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July 2017 Empties + Declutter

Annyeong, Everyone~ I didn't have the motivation to blog lately because of the unbearable heat. But today I feel like I wanted to catch up on blogging. I even feel like posting 2 posts. Going to quickly go through my empties and declutters.

☙Freeman Mint & Lemon Clay Mask - second Freeman product that I emptied and was a meh. It stings my eyes at first. Did nothing really impactful like controlling my breakouts (its claims). Bought this from Watsons Miri, won't repurchase.
☙Batiste Original Dry Shampoo (mini) - I love dry shampoos to on my no-poo days to control hair oils. It works and smells great. This was gifted to me by my beautiful friend from Sibu. I know where to get Batiste dry shampoos in Brunei and I'll forever repurchase dry shampoos by Batiste.
☙Hot Stuff Gold Sun Cream - my holy grail sunscreen! This is the cheapest sunscreen I can get my hands on, BND 5 at Hallyu Mart Batu Bersurat. It works great; didn't make my skin oily, controls oils, no br…
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Thank You Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask Review | Hydrating + Soothing + Brightening

Annyeong, Everyone~
This is my first time trying out the brand THANK YOU FARMER. I've been eyeing on this brand on Instagram! I love their packaging aesthetics and spoiler: the following product has become an immediate HG sheet mask of mine! I really can't wait to share with you guys my thoughts on this amazing mask. Let's get into it!

Thank you Farmer True Water Deep Cotton Mask
Price: currently on sale for USD 13.08/5pcs

The box is detailed with 3D prints of water droplets~ the light to deep blue colours make the packaging look calming.
A sheet mask enriched with deep-hydrating essence for instant hydration to look more beautiful for a special occasion.
All skin types that desperately need moisture & hot seasons.

Suggested Use
Apply sheet mask on cleansed face. Relax for 10 to 20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat remaining serum into skin until fully absorbed.

For more information with pictures, please go to this link: StyleKorean Thank You Farmer True Water…

Etude House Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand Mask Review | soft hands for 3 days

Annyeong, Everyone~ School has started. I had my first day yesterday and I already wanted to die. Actually I am already dying. I was tired and sleepy that I slept at 9PM last night. An achievement for me. Then I woke up at 5.30am. Another achievement. Well done for the girl who previously went to sleep at 3~4AM and had 10 hours of sleep daily.
Disclaimer: the following product I am going to review is provided to me by StyleKorean. I do not receive any compensation by doing this review. Post contains affiliate links. I will gain a small commission if you decided to make a purchase directly through the links - this will act as a support to me and my blog. thank you so much for those who do so!♥♥♥

Description The hand mask makes the hands feel soft with rich moisturizing nourishment. Hand Bouquet comes with hand mask solution and gloves to potently moisturize dry hands with shea butter and olive extracts.
Suggested Use Wash and dry hands. 1. Massage mask solution onto hands and wear gloves. 2. Massag…

StyleKorean PR Haul No. 2 + StyleKorean Review

Annyeong, Everyone~ Before proceeding with my PR haul from StyleKorean, I wanted to share about the excellent service that StyleKorean caters not only to their product reviewers but to their customers as well.
I am basically an indirect customer of them. I choose a number of products that I wanted to try and review and my PR person from StyleKorean prepared and completed the order for me. I think the order was made on the 7th August, then it was shipped on the 8th August. My PR person informed me the tracking number on the morning of 9th August. I must say StyleKorean's packing and ordering service are pretty quick. With opted EMS shipping, my 'order' took only a week to arrive from Korea to Brunei. Some EMS parcels here passed the customs check so the parcel gets delivered directly to your address in the morning or afternoon while some parcels failed to surpassed the customs so the post office will give a call and required you to visit the post to retrieve your parcel. Yo…

[JOLSE] JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream | Kbeauty Instant Whitening Cream

Annyeong, Everyone~ School is exactly a week left from now TTTTTTTTTTTTT I don't wanna go to school~ I don't wanna wake up early everyday TTTTT I'm whining like a baby I am.

JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream
Price: USD 26/100ml
The velvety/silky white cream formula immediately tone-up covers the dull skin tone bright. Niacinamide and vitamin capsules brighten and whitening-care the skin. 5 natural moisturizing ingredients fills the skin with a moisture glow. The tight white cream formula adheres to the skin, expressing even skin tone by forming a protective barrier on the skin.
How To Use
Take an appropriate amount, spread evenly, and layer once more on troubled areas.
For more information and photos, go to: Jolse JUICYFUL Vitalizer Tone-Up Cream page.

Disclaimer: product is provided to me for free by Jolse. I do not receive any compensation by doing this review. Always honest. No affiliate links included.

Product longevity use after opening is 12 months. 

Expiry date: 4th June 2…

BANO It's Real Whitening Serum Review | Banobagi Skincare

Annyeong, Everyone~ It is uhmmmm 9 days left to the start of second and last semester of my 2nd year of studying Computer Science before proceeding to the final year. I am so not looking forward to studying and stressing again.

BANO It's Real Whitening Serum
Price: ₩56,000 (approx. USD 49)/40ml
Disclaimer: Product is provided to me by Bano Skincare in exchange for my honest review. I do not get any compensation by doing so. Always honest. No affiliate links included.

💙Skin Irritation Tested 💙FREE of 11 Chemical Ingredients 💙Contains Alaska Glacier Water
💙Contains DEOXY ARBUTIN which has a strong whitening effect - also contains 4 complex of whitening ingredients to make skin clearer and cleaner with every step
💙Alaska Glacier Water is used instead of purified water because it is rich in minerals, provides deep hydration and nutrition and helps to keep skin looking clean and healthy.

💙Features a pump dispenser
💙Serum is 40ml but it is packaged in a bottle that is sized f…

A'PIEU SOS Moist Mist Review | Protein & Milk Face Mist

Annyeong, Everyone~ I'm not sure if you noticed but it has been almost a week since I last posted on Instagram. I don't have the mood to post on IG lately because: 1) I've been focusing on testing products to review on my blog. 2) Wanted to enjoy my remaining break before school starts in like 10 days?? 3) Just lazy.
Disclaimer: the following product is provided to me by StyleKorean to provide my honest review. I do not receive any compensation by doing so. Always honest. Links in this post are affiliate links, if you decide to make an order through my links, I will gain a small commission. The commission will act as a support to this blog and myself. Thank you.❤❤❤❤

A'PIEU SOS Moist Mist

Price: USD 5.61/35ml
A mist containing protein and other nutrients from milk. An essential item to soothe irritated skin.
How To Use
Shake the bottle and spray from about 20cm away from the face, pat to absorb.
Information taken from product page at StyleKorean: A'PIEU SOS Mois…


Annyeong, Everyone~ I was actually working on providing this review yesterday BUT dumb me forgot to photograph my hand for the BEFORE pic when I actually put the product on my hand TT I tried it again today and completed everything for the review, let's get into it!

Price: USD 22.40/80ml
Disclaimer: product is provided to me by Jolse for free in exchange for my honest review. I do not get any compensation by doing so. All opinions are my own. No affiliate links in post.
The pack eliminates dead skin cells, sebum and body wastes blocking the pores without stimulating the skin.
The pack calms the weak and sensitive skin, strengthening the damaged skin barrier by providing moisture energy to the skin.
The natural oxygen and mineral improve pore elasticity, reducing sebum secretion.
💗Kaolin - eliminates and calms troubled spots 💗Bentonite - eliminates sebum 💗Tea Tree - soothes troubled spots

💗I like how the MFG and EXP date…