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[REVIEW] Various Samples from The Face Shop, A'PIEU and It's Skin

Hello, everyone! Hows everyone's August so far? Mine has been passing by quickly. I will end work soon and second semester will start in just a week. I honestly feel that I don't have much time in appreciating my 2-months semester break as the leisure time I have has been filled in with work. Also..............yesterday (30th August 2015) marks our one year journey. Happy first, Baby❤
This review contains trying out samples from The Face Shop, A'PIEU and It's Skin. I will explain picture by picture.

Left: The Face Shop's Verbena Soothing body cleanser. It is their first body cleanser that I have tried and........I despise the scent so much. Oh God, the smell of Verbena flower that they are using is just terrible. It has a medicine smell and I just don't like it. My whole body smells like medicine when it is supposed to smell nice (Blossom scent is the heaven). Blergh. Babe said I could even cure people with the smell, I am a medicine, I can cure (Get it? No? OK). Ho…

[REVIEW] The Face Shop Clean Face Spot Corrector - DUD!

Dud(둗) is a state where something or anything usually definite that the item or material has no use, in another word, it is a ZERO(영).

I am using The Last Song novel as the background. haha. The front packaging of the product is fully written in English. Here are the stated details; Tea Tree OilQuick Clear ComplexThis new and improved, quick' clear complex treats oily or problem skin more quickly and effectively.
while the back packaging is fully in Korean. I can read Hangul slowly but I do not know the meaning to each and every word stated here.

The product will be dispensed through the given tube.

It has a non-sticky light white color yet it dissolves/becomes transparent when putting onto the skin. It has the scent of tea tree (ofcourse).

My thoughts:
I have tried several products that contains tea tree (Aiken's tea tree spot cream, The Body Shop's Tea Tree line ranging from its facial wash, toner, day and night moisturizer, pore minimizer, blackhead scrub, leave on mask and oil…

[REVIEW] Etude House Sunprise Natural Corrector SPF50+/PA+++

Hands down to one of my favorite finds this year and the best sunblock I have ever applied!!!!!!!
Here is the extract from the back packaging; "UV defense moisturizer whitens skin with Niacinamide and improves wrinkles with Adenosine, Formulated with Acai Berry, Acerola, Aloe vera for skin soothing relief."

The product will be dispensed through the tube by squeezing the packaging.

The product appears to have a hint of pink color which can't be seen in the photo because photos can be deceiving. The texture is not liquid-y like some other sunblock lotions, however it is a little bit thick. To be honest, the consistency is really hard to spread widely skin. Because once the sunblock splats on the skin, it sticks and that makes it hard to spread. The scent is a mixture of sunblock and some kind of beauty cosmetic smell, it is not unpleasant for me and it smelled fine.

A series of my selcas prior to applying the sunblock.

The sunblock is applicable as a makeup base too. andddddd I …

[REVIEW] Missha Super Aqua D-Tox Peeling Gel Sample

Today I am trying out one of the samples I have gotten from my previous order from Roseroseshop. There is a mistyping error if you notice at the top right of the packet where STEP is spelled as STPE on the 3rd one. It cringes me out. How I wish I could understand the instructions (obviously I am still a noob in Korean language. 오빠, help me~).
So I just looked up about the product's description. The following photos are taken from Roserosehop.

I dispense the whole product from the packet. I know I could save this for a second time usage but I don't have a small storage. The texture is kind of runny, white substance which has a light nice shower gel scent.

I spread the product onto my face (in the morning when I woke up and have not rinse my face at all) and rubbed lightly until the liquid becomes 'particles'. It does really cleanse the dirt on my face. It only eliminates dirt on my face, and there is no change in making the skin softer and glowy.

Will I repurchase? It does …

[REVIEW] Etude House Play Therapy Soft Clay Pack Pore & Sebum Care

The product packaging. Friggin cute right~
Here is an extract from the back packaging; "This is a soft clay pack that reduces the size of pores and amount of sebum with its smooth texture, Brazil Forest Clay and Eucalyptus ingredients."
"What is a Brazil Forest Clay? This is a natural clay from the Brazil Amazon area, popularly used among Amazon natives for its abundant minerals and effectiveness."

I made a product swatch and test on my hand earlier. The texture really is smooth and easy to spread. However, the scent is kind of smells like a prescription box from a hospital but it is not strong. The color is the lightest green that you can ever imagine of.

After being spread. I then leave on the product for minutes (no more than 10).

Later on, it dries but not completely. It seems that the texture can still be dissolved with rubbing. The packaging stated that the product should be leave on for 5 to 10 minutes. My hand does not feel tight either.



Nepali foods deserve some credits too. As much as I love momo (dumpling), my favorite dish among the attached photos is the rice, I forgot what it is called in Nepali language. So far, I have tried 3 different types of momo. I like plain momo without sauce better. The fried fish dish (Sekuwa or Sekowa something else) was tasteless to be honest and I was having a hard time taking out bones from the fish and from my mouth. The fish just has too many bones, I must say I am unhappily eating :( Nevertheless, please enjoy the food pictures!!!

[REVIEW] Unboxing my Mizon Snail Line and first impression

I finally started applying the Mizon skincare line that I recently got from Korea because I fed up with the appearance of obnoxious post-acne marks on my face. I hate the fact that I could not get a decent selca (selfie) of myself, ha.
Last night I happily unboxing my Mizon goodies. 1. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule

I am really hyped with the packaging. It looks elegant despite its affordable price.

Really love the type of application to get the product. I forgot what it is called >< The amount that you want to take or dispose onto your hand or directly to the face is adjustable. It has sort of fish oil color actually and the scent is not too weird yet not unpleasant but nothing like fragrant smell. The consistency of the product is median sticky, yet it acts like a water absorbing onto the face. I could not describe the science behind this. However, it is nothing sticky like honey.
2. Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream

The size of the tube is unexpectedly bigger than what I th…