Kuching Trip Day 2 Part 2

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Plaza Merdeka Kuching, Sarawak

Plaza Merdeka Kuching Official Website
As soon as I stepped into the mall, H&M was just infront of my sight so I immediately ran into the store and did my shopping. The H&M store was double-story, where women apparel are located on the ground floor and men and kids apparel on the first floor.
Typical girls' (and boys') instinct, taking selcas in fitting rooms.
I tested out the long sleeves croc-patterned crop top and platform boots but neither did I buy them. The crop top seems over sized on me eventhough it is size S. Maybe thats how it is supposed to be but I prefer if it is fitted.The platform boots look nice though but someone thinks that the soles and heels look cheap, haha. So I bought different items instead, H&M ankle boots and cardigan. My brother luckily bought their last pair of Vans-like shoes. No image provided for our H&M items. After doing our shopping and walking around inside the mall, we went to their food court at the almost-top floor for lunch.

Ordered pizzas and cheesy wedges from a pizza corner. They have a Korean food corner too and ofcourse, Malay cuisines. I do not know the name though but it is located right infront of the escalator as soon as you reach the floor. Their cheesy wedges is far by the most delicious I have ever had!!!!! It tastes better than KFC's. Seriously guys you should try it out! Urgh I want it nowww.
I did not buy much while at Plaza Merdeka. Stores located in the mall are such as Cotton On (double story), Parkson, Mr. DIY (coming soon) and Dorothy Perkins too if I am not mistaken. Nothing caught my eye while looking inside Cotton On. After finishing with our business at the mall, and since the rain has stopped, we decided to walk to other places. While walking, we encountered Square Tower, the tower is not opened to public though, there was a barrier, probably because the tower was served as a prison, a mess and a dance hall in the very old days. Continuing our walk, we unexpectedly walked straight along the souvenir shops esplanade. The long line of street literally has souvenir shops and few cafes too. I believe that the place is called Main Bazaar Kuching. We went into a couple of shops and bought souvenirs for our friends etc.
Finally, after a long walk passing by souvenir shops, we met with the beautiful Kuching Waterfront.

I stood on top of a heightened area to take a panoramic view of the place. There were alot of tourists as you can see at the left side of the top picture. They were Chinese (confidently saying when they can be Taiwanese as well) and seemed to be students.

Sarawak River~

I thought to myself that I want to return to the place again someday. (Fate has it, we unexpectedly went to the waterfront again the next day) After chilling at the waterfront, we continued our walk and visited Riverside Mall (which was boring) and encountered The Hills Shopping Mall, which was boring too. The Hills barely has human being inside and it seems quiet. Though there are stores such as Mr. DIY, Mango, Adidas (and Puma too if I am not mistaken), Toys R Us, Heatwave, Old Town Restaurant etc. It felt like I rented the whole mall just for myself. I guessed that the place is not a popular shopping mall. I only bought a mini LED light keychain(bought it cause it is cute. Thought it would be useless but it is helpful for night walks) and makeup pouches from Mr. DIY. I did not know that the store sells items so cheaply but with quality!!!!! Mr.DIY sells household items such as bakery and piping equipment (water hoses, taps etc), electronics equipment (keyboard, earpiece etc), crafting, gardening tools too if I am not mistaken, pet accessories, stationary items and many more. Mr.DIY, what a surprising find!
The Hills Shopping Mall Kuching Official Website
After touring the mall, we went back to the hotel for a short rest and energizing ourselves with Nasi Katok from Old Town Restaurant. RM12 for a singular nasi katok but there was barely meat on the given chicken cuts lel won't buy nasi katok from them again.
In the night, me, my mom and my youngest brother continued shopping at the shopping malls nearby our hotel, which are Tun Jugah Mall and Sarawak Plaza. Tun Jugah has a Popular Bookstore at the top floor and I got myself a novel, The Rescue by my all time favorite book author, Nicholas Sparks. There were Avon sales at the ground floor, I ended up buying 2 perfumes and some beauty items. Lipstick swatches and review coming below~

Avon Purchases

Avon Simply Pretty Plug & Play Mascara. The design is different, unlike any other mascara packaging.

