A: Concept All In One Essence A Cushion & Everything In A: Pink Lip&Cheek

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Hello, Everyone!
Exams is only a week left but I still feel lazy and have been procrastinating. Someone please slap me so I get back to my senses.
Blogging is more fun than doing revision.....

A: Concept Korea

A:Concept. a Korean indie makeup brand, kindly provided me two of their products to review which are their All In One Essence A Cushion and Everything In A: Pink Lip & Cheek. I also received a hand written card which has cute graphics of their items.

I can't really find about the brand's story in English so I am sorry for that. It seems like the brand is obsessed with the letter 'A', haha because literally all of their products have 'A' in their names and their products main color is black which I like because it looks badass.

I try to distinguish the meaning behind their logo. Could it be that it represents three triangles? A crown? Or three of the letter A? Any guesses?

I've used the cushion since I think November of last year and I recently emptied the cushion as I've been using it diligently (spoiler: I LOVE IT). So without further ado, lets get on to the cushion review!

A:Concept All In One Essence A Cushion

The left is the box and the right is the actual cushion. The shape of the cushion is unusual than other cushions which are commonly circular in shape. I think that the shape of this A:Concept cushion is unique.

There is only two shades available; Light Beige (21) and Natural Beige (23). Mine is no. 23.

The cushion casing is plastic, it has that 'toy-ish' feeling where the casing feels like a toy product and feels cheap.
It is light too and does not feel bulky.

By means 'All In One Essence', the cushion is a multi-purpose product where you get Whitening + Anti-Wrinkle and UV Protection with SPF 50+ PA+++.

The cushion contains a complimentary puff and a mirror. Previously the mirror is protected with a plastic and I took it off. There was actually 'A:Concept' written in silver on the puff's ribbon but it got washed off while I was washing it a couple of times.

The actual cushion was sealed with a plastic before opening.

Swatch of the cushion. It feels lightweight. From the swatch above, it doesn't look as the cushion is really soaked.

You know how most newly opened cushions are super soaked and damp when grabbing it with a puff, but it is not the same case with this cushion. Since the very beginning, when I grabbed the cushion with its puff, it didn't feel soaked and I couldn't have the entire puff to be covered by the cushion. Most cushions even caused some spillings. I feel that this cushion is not really soaked.

Cushion application on my hand. You can see that it brightens my hand a bit and provides slight dewyness. The shade blended well with my skin color.

My full face with the cushion on, under natural lighting and no filter.

The Review

First I did patch testing on my neck then towards my whole face. I am glad that it did not break me out so I had been using it diligently for 2 months until I finished it. It was my go to cushion.

I like how the natural beige shade blends well with my skin tone.

The finish is mild dewy, not overpowering one. I normally used 1~2 layers and it did not cake up. It brightens my face and made it to look less dull. The finish is smooth, even and natural. On my face it feels light as if I do not have any makeup on.

Coverage is minimal but it still make my skin looks good that I did not feel the need to use a concealer. I did not manage to cover my acne scars fully with this cushion but I was satisfied with how it made my skin look despite minimal coverage. If you have angry acne scars or acne, the coverage of this cushion may not be desirable for you.

In terms of longevity, it lasts until a few hours to half of the day. When it wears off, it does not wear off ugly. It wears off as if you did not have a makeup on previously...like it is your bare face once again. I can touch up again with this cushion without causing any cakey-ness. It did not oxidize throughout wearing too.

The cushion felt moisturizing and it did not dry up my skin, so it contributes to anti-wrinkle. It is indeed whitening without being obvious and sun protection indeed because I did not experience any sun burns.

My Final Thoughts

Overall it is a perfect go-to cushion for an instant natural looking dewy look with minimal coverage. I have an oily skin but the cushion did not make my skin any oilier nor clogged or settles on my pores. If your skin is happy (less or no acne scars) then you might like this cushion but if you are looking for a full coverage, then this cushion may not be able to cater that.

