[REVIEW] Etude House My Castle Sweet Cookie

Friday, July 31, 2015

Hands down to my favorite hand cream ever (titled above)!!!!!!
It is from Etude House My Castle handcream line and I think it is their latest handcream line. There are a total of 4 My Castle handcreams and all of them looks and smells nice! What more is that each and every design of the product are unique. I would keep the packaging once it is finished. I only owned one, which is their Sweet Cookie and it is my favorite among all four. I will attach the handcream line at the end of the post. I could not align the photos properly because I am blogging through phone.
The blue castle gives out a nice fresh scent (hard to describe in words), the green emits rose scent and the pink castle emits fruity scent if I am not mistaken. I have worked at Etude House before so I get smell the handcreams often. Haha.
I swear that the brown one (Sweet Cookie) I have has no cons. Let me list out the pros;
- cute packaging (really adore the peeking gingerbread man)
- portable (can easily be carried anywhere, everywhere)
- sweet delicious vanilla scent, makes me want to eat it
- price-wise (BND14.90 in Etude House franchises in Brunei Darussalam. Cheaper if order from Korea)
- long lasting scent. Scent really sticks on skin.
- light cream texture
- does not have heating sensation when lotion is rubbed onto hands
- easily spread
- 30ml of its content can last to half a year or more than that, depending on one's frequent application.
My verdict of this product is 10/10. I will definitely purchase again when it is finished. If I could, I would purchase the whole Etude House My Castle handcream line!
Here are the photos of the handcream; (photos are taken using back camera of Samsung S4, the whole My Castle line picture is taken from Google and the sole picture with a wood background is taken using back camera of an iPhone 5)

[REVIEW] Etude House Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Mint

Thursday, July 30, 2015

I am currently blogging from work (sparing some time to write a post because I have no current task). In this post I am going to review Etude House's Magic Any Cushion Magic Mint which contains spf 34 and properties to brighten the skin and hide blemishes.

I often apply the cushion to work, and no other application such as bb cream or concealer after that (honestly because there is no one to impress at work, lol). My thoughts on this product is.....meh. What I only love about the cushion is that it works as a good sunscreen, gives a pretty highlight effect (even can be seen when taking photos), moisturizes and brightens my face. Sometimes I do not like the immediate whitening effect simply because my face appears the whitest than my neck and other exposed skin. I like it more when a whitening sunscreen comes out like a natural look (Etude House Surprise Natural Corrector is doing a good job on this). The sun protection task for the magic any cushion only lasts for half a day. I am quite observant about the products that I am using on my face. I know when my sunscreen application is depleting, it is when I feel the heat intercepts into my skin, IT IS TRUE.

What I dislike the most about the magic any cushion is that it does not delivers the most promising effect, which is covering imperfections such as blemishes. I attached an image below as a prove after applying 2 layers of the cushion. Frankly, one layer is already enough for the whitening effect to show. It took alot of courage to show my imperfect skin but hey, that is what I really am, i m p e r f e c t. Picture is taken using Samsung S4's back camera (14MP). I cropped the picture, that is why the quality is deteriorating. I am currently facing break outs because my period is due soon.

Will I repurchase? Maybe, just as a sun protection for my face. Cushions are essential if one is lazy to apply cream/liquid type of sunscreen on the face by hand, beauty sponges or brushes.

I wonder if the product delivers different effect on other people. Please comment your thoughts on the comment section below if you have used this product :]

My blemished left cheek. >.<

First Rose Rose Shop Haul

Friday, July 24, 2015

I was deciding to change my skincare products as effects of the current skincare that I am using (The Face Shop's green tea serum and lotion) is deteriorating...it still does good job on my skin in terms of moisturizing but other promising outcome such as whitening is not doing well. Previously when I first used the serum, the results showed in about 2 weeks in terms of whitening the post-acne mark. But now, it does not do much of the task anymore.

Before I have used The Face Shop's clean face line, The Body Shop's tea tree line and Etude House's AC Clinic Line to clear up pimples. Out of three, Etude House AC Clinic Line won my heart and my skin. It decreases my pimples drastically. I do not break out much as for now, but the aftermath of pimples on my face is despairing. So I contempt to look for a product that not just ease up the pimples, but also clearing the acne scars, whitens and moisturizes the skin and also delivering proper nourishment required for my skin type.

After days of research, I am deciding to use a type of skincare which I have never used before, skincare that contains snail's factors!!!! I have read that it is good to ease scarring, and other qualities that I've been searching for. The brand line-up that I have been considering are, Mizon, Benton and Secret Key. All are Korean skincare brands.

I was having a hard time to decide which Brand to try out because most reviews I have read are positive and handed over excellent results to applicant's faces. In terms of pricing, all are affordable and prices are not insane! Here is how I filtered which brand to buy.

Secret Key
After finding out that Secret Key's Snail Line contains pork placenta, I immediately went, "NO WAY I AM GOING TO USE THIS". Thank God I researched in-depth regarding this!