Big mascara brush for a small packaging, I did not expect that. The color is in PPM 01 Black and the product weighs 3.5g. I have not operate the mascara on my eyelashes yet.

Avon Simply Pretty ColorLast Lipstick in CL06 Lucky Orange

Continue below for a swatch

I bought two of the N05 color because its so pretty!
N05 - Cherry Berry
N08 - Romantic Peony
N13 - Pink Lily

Which one is your favorite?^^

N08 - bright pink color
N13 - light peachy color
N05 - deep cranberry red with a hint of hot fuschia? But when applied to the lips, it transits into a bit different color shade, appearing darker, sinister and gives the user a witchy/vampire vibe, seriously. My mom approved that I look like a witch.
CL06 - this is the orange lipstick as mentioned above. It glides beautifully on the skin but not on the lips. When I first tried it back at the hotel, the product makes my lips chapped. It is not moisturizing and it melts easily when applied, though I did not use a strong force and applied normally. Second time trying back in Brunei and it still makes my lips chapped eventhough I moisturize my lips before and after application. It appears ugly on the lips and smells like crayon, so I decided to throw the bad lipstick into the trash.

On a positive note, the other 3 lipsticks are doing good! They are pigmented even with a single glide, smells like sweet rose (yummy!), moisturizing, does not makes the lips dry and chapped and pretty. Though color easily transfers on skin, I think that it is long-lasting considering its pigment and I have to erase the lipstick entirely with a makeup remover/wet tissue. The lipstick can rock matte-finish too by just dabbing a tissue on fully applied lips. I think that it is better to apply the bright colored lipsticks using a lip brush as it is sooooo pigmented when applied directly from the tube.

N08 on my lips. Babe said this color looks good on me. Hehe.

N05 on my lips. The color gives me some kind of Lorde kind of feel in this photo. Haha. I can always tone down the lip color if I want to look less intimidating.

Haha, I am so obsessed with the lip color! I could not choose my favorite color among all three though, all are pretty gorgeous! As for N13, I have not use them on my lips.

So thats all for my second day adventure in Kuching! Third day/last day in Kuching story coming soon.

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Kuching Trip Day 2 Part 1

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wednesday, 16th December 2015

On the second day, we went to Cat Museum Kuching, which is located on top of a hill, not  far from the Kuching City. The place is on the other side of the Sarawak River, approximately 20 mins or less from our location at Jalan Abell by taxi.

Selca in the morning after getting ready.

Photoshooting with my brother while waiting for our breakfast ready by KFC, haha. My bro is seriously bad with angles and lighting. The photo naturally appeared brighter and I look short (in fact, I am short but I'd like to look tall in photos)

Anyway, we walked form our hotel to KFC at Sarawak Plaza, which just took 5 minutes or less.

I made my brother look tall and took better pictures (self-praising). This is so unfair.
After seeing that our breakfast has been served, we went back inside KFC and ate~ Apparently they gave coffee for my drink instead of tea (I don't drink coffee), so I decided to give away the coffee to our taxi driver.

Cat Museum Kuching, Sarawak

We went to the cat museum in the morning, around 10.40-ish. While on our way, I saw Sarawak Museum, it has a beautiful backyard and I am thinking to visit the place after touring cat museum.
The view is more magnificent in real life, photos does not do justice. I have a thing for high peak points.
The entrance to the cat museum is free of charge. This is the entry to the gallery, souvenirs etc.
This is the fish tank outside the gallery room
and this is the fish tank inside the gallery room, hehe

