[HAUL] Mini Avon Haul

Saturday, October 24, 2015

It is currently 12:43 AM when I typed this. I am making some time to blog after doing assignment for the whole day. Going to Turnitin my Employability and Professional Development assignment tomorrow and status of completion of Project Management and E-Commerce assignment is 80% zzzzzzz I have yet to film a video for PM and attempt merit and distinction questions for EC.

 I am going to do a review on my mini Avon products haul! I just found out that Avon is an American brand, after all these while I thought it is a Filipino brand. I bought a total of 4 items, actually I was planning to buy a total of 5 products but the Avon pimple gel that decreases pimple size in 3 hours was unavailable. Nevertheless, I am happy with what I've gotten!!!! I forgot the prices for every items, apologies for that but here are my purchases~

2 x of Avon's talc (Sweet Honesty and Butterfly - adore the graphics!). Oh, Avon's body powder never failed to captivate me with their wonderful scents!
1 x of Avon Simply Pretty Blendable Eyeshadow Duo Princess Lavender/Pink
1 x of Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Dual Powder Foundation SPF19 in Almond

Lids are used to expose product and closes with a 'click' sound. I like it wen my make ups are shut tightly. 

There is a some kind of thin oil firm that separates the powder from the mirror.

Here is a context from the eyshadow's back packaging:
"Silky smooth powder eyeshadow that glides and blends easily on lids for marvelous eye enhancing color. Dermatologist-tested. Hypoallergenic. Made especially for Asian women.
To use: Sweep the lighter color on eyelids. Use darker shade on your lash line and blend upwards."

and here is a context from the powder's back packaging:
"Have protected, flawless looking shine free skin that lasts for hours! Your favorite Dual Shine No More Foundation, now better than ever! Now with SPF19 which protects skin from damaging UVA/UB rays and tea tree complex, formulated with tea tree, salicylic acid and vitamin E which help soothe and clear skin's blemishes.Made with ultra-fine micro-milled powder that feels silky on skin while keeping it matte and shine free. Wet/dry formula allows you to have medium to full coverage where you need it. Easy to apply and covers discolorations and evens out skin tone. Oil free. Clinically tested. Non-comodogenic. Made especially for Asian women.
To use: apply dry for medium coverage and wet for heavier coverage."

At first I thought it does not come with a sponge but turns out the sponge is hiding under the compact powder ha.

I am deeply inlove with the texture! It really feels silky smooth.

It really does even out my skin tone and gives a flawless finish. I am glad that I choose the correct color tone.

Never thought that the color would be illuminating!

This is how the color turns out on a bare skin. Still prettyyyyyyyy.

and this is how the color turns out above a BB-creamed skin.

Overall performance, to be honest, I have not tried the powder on my face since I still have a plentiful of my Etude House Sweet Sugar Powder. Also, I have not yet operate the eyeshadow on my eyelids. I will do so when I have the time. School matter is pretty much packed now so I do not have much time to play with make up x

My First IPL (Intense Pulse Light) Experience

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It is already the month of Halloween, which is October and also, this month marks the Princess's 20th birthday at the end of the month mwehehehehhehehehehehhehehehehhe. It is only 3 months left to 2016. It always amazes me how time flies so fast without realizing.

In this post, I will talk about my very first IPL treatment on both of my underarms! IPL is a technology to perform skin treatments such as hair removal, dermatological diseases and photorejunevation - as taken from Wikipedia.

The following extracts are from Wikipedia. Direct link here

"Intense pulsed light is the use of intense pulses of non-coherent light over a range of wavelengths from 500 nm to 1200 nm. Xenon flashlamps produce high output bursts of broad spectrum. Cooling is used to protect the skin in contact with the device."

"IPL can permanently reduce hair growth, most effectively in darker, coarser hair. There are many names and devices for pulsed light treatments such as E-Light, ELOS, and M-Light. Laser hair removal is different and uses coherent, monochromatic laser light."

Please refer to the direct link above if you wanted to know more about IPL. Google search engine will provide various results too.

My Experience:

I had the procedure on 29th September 2015 @ approx. 3pm. I actually made an appointment a week before the previous date, but unfortunate things happened to I had to move forward the appointment date. I found out about their promotion on Instagram. My cousin actually found it and showed it to me. Of course, I am interested because I am tired of shaving and plucking my underarms. Furthermore, their promotion for IPL hair removal for either underarms, chin and the 'mustache' area/above lips is only $29.90. Their original pricing is $98 per session. It is such a huge mark off! Their promotion is only valid until end of September 2015.