The cushion costs 30,000₩ (approx USD 25) without refill and considering that the cushion is not really soaked, I think it is a bit pricey but I would love to use this cushion again. I hope the brand can make the cushion super filled with its content in the future.

Everything In A: Pink Lip & Cheek

The Everything In A: Pink Lip & Cheek is a multi-purpose product too where you can use it as a lipstick or as a blusher. It claims to be long lasting, smooth, vivid and easy to carry.

Packaging features a clear plastic cap and you twist the bottom silver end to raise the product.

By the way~ do you guys notice the hole on the side of the cushion in the above photo? Now refer to the next photo below.

You can insert the lip & cheek into the hole of the cushion! With this, you can carry the cushion, lipstick and blusher on the go.
Convenient, eh?

Push inside the lip & cheek into the hole until the end.

To retrieve the lip & cheek, open the cushion and it will reveal the lip & cheek. Talking about ala Transformers.

Swatch of the lip & cheek on my bare hand. It feels smooth, provides a slight glossy finish and is actually more pigmented in real life. The color is bright raspberry-ish pink that looks cool toned.

Application on my lips~ left; gradient. right: full lips.

The lip & cheek does applies smoothly on the lips but it actually feels drying, it produces cracking while I was using it, due to this, I think that it is not really long wearing because it wears off.

Using the lip & cheek as a blusher~ by referring the above photo with my hand covered with the cushion underneath, you can imagine how the application will be if I use the product as a blusher. It blends easily and the finish gives a slight pink flush that can look natural. I feel that application as a blusher is better because it is smooth and does not dry/flake my face.

My full face with the cushion + lip & cheek. Sorry for a bad quality photo >< I needa ring light.

My Final Thoughts

The lip & cheek is better to be used as a blusher than a lipstick. The color is showing on the lips but unfortunately it is drying for me where as it does not dry when I use it on my cheeks, it blends easily too and gives a natural finish. I am not sure if it is long lasting on both lips and cheeks. It is smooth to apply, vivid and easy to carry indeed. The size is small and can definitely fit into many bags. Furthermore, you are carrying a lipstick + blusher in one!

Cost of the lip & cheek is 12,000₩(approx USD 10) and they actually have more beautiful colours available. You can check out the official swatch of the pink colour HERE.

They also have a promotion where you buy their cushion + cushion + one lip & cheek for only 37,800₩ (approx USD 32). I recommend getting this deal because it is way cheaper than buying their cushion alone without the refill.

I would love to have the other colours such as the red brown and pink brown but if only A:Concept improves on the formula for using them as lipsticks. Their brown shades are beautiful and diverse than the typical red, pink and coral shades that most Korean brands have. They also have a contouring kit which looks sleek!

Thank you for reading! For more information, you can head over to A:Concept official website at www.aconcept.kr and check out their Instagram at @aconceptkorea


Products were provided to me by A:Concept to review. I did not and never get paid to review though I wished to. My thoughts and experiences are all honest and true. What works for me does not necessarily will work on you and vise versa.

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How to Get Lesser Clogged Pores, Reduce Neck Lines and Acne Scars/PIH + 2017 Skin Goals

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Before the new year 2017, I realized that my skin was in a better condition than it was in the beginning of 2016.
In this post, I am sharing with you guys my skin goals that I achieved in the year 2016 and how to achieve it. Don't say that I didn't share my secrets!!

In 2016, my skin & I achieved:
Lesser clogged pores
Discovery of an amazing ingredient to treat acne scars in just a week
Softer looking neck lines

How I Achieved Lesser Clogged Pores

Previously my skin looked HIDEOUS with all the clogged pores that budged out to the surface of my face. It looked uglier and more obvious with makeup. I hated looking at my skin in the mirror because I knew I can detect the pesky bumps.

As the year progressed, I gained knowledge on finding the cure to clogged pores after fed up with combating them.