I will now post photos of whats inside the gallery. Visitors have to pay RM 3 for taking pictures and RM 5 for video recording on a singular device. There is no limit in taking pictures and videos. Me, my mom and brother only paid for taking pictures option.
There is a standing photo booth where you can put your head on a cat's body image, but the picture is not with me.
This one looks funny, haha.
Kitty, you look creepy.
Kitty, you look creepy too.
My brother joked after I took photo of this cat figure. He said that imagined if there are red eyes gleaming on its eyes and I'm like WTF!!!!!!!
Cat art created by an artist named Miza by using different materials.
This one caught my eye, cat rock band haha.
There is actually a sound effect playing in the gallery, where the room echoes with sounds of a tiger/lion growling. We actually searched where the sound came from, thought there would be a cinema or something, but it turns out to be the sound effects haha.
So cute~ picture of a cat cleaning up a messy room haha.
This art caught my attention the most! Excuse my silly angle but this art is sooooooo beautiful!!!!! The stars look more illuminating in real life. I felt like buying it when I saw this. I like starry night and this is just so pretty and magical, really. If you have a thing with night sky and stars then I am sure you will find this art captivating.

So those are all the photos that I can provide. There are much more gallery, cat figures etc. They even showcase cat foods too!!! The Whiskers cat food, haha. There is also a cat's grave, I am not sure if it is a real one though. The grave is sponsored from Egypt if I am not mistaken, where the cat died and being buried...with tombstone too. The tombstone says, "In loving memory of Dick...." Yeah, the owner named the cat Dick. And the memorial message for the cat goes on, I did not finish reading though, cause I am distracted by other cat galleries. After visiting the museum, I found out that there is a mummified cat in the gallery, and it is over 5000 years old. I doubt that if it means the one at the tombstone?? If only I could focus on descriptions more, I could provide people with knowledge from the museum ><. Anyway, artworks, figures etc are sponsored by people/organization from all over the world. I have seen that some are sponsored by the Japanese, Chinese, from other parts of Malaysia etc. There are also souvenir booths in the gallery. I got myself a cat-patterned fridge magnet, cat patterned shawl and keychains for my friends.
What is travelling without buying souvenirs for friends? The main 'connector' of the Marie cat keychain got detachedㅠㅠand I do not know where it is. It must have fell somewhere in my room and its my favorite among the other keychains. My mom and brother bought souvenirs too.

There is actually a backyard with pond and garden outside the museum, but it was raining after our tour so we did not get to go there and embrace the place. How unfortunateㅠㅠ Our actual plan after visiting the museum was to visit Fort Margherita Castle but since it rains and the castle is an open space area, we did not go. Our taxi driver does not even know what or where Fort Margherita is. Plan to go to Sarawak Museum is also unfulfilled, so unfortunate again. I wish to return to Kuching someday and visit the places that I did not get to go. I want to go to the Damai Beach and Resort too. Our schedule for day 2 was actually touring the city and sight seeing, activating our traveler mode. But oh well, unavoidable things happen and thats okay. So after the museum visit, we decided to go to Plaza Merdeka and did some shopping~  

I think that this post is already long with the pictures, so I am going to continue story-telling about my second day in Kuching in the next post. Part two coming soon and thank you for reading!

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Kuching Trip Day 1

Thursday, December 24, 2015

I have observed that my viewers counter has reached 3k views! Thank you so much, dear readers!

In this post and prospective posts, I will be talking about my 4D3N stay in Kuching! It was my first time to Kuching last week, and it was a last minute plan. Last minute plan always gets fulfilled, huh? It was also my sibling's first time to the city too. We were feeling anxious and excited prior to the departure date. I did some planning regarding where to go and such, but during the actual trip, some of my plans did not go well due to unavoidable circumstances :< but anyhow, I enjoyed the trip so much and the City of Kuching will always be memorable.
Kuching is one of the cities that is located at East Malaysia, Sarawak.
On Tuesday, 15th Dec 2015, we departed in the morning via AirAsia in Miri. Previously when searching for flight tickets, I was kind of disturbed that flights in Brunei, specifically Air Asia and Royal Brunei Airlines does not fly to Kuching and I do not know why. I personally think that it will be profitable since Kuching now has alot of exciting shopping malls, and the place is filled with excellent tourist spots and tourism activities too. But Bruneians are always attached to KL anyways lelz

Me and my brother while waiting for our 9AM flight.