I saw their phone numbers on their promotion photo on Instagram and immediately call them for consultation. The lady said that IPL will remove hair permanently without pain. Okay, I am so excited about this.

Procedure Day

I did not have a hard time in finding the location, thank you my dear friends and cousin for aiding me, As soon as I stepped into the place, oh my, It is really pretty~ It is how a skin treatment place should look like. It is really neat and clean. For a second, it seems like I am in a plastic surgery clinic HAHAHHA and it also reassembles a pretty hotel lobby with a beautiful chandelier hanging.

When I arrived, it took a few seconds for the beautician to welcome us (I went there with my cousin). When she came, she immediately called out, "Finn?" and I said yes it is me. It seems like they have been waiting for my arrival. There are a total of 2 beauticians at the moment, one of them seems to be the owner. She looks a bit like Park Bom due to her long black hair, and features like big eyes, fair skin and an unusual high bridged nose. I have been told to fill in a survey that collects information such as name, age, where did you head of xxxxx (the beauty salon's name).etc. After that, I finally proceeded my IPL underarm treatment~

One of the beauticians was doing the procedure for my underarms. I have been ordered to change clothes, lay down on the beauty bed and they covered my eyes using an eye pad to avoid the strong LED light above me. First of all, they cleaned my underarms by wiping with something (I don't know but it feels like a wet towel, I could not see) then they started to use the IPL laser. It feels like a ticklish-painful sensation when the laser zaps, but it is not that bad. After zapping both of my underarms, they spread some kind of shaving cream that can weaken the underarms' roots and shaved normally using a shaver after. The whole procedure took around 20 minutes. Throughout the procedure, I asked them several questions regarding my underarms. She said that my underarms are normal, it is not dry and has zero problem. I also found out that the beauty salon has just opened in April 2015. Its been 5 months since their opening now.

When the procedure ended, I changed back to my shirt and went out to make a payment. I asked for consultations again after the treatment at the payment counter. The beautician encouraged me to come once my underarms started growing again.......and thats when I feel like I am being scammed.

Prior to the treatment, when I talked to the beautician on the phone, it seems like she is saying that the treatment is a one-time procedure and my underarms' hair will be removed PERMANENTLY. During the procedure when I asked the beautician about my underarms, she said that it will take about 10 or more procedures for the hair to be COMPLETELY REMOVED. I was surprised, but did not showcase it. The information that I have received on the phone is different from what I have received when I came to the beauty salon.

Only 3 days after the treatment, my underarms' hair grows back again like usual. The procedure does not make any difference. It does leave my underarms feeling silky smooth though, but the hair grows again :( fuck, I thought, I would never want to go there again. $29.90 wasted, I should have spent better on sushi! Just imagine if I were to go for 10 treatments, it would cost me $980!!!!!!!

I won't mention the beauty salon's name here. If any of you are curious to know, do inquire through my e-mail at finnabdwafiy@live.com

All of the contents above are honest and based on a personal experience. Pardon if I say anything offensive.

Anyway, I won't be posting as much because I have 2 assignments to be completed, which are Project Management and Employability and Professional Development zzzzZZZZzzzz

I love how my brows look in this photo

(。◕ ∀ ◕。)

[REVIEW] A'PIEU Sweet Banana Hand Cream 어퓨 바나나 핸드크림

Friday, October 2, 2015

Behold~ my first hand cream from A'Pieu which I have gotten from my first RoseRoseShop haul for only US0.93. To be honest, there is nothing fancy about the packaging as it is a cheap product (but do not underestimate the quality!). I love the banana logo on the front, it is so cute. The packaging can hold an amount of 60ml of its content. Another available scent from this line is Melon, which is in green color.

The back packaging is fully in Korean. I do not understand any except for the very first bold sentence which says "A'Pieu Banana Hand Cream".

It is sealed so that the content stays in place.

After 2 months, I finally get to unseal this hand cream because my previous hand cream; Etude House My Castle Sweet Cookie has finished after around 3 months of usage. I sniffed the opening and IT SMELLS SO GREAT! It smells just like any other banana scented product but I looooove it because it smells sweet and strong, I am inlove with the smell. If you love banana scent, I am sure you will fall inlove with this too.

The cream~ I disposed a little yet the scent remains sweet and strong. It does moisturizes the hands but since this is just a normal hand cream, it does not offer ultra-hydrating specialty. I do a couple of chores, so my hands need extra care. I must say that an ultra-hydrating hand cream suits best for my hard working hands hahahahhaha. Nevertheless, I love this hand cream and would love to repurchase. My overall rating will be 5/5.