Once upon a time in early 2016, I got more serious on the 10-step Korean skincare routine.
Since I was a noobie, I implemented alot of products in my routine without knowing that it caused me clogging.
Layer after layer until my pores suffocated.
One time, something hits my mind to be light with my skincare routine and at that time, I was showed that the multiple unnecessary layers had caused me clogged pores.
Oils and rich creams on my easily clogged skin....is just oh my god.

So yeah I started to be light with my layers, only layering necessary products until I achieved sufficient moisture and hydration.
Then I noticed I've been getting less clogged pores.
Using a peel off mask to clarify the skin and release clogged pores helped too.
and also purging with acids.

After discovering the remedy, I've been avoiding pore clogging products such as thick creams, pore-clogging sunscreens, makeup and stuffs that settles on the pores.
I've been listening my skin on what it needs, not what it wants.
So listen to your skin, guys!
Don't force all the essences, serums, ampoules, creams and oils that you have on your skin. It won't be able to support it, especially if your skin easily gets clogged like mine.

I still get clogged pores now but the ones on my cheeks are reduced in numbers.
and I get a happy skin with a smoother and even texture.
and I just wanted to tell you that the 10-step skincare routine is not necessary.
The important thing is that your skin is provided with sufficient moisture and hydration to get through the day and night.
You can have a 5 or 6 skincare steps and an already hydrated face!

Treat Acne Scars/Post Inflammatory Hyper-pigmentation(PIH) In Just A Week

2016 was the year of realizing things discovery of what works for my skin, what my skin likes and which ingredients work best for my skin.
The most memorable and amazing ingredient that I discovered last year was Vitamin C, particularly Ascorbic Acid.
Ascorbic Acid is the strongest form of Vitamin C.
I've been trying out other whitening ingredients as well such as Niacinamide but my skin don't really cooperate with it well in terms of fading acne scars. A 5% Niacinamide product took me 6 weeks to ATLEAST show a reduced in redness while Vitamin C can diminish the appearance of my acne scars completely without trace within just A WEEK.
If you wanna know which products I am talking about, check out my blog posts HERE(Niacinamide) and HERE(Vitamin C).

Looking forward to use more Ascorbic Acid products in 2017!

How To Lighten Neck Folds/Lines

Only last year, I realized that my deep neck lines were ugly. It was a shame for me because I have a youthful face but a mature looking neck.
Neck is the pillar of your face.
Last year, I was introduced to using a neck cream(REVIEW).
Using that neck cream alone didn't help with fining the appearance of my deep neck folds.
Since I emptied the neck cream, I got hooked with massaging and taking care of my neck.
The voidance of the neck cream made me to share the skincare products that I am using with my neck.
My toners, essences, serums, ampoules, creams etc.

Basically give the 10-step Korean skincare routine to the neck.
Nope, not a whole new 10 new products for your neck but sharing the skincare steps that you implemented on your face with your neck as well.
I've been using this method for awhile and without realization, I noticed that my neck folds are looking softer, finer and lighter.
No more deep and strong neck folds.
I am a 21-year old and my face and neck are looking at the same age.
Do this within a month or two then you might see a difference.
You HAVE TO massage your neck upwards and not downwards.
The way of your massaging determines your face's prospective formation naturally.

2017 Skin Goals

I wish to have less acne, thats all I ever wish for. No acne = no PIH/acne scars to treat = less spending on whitening skincare = more money for foods = happy life. I still get acne time to time but I noticed that it lessens when I use products with low pH levels. if you are acne like me, acne prone and have a reactive skin, low pH is your solution.

It is worth it.♥

What is your 2017 Skin Goals?♥

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December 2016 Empties


Sunday, January 1, 2017


It is just so appropriate to post my December 2016 empties at this time. I've emptied a total of 11 products. Its been awhile since I shared an empties post on this blog, I've been doing it on my IG because I can't really make time to blog about it.

Part 1: From my bathroom

My 'bathroom' items that I emptied this month.

1) Boomdeahdah Mild Cleansing Oil (REVIEW): I don't really emptied this because it broke me out. I only used it a few times and then I used it to clean my makeup brushes.
Not going to purchase.