Natural lighting so on point due to the exterior of the departure hall!

On the ✈ (natural lighting on point too. My favorite seat is near the window!) the flight duration is just an hour or less. I think it would be 10 hours by car from Brunei.

Sucker for skies and clouds

VivaCity Megamall Kuching

After arriving at Kuching Airport and retrieving our luggage, we went to the taxi service counter to book a taxi to go to our hotel. The ride costs RM43 via a blue taxi, the destination was 8km, I think. When we reached at the hotel, we did not get to check in just yet because the room was still occupied (it was 11AM that time). The receptionist was kind enough to let us left our luggage first at a room behind the front desk. After that, we decided to just go straight to Vivacity Megamall Kuching, which is the current biggest shopping mall in the city! And we were lucky enough because the mall was just opened 3 days prior to our arrival!
I did not get to take picture of the mall because I was excited but here is a picture from Google.
Check out Vivacity Megamall's official website to find our more about their services and store directory;
VIVACITY Megamall Official Website

Yes, MASSIVE. When we got there, the mall is not fully functioning though, it is still under renovation for its cinemas, hotels, upcoming shops, etc.
To comment regarding the mall, the shopping experience was bomb! From shops ranging from Pandora, Swarovski, Cotton On, Laniege, the Saem, Padini Concepts Store, Vincci, Sportsdirect, MPH Bookstore, Watsons, Sasa, Tokyo Station (shop selling products from Japan), Seoul Garden, Secret Recipe, Japanese restaurant, ah what else...I can't remember. Haha. But it was bomb, guys! Excluding the disgusting toilet that made me unfavorable to do my business, so I withstood til I got to the hotel.

Had our first eatery in Kuching after minutes of shopping. Seoul Garden is a Korean restaurant where you can take, cook and eat their raw/cooked buffet for an unlimited amount! The foods can be cooked on the provided grill and two built-in soup boilers. Our choice of soup was chicken soup and tom yam soup. The foods ranged from uncooked bbq chicken, coffee chicken(did not taste this cause I despise coffee), beef, lamb, sushi, seafood (fish fillet, clam, prawn etc), vegetables, kimchi, variety of noodles, self-service provided ice cream and drinks, ABC maker and many more! The also have ready made foods such as Korean fried chicken and others. I did not take photos of the buffet because I was busy getting foods and satisfying my hunger. Our lunch costs about RM240~260 if I am not mistaken, for a total of 5 people. I forgot whats the individual pricing for adult and children. Alhamdulilah, we were ultimately full after eating at Seoul Garden and satisfied with the food and service.

I forgot where I've gotten this, probably from Padini. Haha. I only bought the crop top from the picture, it is navy blue color in reality, the wording says, "FREEDOM". I did not buy the skirt, I think it is too short for consideration.

Went to Sportsdirect and gotten myself a Lonsdale tshirt.

Nova Hotel Kuching

After shopping at Vivacity for hours, we went back to our hotel to take a rest for next day's adventure. Nova Hotel was our temporary stay. We booked a Superior King En-suite Room with 2 king beds, costing at BND 126.00 for 3 nights via Agoda. The room was okay, with a provided Sharp TV (Idk how many inch, but its medium), body towels (thank God cause I forgotten mine),  toiletries such as shampoo and shower gel, toilet slippers, wardrobe with hangers, small vault box etc. No images provided. The wifi is free in all rooms and it is quite fast too. I am enable to reply and text my fellow associates(haha) whenever I am at the hotel. The overall hotel experience was excellent except for the fact that the rooms are not sound-proof, we can literally heard the neighboring room's alarm at 5AM in the morning and the room owner did not even snooze/stop it for a solid 10(or more) minutes!!!!!. It was so annoying, that we woke up cranky due to it, haha. However, people's voices are inaudible, unless if you shout. Anyway, the hotel's staffs are friendly and kind enough to call taxis for us and borrow umbrellas for free of change. The hotel's location is good too, accessible to shopping malls, restaurants and even to the Kuching Waterfront. The hotel is located at Jalan Abell. There is actually a couple of hotels I discovered around the area, which are Longhouse Hotel, Abell Hotel and City Inn. Abell Hotel is the nicest though, but a bit pricey for a family room.