Benton & Mizon
It was a hard decision to choose between these two. I have tried a sample of Benton snail essence before and it works wonders on my skin in terms of moisturizing. My skin appears softer than usual. After contemplating, Mizon is more price-wise than Benton. However, there is not much difference between both price range. I finally set to give Mizon a try first.

After placing my orders at roseroseshop.com, a few days later, the website renovated into a new perspective with better user interface. You can experience old & new version of the website. Just check it out on the homepage of the website. But the old ver. can only be used to track old transactions, placing an order cannot be done there anymore. I used to make Korean skincare products order from Jolse but after its renovation somewhere in 2013 (I think), they don't have an option to check out using Singapore Dollars. The only option is US Dollars, which has a high exchange rate to my country's currency. Fun fact: roseroseshop.com was previously RubyRuby something on eBay. They have grown bigger after handling their Business on eBay and have an online site of their own. Congratulations!

After approximately 3 weeks of waiting, my parcel finally arrives!!!! I checked out by selecting "K-Packet" option. It is new to me as I have never seen it at checkouts before. I have read that the shipment method is faster than standard shipping but there is no difference between those two upon reaching to my location. I was saddened by my previous shipment service from Korea(somewhere in mid 2013) which took 2 months for my parcels to arrive -_____- I get disappointed and it took awhile for me to open my heart to purchase products online from Korea again, haha.

The products that I purchased from roseroseshop.com are;
1. Mizon Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule 30ml (cheers to my first ampoule ever) US10.77
2. Mizon All In One Snail Repair Cream (Multi-Function Formula) 35ml US5.48
3. Mizon Snail Recovery Cream 45ml US4.34
4. A'PIEU Banana Hand Cream US0.93 (after voucher discount)
Total: US21.52 + shipping US5.19 = US26.62
They were having a mad sales at that time that is why the prices are insanely cheap.

Thank you, mom for retrieving my parcel at the local PO. ^^

My Mizon babies. I have not opened it yet, it is still sealed.


Free samples. If you want more samples in one purchase, go order from Jolse l o l
The samples are;
#1 It's Skin Prestige D'Escargot Finale (I am not sure what this is)
#2 It's Skin Bebe Wash D'Escargot. The graphic is super cute!
#3 Missha Real Complete BB Cream
#4 Missha Super Aqua Detox Peeling Gel. (Oh, how I love peeling gels! Can't wait to test this out. Peelings are gooooood, it makes your skin cleaner)
#5 A'Pieu Deep Cleansing Oil Foam. My first impression of the A'Pieu brand is APink. Haha.

Please look forward to my future updates~

[REVIEW] Missha Pure Source Sheet Mask Lemon

Monday, July 20, 2015

I did not take any pictures during the application of using this product because I have forgotten and the product does bad to my skin.

The smell: Combination of lemon and bitter scent? Thing is, I do not fancy the smell.

The size: as someone who has quite a small face, it is oversized. I do not like it when a face mask appears to be shabby on my face, like too much of the mask wrinkle is showing. I like my masks neat. As much as I don't like the unfit mask, I let it stay on my face for the usual 10~15 minutes.

After the application, I pat the serum left on my face for my skin to absorb. The next day........I broke out >.< small pimples are showing around my chin area. I do not really break out on my chin area. When I used a lemon face mask from The Face Shop, I did not encounter any skin problems. TFS's one is way better than Missha because my skin brightened for a short period of days.

My verdict for Missha Pure Sheet Mask Lemon: 0 out of 5 stars. Won't be purchasing this again in the future, sorry~

Do you have any experience with the mask? If so, please share your experience with me in the comment section below.

*****30th November 2015 EDIT*****

Hello, my precious readers! In this post, I am going to talk about additional Missha product that does bad to my skin. 

Yes, Missha's Time Revolution Night Repair Ampoule broke me out the next day after using the product overnight. This is my second sample which I have gotten from an online haul. The first sample I have tried did not break me out nor having any side effects. During the first trial, I did not dispose all of the product onto my face because I spilled it, ha. Probably that is the reason why it did not offer any effects.
I am more conscious now when I am about to try Missha's products >< 

[REVIEW] Etude House Bebe Foot Mask

Thursday, July 16, 2015

150716: I am freaking tired right now but I am sparing some time to blog. I just arrived back home from a 3-night stay in the capital. It is only my 3rd day of working and clients already went overboard, so I finished work 30 minutes later than the actual time. Looking at the bright side, I won't be going to work for 4 days. I love my employer more now.

The front packaging. Contains a pair of foot mask inside. Here are some of the contexts from the back packaging:-

Easy and comfortable foot care sheet that makes sleek clean feet with the effect of removing keratin, relaxing the foot odor and others by wearing it."

"Directions: 1. Wash the feet cleanly and remove the moisture to wear the sheet on the feet.
2. After 1 hour ~ 1 hour 30 minutes, take off the sheet and cleanly wash off the remaining solution.
3. After 4 - 6 days, the keratin is naturally peeled off and the keratin is completely peeled off after about 2 weeks."

FYI, keratin is an intensely dried patch/part on the feet.

