[REVIEW] Cathy Doll Cleansing Black Clay Mask

Thursday, July 9, 2015


This will be my first review on my public blog. I am going to review about a peel off clay mask by Cathy Doll which I got for only $1!!!! Worth the bargain, really. Keep reading below!

This is the packaging. It is a small packet and one packet is enough for one application only.

Prior to applying the mask, I washed my face using my favorite facial wash (Hada Labo AHA BHA) and scrubbed my face using Simple Clear Skin Oil Balancing Exfoliation Wash. After washing, I dried my face using a clean towel, opened the clay packet and spread it onto my face.

The texture: not too runny and it is a little bit sticky, but still easy to spread on the face. I washed my hands after the application and when it is being washed off, the water turns really black in color, haha.

Taken right after the application. I am bad at spreading masks beautifully.......but whatever.
It is essential to apply a peel off mask thickly. If it is thin, it will be hard to take it off and the results won't be as efficient. Clay masks/any other peeling masks take a long time to dry, usually about 30 - 45 minutes.

so I waited and waited...and it finally dries completely! Warning: you won't be enable to talk/laugh properly because the face is too tighten! As you can see above, the circled part shows how it looks like when the mask is dried. You can clearly see the difference before and after.

The satisfying feeling when a stubborn whitehead comes off!!!!! I have a total of 2 whiteheads that has been removed. Not only that, it pulls off face hair too, haha. Click to enlarge picture to look at it properly. Do not enlarge if you will feel disgusted. P/s: this encourages those who wanted to get their white heads removed!!!! Also, it is painful when removing the mask. Do it slowly and carefully. It took me almost 10 minutes. Remember, beauty is pain, hahahahahhahahaha.

The aftermath. It leaves some residues which are hard to peel off. So I washed the remaining residues with water. My face feels softer and cleaner. It gives me a natural blush on cheeks due to the painful sensation after removing the mask. The tightening sensation will only last for awhile.

This shows the importance of using a toner. You think that your face is clean after washing, but it is actually not. Residues left by the mask is still lying on my face. Just look at that dirt on the cotton! I am using Simple Soothing Facial Toner. Love it so much!!

My skin was experiencing some dryness and moderate tightening activity, so I apply Honey Essence face mask by Holika Holika to soothe my skin, then I carry on with my usual skincare routine.

Here are some tips for those who wanted to give it a try:
#1: Steam your face before applying the mask. This makes the pores to be opened and easier for stubborn whiteheads to come off (I did not steam my face though).
#2: Cleanse your face thoroughly after removing the mask. You do not want any dirt lying on your face throughout the night. Eeeek!
#3: Clay is a good property to carry dirt away. Hence, making the face cleaner.
#4: Moisturize your face after application because your skin will be experiencing dryness.
#5: Peeling masks are suitable for all skin types except dry skin. Dry skin people may need to consider as it may increase dryness on the face.

Disclaimer: Pictures are taken using Samsung S4, front cam for selfies, and back cam with flash for the products. I did not edit any of my photos heavily, only using a Night Mode for the selfies and cropping for some pictures.
The mask is essential for removing whiteheads only. Blackheads are more stubborn than whiteheads.

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