Mask by SNP (Shining Nature Purity). I think that is the brand's name.

"Soothing Mask to take care sensitive and red skin with AC-soothing energy refining skin healthy and translucent" sounds so promising. I decided to try this mask out because my skin needs AC care. My mom bought this mask for me from a local shop.

The back packaging shows the instructions to use~

Thank Godness for English instruction~ but I cringed when I saw instruction number 4 which says, "Be careful, if you wear shows when you attach sheet, sheet shall be attached to shoes or socks." So this…

[REVIEW] The Face Shop Perfume Seed Velvet Body Milk

I have gotten this sample from my latest  local The Face Shop haul. Should've posted the haul first before reviewing this but.....the haul post will be longer and I am still not free from assignments. But promise I will post the haul soon!

"Perfume seed products contain natural vegetable oil and ultrafine perfume capsules that keep skin velvety soft"

The texture: white in color and not too runny The scent: oh my gosh, it smells soooo flowery good!!!!!!!!!! How can I describe smells like a combination of rose and blossom? Haha.
My thoughts: it absorbs into my skin after massaging it for awhile and damnnnnnn my skin feels and smells so nice!!!! and the scent is long lasting too. It does make my skin softer but not too soft....there are lotions that can make the skin feels very soft like a baby's butt but this lotion does not does it. I'd love to purchase the full size due to its nice smelling scent! 5/5 for this product :)

Sorry for a short post but heres a p…

[REVIEW] Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner

Yessss, I know, I am like 2 years late into the Wonder Pore craze but anyway, I just want to share to you guys and girls regarding my thoughts on this product. I finally have the time to make a new post since I have finished with MOP assignment (I guess), but then I have the second EPD assignment to be completed, urghhhhhh.

This is my second bottle. I have gotten this product on July'15 where I got it from a buy 1 free 1 promotion. I posted regarding the purchase previously, read about it here.

The packaging is really cute and provides visual information but I could not understand the writings because it is in Korea, however, the visuals clearly conveys that this product will help to shrink appearance of pores. I have a porous face so I was eager to try this product out.

It says that there is a peppermint extract but I did not feel any peppermint sensation nor scent. This product is scentless.

This 250 ml packaging is good enough to last me about 2-3 months. I have been using during d…

[REVIEW] Sweet V Korean Foot Mask

I am not feeling well as I am writing this post. I have yet to be fully recovered from flu and unwell throat. I was suffering from a fever two days ago and heeps of pending assignments make me sicker. I am almost done with my Computer System assignment now and have to move on with Project Management assignment which consists of 7 freaking tasks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (10 tasks in total with Merit and Distinction questions as an additional). At this point, all I could ever ask for is a vacation. Holidays please come faster.
I am taking a short break now before starting with my PM assignment. I miss blogging so I am using my short break time to blog.

I think the foot mask brand name is Sweet V? I guess this is just another random Korean beauty brand (they have too much beauty brands for good). Anyways, the full name is Sweet V Easy Mask. It is a foot mask that will exfoliate and moisturizes the foot. My mom bought this for me at a local shop and she bought one for herself as well. I forgot …