2) Cospatch (from Eyelab Cosmetics) Z Cleansing Mud: contains zinc mud, hence the 'Z' to remove sebum and making skin soft, so basically this cleanser is targeted towards oily skin people like me. The cleanser paste is thick, not runny, light green in colour and smells of green tea! I love smelling it when I foamed it with my hands. it can be used as a mask pack at the same time where you leave it on for 1 or 2 minutes. I did feel that it helped with removing sebum and making skin soft and it doesn't make my face feel stripped, but thats it. I don't really think that it removes leftover makeup well that didn't pick up by my first cleanser because I noticed that my makeup showed in cotton pads, this rarely happen when I was using the cleanser but it happened. In terms of acne, it didn't really help with soothing nor preventing them. This cleanser did not break me out but I won't be purchasing since its results are not that great for me, it doesn't remove leftover makeup well too.
Not going to purchase.

3) Garnier Pure Active Acne & Oil Clearing Scrub: I picked this just because it is really cheap (about BND 2) and I was in need of a scrub. It is a foam type of scrub where you get foam + scrubbing bits in one. I thought that it would came as in a literally scrub granule form but it is not. To use this after foam cleansing feels harsh, it feels like I cleansed my face with a foam cleanser twice, eeeekkkk. It may contain the scrubbing bits but I don't really feel it, the foam stands out more than the scrub. It doesn't do anything to my acne and basically did nothing. It is a terrible dud and might have a high pH. Since it is a foam + scrub in one, it would be better to cleanse the face one time with this and not twice like cleanser and then this scrub. Mahn I cannot imagine the increase of pH level on my face. I totally won't repurchase this shit ever. I am going to find a good standalone face scrub (face scrub without foam).
Not going to repurchase.

4) Etude House AC Clinic Daily Acne Foam Cleanser: this was wrongly sent to me by BBCosmetic, my order was sent the wrong product and I am glad BBCosmetic allowed me to keep it rather than returning it back. I used this foam cleanser in 2013~2014 and it really really really really helped with reducing acne and clearing up my face! This was even my favorite face cleanser to combat acne. I was happy when I get to use this again but when I used this back again in 2016, it broke me out >< I am guessing my skin's something/whatever must've gotten weaker or my skin type(?) has totally changed? I don't know. I only used it a few times after finding out that it irritates my skin, I used the remaining on my body and it did help with clearing my backne. Its too bad that I broke out from using it now. Won't repurchase, totally not my loss because there are still many good acne fighting cleansers out there.
Not going to repurchase.

5) Pudding Salon Bonding Hair Pack: I received this from BBCosmetic as an extra gift in my Blogger's package. It is a hair conditioner, I had no idea at first that it is a hair conditioner because it is not mentioned on the packaging and I barely can find any reviews about it online. This smells fruity~ the smell is light but after using it, it can fill the whole room with its scent, haha. It smells nice and makes my hair soft. I'd love find and purchase this one.
Would purchase.

Part 2: The Moisturizers?

6) Mirirang Repair Cream (REVIEW): moisturizing, hydrating, nourishing but not really rich. Just read my review, lazy to type so long haha.
Not going to purchase.

7) Mirirang Recovery Spray Toner: review link is the same as the Mirirang cream above. Just read my review too.
Not going to purchase.

8) Cosrx Natural BHA Skin Returning A-Sol (REVIEW): a waste of my money sigh. Unfortunately didn't work for me just like what it did to most people.
Won't repurchase.

Part 3: Makeup

9) Avon Simply Pretty Shine No More Dual Powder Foundation SPF19 in Almond (NOOB REVIEW): yes this mattifies my face, it lasted me the whole day providing if I am not sweating. I was amazed that it controlled my oiliness very well. This is actually a declutter, I still have alot of it left sadly. I stopped using it after noticing that it started to break me out. Maybe its because that its longevity has expired. Its coverage is decent too.
Might repurchase but I am looking at other face powders.

