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[REVIEW] Etude House My Castle Sweet Cookie

Hands down to my favorite hand cream ever (titled above)!!!!!!
It is from Etude House My Castle handcream line and I think it is their latest handcream line. There are a total of 4 My Castle handcreams and all of them looks and smells nice! What more is that each and every design of the product are unique. I would keep the packaging once it is finished. I only owned one, which is their Sweet Cookie and it is my favorite among all four. I will attach the handcream line at the end of the post. I could not align the photos properly because I am blogging through phone.
The blue castle gives out a nice fresh scent (hard to describe in words), the green emits rose scent and the pink castle emits fruity scent if I am not mistaken. I have worked at Etude House before so I get smell the handcreams often. Haha.
I swear that the brown one (Sweet Cookie) I have has no cons. Let me list out the pros;
- cute packaging (really adore the peeking gingerbread man)
- portable (can easily be carried anywhere, everywhere)
- sweet delicious vanilla scent, makes me want to eat it
- price-wise (BND14.90 in Etude House franchises in Brunei Darussalam. Cheaper if order from Korea)
- long lasting scent. Scent really sticks on skin.
- light cream texture
- does not have heating sensation when lotion is rubbed onto hands
- easily spread
- 30ml of its content can last to half a year or more than that, depending on one's frequent application.
My verdict of this product is 10/10. I will definitely purchase again when it is finished. If I could, I would purchase the whole Etude House My Castle handcream line!
Here are the photos of the handcream; (photos are taken using back camera of Samsung S4, the whole My Castle line picture is taken from Google and the sole picture with a wood background is taken using back camera of an iPhone 5)


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