The foot mask. It is folded. Received stickers with Korean instructions which are vague to me. The socks are sealed, so you do not have to worry about the moisture spilling. I did not really get the whole definition of the sticker with scissors picture, but I understood that the mask has to be cut on the provided outlines according to the size that your feet can fit in. Do not cut all of the outlines, or else it is hard to seal the moisture for your feet.

Just treat it like a normal sock, and everything will be fine~
It has some kind of hospital prescription smell....and I do not like it.
I leave on for about an hour, and when I am about to wash it off, I almost slipped in the bathroom because it is too slippery.
After washing and drying, my feet feels sooooooo silky and smooth. When I rubbed my feet together, it feels like I am rubbing a silk cloth, haha~ even the small dry patch on my right feet is gone. Really love the after effect though but it only lasts for 2 days on my feet. When I am going out, my feet sweats easily when I don't wear socks. I am sure this is the effect from the mask because usually my feet don't sweat intensely. As for "relaxing the foot odor", I don't really get foot odor but even when my feet sweats, there is no trace of foot odor.

The packaging stated that the feet will experience some peeling activity after 4 to 6 days but I do not see any changes. The procedure was made on 12th July, it has been 4 days after the application now. Maybe I will have to wait more than that to see any changes.

My verdict for the foot mask will be 3/5.
Pros: affordable
really moisturizes the feet
feet feels smooth and silky
feet sweats but does not develop odor

Cons: the scent
feet becomes prone to sweat
effect only lasts for few days
does not deliver the peeling effect as stated (will change my view if I experience changes).

150718 UPDATE: Funny how the keratin peeling activity starts showing a day after I ranted about it, haha~

Above is my right foot, the peeling areas are on the mother toe, 2nd toe and a little bit at the outline of my feet. As on my left foot, peeling only appears on the outline of my feet and not that much. It peeled off on its own. I do not feel any difference with the unaffected toes, both delivers the same soft touch.

Etude House Haul (for the 3rd time)

Saturday, July 11, 2015

I swear Etude House should ban me from entering their store because once I stepped in, I could not help but to burn money. Their promotion is still ongoing until 19th July, if I am not mistaken. Below are the purchases from my 3rd trip since the promotion. Purchases are from Etude House Brunei Time Square branch.

3 items for $9.90 only!!!!!! (Selected item only). This consists of:-
1. A pack containing small packets of sleeping masks with different functionalities. With an additional firming eye cream from the Collagen Line as a free gift. I will add the eye cream to my usual skincare routine. Yeay!
2. Exfoliating foot mask
3. Moisturizing foot mask. Really need these feet pampers because I have a small dry patch on my right feet. No matter how many times I moisturize, the dryness won't go away. :(

There is a total of 7 sleeping masks. I will list out each of their unique properties below from left to right.

#1 Green Tea Extract - Skin Clarifying. Not only that, green tea has astringent properties to brighten the skin, controlling acnes and anti-aging.
#2 Pomegranate Extract -  Moist Skin Enhancing. From what I have known, pomegranate can control the hormones that causes pimples on the face and has anti-aging properties too.
#3 Nutrition Sufficient Royal Jelly - providing nutrients to moisturize the skin.
#4 Skin Brightening Pearl Effect - obviously to whiten the skin.

#5 Lemon Vitamin C - vitamin Cs are good to brighten dull skin. I believe it is true!
#6 Aloe Skin Soothing - soothes sun burned or irritated skin. Aloe works like magic everytime, no doubt.
#7 Korean Ginseng Healthy Skin Maintaining -  heard that Korean Ginsengs are good to prevent wrinkles or fine lines.


Finally, I am able to get my hands on the product that I have been dying to have!!!! The Precious Mineral Magic Any Cushion Magic Mint with SPF34!!!! Original price in Brunei stores is $33.90 and I only got it for $13.90 after a 65% off. Again, it is insane. The packaging is in mint color. Pictures does not do justice. The product promises to lighten blemished skin during application. When I am lazy to apply heaps of bb creams, bases and concealers, I can just pat the liquid from the cushion by using the provided puff onto my face. Plus, it is like an on the go product, works for rush hour or for touching up.

Here is one of the contexts from the packaging:-
"The Magic Cushion Pad makes skin transparent and bright with a lovely magic base color that covers imperfections of any skin type"

So it can be used as a makeup base too, great! This is specially specified for a blemished face. They have 2 other types of magic cushion, which are for pale skin (pink color) and dull skin (peach color).

The packaging. The puff is so cute, I am dying.

The inside. It reveals a 'sponge' after unsealing the sticker. That is where the liquid comes from. The sponge somehow disgusts me, hahahhaa. I took a close up look of it, it looks like some kind of bacteria that can be seen by using a microscope.

Just look at that!!!!

I will try to do a review on each and every products that I've got. The sales assistant packed my purchases in the most prettiest Etude paper bag I have seen. She even taught us (brought my bestf along, she bought the same cushion too for herself) how to apply a cushion type of 'routine' properly. As a cushion first timer, it was so helpful. Major major points.

The paper bag. It gives me some sort of Princessy feeling  which is what I am