10) ELF Cosmetics Cream Eyeliner: I got mine in brown colour, I think the shade name is coffee. It is pigmented and smooth. It comes with a brush too(and it is lost), the brush quality was quite good. This product has expired actually, it became dry that it is not smooth anymore :( this too I still have alot left. its longevity is short, I think it was 4~6 months. If you have this you have to use it diligently and quickly. This was one of the best eyeliners I've tried. It doesn't budge at all once it sets and it lasts long, so yeah it is smudge-proof on my not so oily lids. It is not really waterproof though but it is good enough because it lasts me long.
I bought it for only BND 9, might repurchase but I'll make sure to use it diligently before it dried up.

11) Too Cool For School Artclass by Rodin Shading Kit (REVIEW): THIS IS THE SADDEST DECLUTTER EVER. This is my favorite makeup item, I was heartbroken after finding out that it broke into pieces in my makeup bag :( I don't know how it happened, I must've carelessly handling the bag or something. So so sad. This shading kit is light, natural looking and not over the top, exactly how I like my 'contour' to be.

So yeah thats all from me~ only 3 possible repurchases out of 11. Is there anything that you would like to try in this empties section?

I posted a gratitude post previously, check it out if you want to *shy monkey emoji*

Thank you for reading~ and again, have a Happy New Year 2017!!!!! I can hear the fireworks now!!

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Thank you 2016 | Thank YOU for a magical year

Friday, December 30, 2016

A lil bit something different from my usual blog posts today.
It is only 2 days until 2017.
2016 pass by like a wind. I thought I only enrolled college 2 weeks ago when it actually happened last.
End of the year, the time of the year where we look back on the things that have happened this year.

2016 to me is like....truly surprising. Like opening a treasure chest full of gems. Delighting.
The gems did not come literally in Rubies or Sapphires.
But it came in form of open opportunities, chances, risks, happiness, joy, friendships, supports, personal growths and many happy things. Ofcourse, there were some obstacles too along the way.
My life is not a fairytale.

I remembered in my blog post earlier this year (or end of 2015) that my wish and pray for the new year 2016 was to be happy.
Two days to end of 2016, I am concluding that the 'happy' that I prayed for has been answered.
I am happier in 2016 than I am in 2015.

The biggest change and step that I took this year was publicizing my beauty interests on social media platforms (mainly Instagram). I think it started in February.
To be honest, at first I had doubts about it. I had insecurities that I might receive negative responses from showcasing my passion.
I didn't get too much negatives, the positives definitely outweighs the bad.
Later on after a few months, I became comfortable with displaying my beauty interests.
I didn't expect that showing my interests would be like opening myself to doors of opportunities.
I've talked and met amazing people from all over the world.
How impactful social media is in bringing people of the same interests in one place.
I would like to thank the people for talking to me, becoming friends with me, spaz about Kbeauty with me and even sending me personal gifts.

A list of lovely people on Instagram I would like to thank, appreciate and be grateful about because they are simply amazing. I enjoyed talking to them so much. I didn't expect to make a whole lot of new positive friends, afterall, positive vibes are what you need in life. I appreciate the friendship that we have made. I wanted to meet all of you in real life. 2017 at Korea, OK?

I hope I mentioned everyone ><

I published a total post of 77 blog posts so far this year. Not so much because I am busy with the last leg of my college year. I aim to publish more blog postings in 2017.
I would like to thank my awesome blogger friends who has helped contributed to this blog:

Probably a quarter or half of my recent blog posts and Instagram contents wouldn't exist and the brands and their products won't be more recognized without the helpfulness, generosity and kindness of my sponsors, (beauty) companies that discovered me on my Instagram, approached me, allowed me and given me the opportunities to test out their products. Thank you for all the companies that sent me their products for me to test and share my reviews which can be helpful to people.
LaF Korea
Krang Korea
Eyelab Cosmetics Korea
Lotus White
Package Korea
Holic Aroma
Shray Skincare
UNJ Company
I'm Sorry For My Skin/Ultru
Let Her Makeover
Alive Lab

