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The Face Shop haul & birthday greeting! X

Hello, everyone! Here is my TFS haul post, as promised! And today marks my second last day of work, wheeeeee.
Few days ago, I received a newsletter from the local TFS that they are having a promotion for renewing member's membership card. Members only need to purchase a total of $29 to renew their membership, instead of the usual $49! Additionally, once renewed, free gifts will be given! It is a good opportunity for me to renew my membership even though it expires on October. The promotion was only valid from 27th Aug to 31st Aug 2015. I am glad that I did not decide to renew before this happens. IT FEELS SO GREAT.

The first picture (above) are my purchases from TFS. For the face masks, they are having a buy 3 free 3 promo! (pricing at $3.50 each). In total, I've got 6 masks for $10.50. Next, I have always wanted an eye shadow which has a natural appeal on the eyes, so I have gotten myself some kind of peachy color shadow. When I tried out the tester, IT IS SOOOOO PRETTY. I wanted to purchase more of the different colors from the same eye shadow line, but probably soon/next time. Additionally, I have always wanted a liquid type/soft cream blusher because I have read that liquid blushers appear more natural on the cheeks than the powder type. Based on my personal experience, I must say it is true. I don't like it when the tiny bits of the blusher powder appears so obvious on my cheeks (only goes towards some powder blushers eg. Etude House's Cookie Blusher(((Sorry, it is not my fave >.<))). However, one of Missha's powder blushers did a good job in keeping it natural). I will try to make a review for both the eye shadow and liquid blusher. TFS liquid blusher that I purchased above comes with a tube. Peach/Orange-y color is available too but the color does not match my cheeks. Previously, I have tried Etude House's liquid blusher and I do not like it. It appears barely anything on my skin. It is a good thing that TFS's liquid blusher appears so prettily.

I left the receipt at my home so if I am not mistaken, I spent a total of $30 ~ $33 for renewal.

Here are the membership renewal goodies!!!!!!! TFS Shea Butter face mask, MasCream Intense Firming Sheet, Rice Water Bright Cleanser Foam, Perfume Seed Body Wash and its Body Milk. I gave the Rice Water face foam to my brother because he is running out of his face wash. As usual, I will try to come out with reviews for the free samples I've got.

The old membership (above) VS the new membership card (below). The new one is way cuter!!!!!!!
The sales assistant told me that the pricing for future member renewal will be $59. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

The following paragraph is advised by my dear bestie because on her birthday, she wanted to be promoted in my blog. So here you go HHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
Happy 21st birthday to the person on the left in the above picture. I am sorry I can't be around during your day. See you in a few weeks time probably. X
P/S: You are insane. X
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