First Day Haul

The outcome after shopping at Vivavity/first day purchases!
I've gotten myself two shirts, a skirt or two(forgot), black jeans, Innisfree masks, Hobbit, See Me by Nicholas Sparks and The Martian novels, set of makeup sponges and Biore makeup remover with cotton pads from Sasa, Sasa sells Stylenanda/3CE, a Korean high-end makeup brand, but I restrained myself not to buy because its only the first day. I did not want to splurge alot of money on exclusive brands yet, haha.

Anyway, continuing....
The sunglasses is from Cotton On, 2 shades for RM40, me and my brother got the same style. I additionally bought a sunglasses case for storing it. Underneath is a navy blue sling handbag from Vincci, IN2IT shimmery highlighter, Laniege BB Cushion Pore Control SPF50+/PA+++ in No.21 Natural Beige (I've always wanted a BB cushion, specifically from Laniege and I've finally gotten it! It covers my pores well, has an excellent coverage and makes my skin smooth. I also signed up for Laniege membership but I did not get to use their discount vouchers because I don't usually go to Malaysia, even Miri. So what a pity, I am planning to give it away but it has my IC no. written on it. They also gave me samples of Laniege water clay mask and eye gel - the eye gel is so good! Laniege BB Cushions were once Korean and international beauty blogger's favorite, but since many Korean brands such as Hera, Innisfree, Sulwashoo etc has developed cushions with a better/new/different formula, the ranking has changed. I think the current number 1 ranking belongs to Hera).

Reverting back to my first day haul........
I purchased a tweezer from The Face Shop for grooming my eyebrows. I also got other Korean products such as Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam and received a free gift. I forgot the store's name where I purchased my Innisfree but the store also sells Korean beauty brands such as A'Pieu, Hera, 3CE, Banilla Co. etc.

When I cleansed my face using a makeup remover prior to cleansing, I've seen some black ashes on the cotton pad. My skin broke out that night. So I immediately pampered with Innisfree Its' Real Squeeze Mask - Bija. I do not actually know what Bija is, but the description says it soothes troubled skin.
I regret not buying that red tint from the Saem though, urghhhhhh it was only for RM26ㅠㅠ SHINee is the current advertiser for the Saem, so theres literally SHINee pictures in the shop. I knew about the Saem because of G-Dragon, he he. Anyway, my purchases from Tony Moly are;

Tony Moly Brightening Peeling Gel, Delight Magic Lip Tint and Fresh Cleansing Tissue as a free gift for purchasing above RM50. I also signed up for their membership, haha. My brother who bought perfume infront of the Tony Moly store also signed up for the perfume store's membership, haha. I think my haul in the photo does not include everything, theres a few items that are not shown.
The peeling gel was tested on me by the seller, my hand appears so soft and it smells so good. like any other nice smelling whitening products. I need a peeling gel too so I decided to buy it.

Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip Tint Review

Tony Moly Delight Magic Lip Tint in 01 Strawberry.

Twist the cap to open. The product is so clear! I could not tell where is the starting point at first.

The product contains alot! There are two other available colors where the content are in yellow and green color. All have a pink outcome, but different shades,

This is the color when it contacted with the skin. I think I've gotten the lightest pink. It smells so delicious like a chewy strawberry candy. It is a good product for moisturizing the lips. The texture feels sticky on the skin though, and I think the product can attract ants because it smells sweet. I love the product anyway! It is a good product  if you wanna go lipstick free or rocking natural lips.

My second day in Kuching story will be posted next! Please stay tuned~(✿◠‿◠)

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