Thank you for these awesome Asian beauty and Kbeauty online sties and onlineshops for also given me the opportunity to try out products being sold/promoted by them for review purposes. I also received gifts from these generous businesses:
Amabie (PR)
Skin18 (PR)
Bomibox (gift)
Q-depot  (PR and giveaway sponsor)
BBcosmetic (PR)
Roseroseshop (PR)
Jolse (PR)
Japanskin (giveaway sponsor)
Beautynetkorea (giveaway prizes)
KoreanBuddy (giveaway prize)
Wishtrend (PR)

At the beginning of starting this blog, I didn't really have anything to blog about. I used to search for things around the house to review and just to publish a blog content. So I am really thankful for the generous and thoughtful packages from friends, the companies and businesses above and giveaway prizes that I won from giveaway hosts for helping me provide contents to my blog, for my blog readers, helping me to grow this blog and as a writer/author/blogger myself and helping me to improve my knowledge on skincare and its science. Never thought that skincare and cosmetics learning is so life changing and interesting beyond words.

Thank you to my blog readers for reading my blog and helping me to reach over 93K pageviews. I started with 0 visitors and getting this amount is overwhelming and brings me joy. Knowing that people are actually visiting and reading my blog makes me happy. Thank you for visiting eunoia-you.blogspot.com and reading posts by me, Finn W♥.

My 1.9k followers on Instagram, you all are amazing followers of mine, thank you for keeping up with my content, commenting and be supportive. I aim to provide more and better content.

Overall thank you everyone for contributing to my blog's growth, growth as a 'Blogger' and my personal growth, though my interest is beauty is becoming unhealthy....jk. If it is for good skin, self care and hygiene, why not?
Thank you Asian Beauty (AB) Community of Instagram♥♥♥♥♥♥.
Thank you everyone for everything. I cannot really find more words to express my gratitude.

Another big movement that I am going to attempt is that I will be finishing college very soon. 2 years of college feels like 2 weeks really. I am satisfied with all the work that I have done as a good student and totally have zero regrets even no regrets for not attempting further tasks for programming assignments. I would like to thank my lecturers for helping me with my assignments and for giving me the knowledge that I need. I also would like to thank my friends for going through the student pain (helping with assignments, group work etc) together. We are graduating soon!!!!!!!!!!

To the biggest part of my life, thank you to my family and close friends and thank you to oppa who is always supporting me, giving me encouragements, pushing me into doing something that I didn't know I am capable of, complimenting me and just being the amazing man he is.

The good and bad that has happened this year shaped me the way I am today, I am thankful for both of it and I know there will be more challenges I have to face in the coming future. I always say this that I appreciate and grateful for the good things that revolved around me, I really mean it and the bad things have taught me to be more cautious.

Most importantly. thank you God(الحمد لله) for everything in my life, the good and the bad.

This year has given me a big positive life change, mainly in terms of developing more seriousness towards blogging and sharing beauty reviews. I love and enjoy what I am doing. This amazing change is truly unexpected.

I hope everyone have had a great year. I pray that 2017 will be a good year for all of you.

I am already looking forward to whats in store for me in the coming year though I have no idea at all about what is going to happen. Ameen for all the good prayers.

Alive Lab Multi Ice Cream Review | Ice-Cream Cream?!

Monday, December 26, 2016

No, it is not an ice-cream cream. Though I wish it was.

안녕하세요/Hello~ I hope everyone had a splendid Christmas!
I had a family gathering/birthday celebration (not Christmas) yesterday and I enjoyed stuffing on the foodssssssss, especially the smoked bbq lamb, nyumsssss.
I love it when the taste of the bbq sauce is really present and the lamb is tender delicious and soft....
I want it now again.

Last week I received a cute package from Alive Lab, a Korean brand that I never heard of before until they approached me. They contacted me on Instagram DM and asked if I wanted to review their products.
I love exploring new beauty products so of course I accepted the kind offer.
Thank you for the opportunity to try out your products, Alive Lab! ^-^

About Alive Lab

Flawless skin is basic even if you apply only BB cream! ALIVE: LAB is established to make your dream of a clear, healthy and transparent skin come true, taking into consideration your skin worries. Alive Cosmetics, made from natural components which are excellent in skin improvement and an in-depth knowledge of skin. ALIVE: LAB, trying to protect sensitive and tender skin as a smooth and pure skin, is the name of promise for everyone.

I received three items;

1. Alive Lab Cotton Candy Ball

Contains 45 100% cotton balls that are easy to use for exfoliating and cleansing. It claims to solve blackheads and uneven skin tone with Glycolic & Salicyclic Acid, Mango Extract & Luffa Extract

2. Alive Lab Centella Dressing Powder (8ml)

Answer to skin troubles found by ALIVE: LAB   Centella Dressing Powder 8ml   Multi-functional trouble powder containing Centella extract Directly apply to big troubles And mix with basic care products for small

3. Alive Lab Multi Ice Cream Sample

A cooling, moisturizing and whitening based cream containing major ingredients such as Glacier, Niacinamide, Green Tea Extract & Galactomyces Fermentation Filtrate

In this post I am focusing on talking about the Multi Ice Cream. I recently tested it out for 2 days (day and night). My review is below!

There is no English information on this cream on Alive Lab's website so I copied the English description where I found at KoreaDepart.

Product Description

Canada Glacier Water treats skin heat.

Galactomyces gives dry and sensitive skin moisture and healthy skin.

Light gel type texture.

How to Use

After face wash and toner, apply right amount gently on skin.

Major Ingredients

Canada Glacier Water, Niacinamide, Green Tea Extract, Galactomyces Fermented Filtrate

Full ingredients with CosDNA click HERE


I did not take photo of the texture (I forgot T_T). But anyways its texture is cloudy white gel texture that felt similar to Mizon Recovery Gel, has a very faint scent but in conclusion it is scentless. Absorbs quickly into the skin with no residues.

My Thoughts

It is lightweight indeed, after it absorbs, it makes my face plump, moisturized and hydrated without causing any oiliness, definitely suits oily skin types as a day time moisturizer. Since it is light, a thicker moisturizer can be layered on top too for drier skin types.

I did not feel any cooling sensation or anything and did not notice any whitening effects. It would be great if it really gives a cooling sensation because my country is hottttt.

The cream does not break me out nor clogged my pores. According to the CosDNA above, there are no really acne-causing, pore-clogging and irritating ingredients. Its ingredients list is pretty much simple too. The listing of its major ingredients:

Niacinamide: 6th
Canada Glacier Water: 3rd last
Green Tea Extract: 5th last
Galactomyces Ferment Filtrate: last ingredient

The claimed major ingredients are listed low that I feel like the cream is not doing anything other than being moisturizing.

It also has Adenosine for anti-aging.

Will I purchase the full size?

Despite not providing any cooling effects, whitening or anything, I might want purchase the full size to use as a light day time moisturizer and just because the multi ice cream logo is cute, but then there are many better lightweight based moisturizers out there, so I might not want to buy it too (but its cute......). I feel 50/50 about getting its full size, haha.

Where to purchase?

I cannot find its samples for sale, only its full size which is 100ml in a tub packaging.

• 14,000₩ (USD 11) at alivelab-shop.com (Korea only)
• USD 19 at KoreaDepart (ships worldwide)
• USD 15 at Beautyboxkorea (ships worldwide)

For more information on Alive Lab, you can head over to their website at www.alive-lab.com. Their other products such as the cotton balls and centella powder are available to purchase at Wishtrend(ships worldwide) too.

감사합니다/Thank you, Alive Lab for sending me this cute sample to review! Please look forward for my reviews on their other products!


Two of the above photos are mine. Information are taken from various websites. Product was sent to me for review purposes. No affiliate links involved. My thoughts and experiences are honest and true.

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